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  • 1. Nick Craig
    This is my resume/CV in the form of a creative presentation
  • 2. The Basics:
    Full Name:
    Nick Craig
    Current Location:
  • 3. A bit about me:
    I grew up in Ireland and I have sailed competitively all over the world.
    For many years, I worked as an Irish Sailing Association Race Coach and a Senior Program Organiser
  • 4. I have an International Baccalaureate Diploma
    41 points with a science focus
    2002 - 2004
    and a B.A. Hons from Trinity College Dublin
    2004 - 2008
    TSM History & Philosophy
  • 5. Whilst in college I cultivated a passion for media production
    Performance is one of my strong points
    I also became very interested in
  • 6. So when I left college, I started off trying to sell electric scooters
    but I couldn’t get the insurance companies to offer a fair price for covering the under 25’s
    The EGO Street Scoota
    However, I was really lucky
    I got to know some really amazing, fun and interesting people who had just started a business selling electric cars
    The GreenAer Mobility Team
  • 7. I was able to join their dynamic team and we got to work marketing the cars:
    Not me!
    but it was a small business…
    … so I tended to be involved in a lot more than just the marketing aspects
  • 8. There was a lot of talking to the press
    and lobbying was very important
    “The Government wants to encourage the increased use of environmentally friendly electric cars and the development of new technology in this field. To that end, the VRT exemption for electric vehicles and the VRT reliefs of up to €2,500 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are being extended by two years until 31 December 2012. We will also provide support to offset the initial battery costs for such cars.”
    Brian Lenihan, Minister for Finance
    2009 Budget Speech
  • 9. After about a year I had a BIG IDEA
    GoCar Tours in San Francisco had been awarded Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2004 for equipping three-wheeled scooters with some GPS technology – they invented a self-guided audio tours of the city.
    I thought:
    “Surely there is huge potential for something like this in Dublin!”
    This was my feasibility study
  • 10. … so for 9 months I worked on building the ‘intelligent car’
    the prototyping reached completion
    the was script written and recorded
    everything had been tested
    we had the branding concept ready
    we had even pretty much secured funding for a Beta test…
  • 11. but…
    (there’s always a but)
    our ‘leader’ at the time
    … in Ireland in 2010, larger forces were at work
  • 12. … so I’m taking the opportunity to do an MSc in Management for a year
    Imperial College Business School
  • 13.
    I’m also responsible for voice production in an up-and-coming HD music television channel…
    … and I when I can, I provide some help with new media marketing and some other technology related stuff
  • 14. I know how to do lots of things with:
  • 15. I ‘get it’ when it comes to:
    • Aesthetics of media, sound or design
    • 16. Marketing & Advertising
    • 17. Social Media & Information Technology
    • 18. Cutting Edge Technology
    • 19. Pitching or speaking to a room full of people
    • 20. Planning for the future with a big vision
    • 21. Dealing with people
  • I want to gain experience in:
    • Finance & Financial Planning
    • 22. High-Tech Product Development
    • 23. Anything involving Economics
    • 24. The CleantechSector
    • 25. Various parts of the Media Industry
  • If you’re interested in working together or just want to say hi find me on:
    Nick Craig