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Welcome To The Dating Passport
Welcome To The Dating Passport
Welcome To The Dating Passport
Welcome To The Dating Passport
Welcome To The Dating Passport
Welcome To The Dating Passport
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Welcome To The Dating Passport


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One of the best ways to protect yourself as you pursue your next love relationship.

One of the best ways to protect yourself as you pursue your next love relationship.

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  • 1. Welcome to The Dating Passport  The best protection you can get against fraudulent behavior on the internet. “ Identify yourself first and know the person your dealing with!”
  • 2. Your Dating Passport 
    • Apply for your passport at
    • Enter your information and follow payment instructions.
    • Within 24-72 hours your identity is verified, passport # is issued and the investigation process on your details is started.
    • You receive an e-mail showing that your passport is issued.
    • You can start having others use it to verify your identity.
    • As investigation progresses, your passport is updated automatically and you’re notified of updates by e-mail.
    • Passport is good for one year and is renewable.
  • 3. Sample Scenario
    • You: “I like you and I appreciate your candor.”
    • MrRight?: “Thank You, ditto!”
    • You: “Your welcome.”
    • MrRight?: “Perhaps its time we meet?”
    • You: “I’d like that. Here’s my DatingPassport  , “Lisa123”. “What’s your DatingPassport  #?”
    • MrRight?: “My DatingPassport  ?”
    • You: “Yes, you can verify my identify at, again it’s “Lisa123”.”
    • MrRight?: “OK, I see you. Great picture. This is great! How do I get one?”
    • You: “Before we meet, I’ like for you to get your passport. Go to the website and apply. In a few days it will be issued and then, we can meet wherever you like.
    • MrRight?: “OK”
  • 4. Sample Scenario
    • 3 days later…
    • You: “Hello, again! Did you get your DatingPassport  yet?”
    • MrRight?: “Yes, its “right4u”…go check it out!”
    • You: “I see it, very cool!”
    • MrRight?: “Would you like to meet?”
    • You: “Yes, I’m available on Saturday morning, can we meet at the coffee shop, downtown?”
    • MrRight?: “8:30 am is good for me. How about you?”
    • You: “8:30 it is. I’ll be wearing my favorite red jacket, you won’t be able to miss me. I’m really looking forward to it.”
    • MrRight?: “So am I. Thanks for letting me know about the DatingPassport  .”
    • You: “You bet, I wouldn’t meet anyone without one. All my online friends have one. I’m glad you decided to do it.”
    • MrRight?: “Me, too…see you Saturday!”
  • 5.
    • Online dating fraud is on the rise.
    • It’s truly a shame that a few untrustworthy individuals can turn an opportunity for love into another way to defraud someone of their money and their dignity.
    • The Dating Passport  offers a bold new way to reduce fraud and protect yourself.
    • We’ve been investigating internet fraud cases for over 10 years. We know the value of one’s true identity.
    • Our investigations are very thorough and guaranteed with no disclaimers .
    • It’s easy to apply and costs a lot less than the alternative! Be safe, not sorry!
    Why Have a Dating Passport  ?
  • 6.
    • We want everyone to have a Dating Passport  , so…
    • Apply for your Dating Passport  Membership.
    • Invite others to get their own Dating Passport  .
    • Have them use your Dating Passport  ID as the “Promo Code” on their application.
    • We’ll compensate you for referring them to us.
    • Before long, your Dating Passport  could be paid for, and then some!
    • We also provide each new member with 3 FREE identity checks for people they meet. This is a one-time ID verification check for up to 3 people.
    Here’s An Extra Incentive…