SEO: The Good, The Bad, and How to Get More Out of It #BOLO2013
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SEO: The Good, The Bad, and How to Get More Out of It #BOLO2013



My presentation from BOLO 2013 in Scottsdale, AZ on SEO and sell it and deliver it better.

My presentation from BOLO 2013 in Scottsdale, AZ on SEO and sell it and deliver it better.



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  • Tell a story on every slide…My big takeaway from Day 1 was from Steven Picanza that conferences are best for inspiration & networking rather than getting nitty gritty on strategy, so my goal here is to get creative juices flowing…
  • Especially true in Mobile…
  • Give a shout-out to Bing here, they aren’t so anti-SEO. Session on Monday said Don’t even bother with SEO thanks to Hummingbird, Google doesn’t care if keywords are in content. Exactly what Google wants you to think, but Good SEO still works ;)
  • Gareth Kay keynote also mentions this – lots of pessimism in advertising, we aren’t sure what we’re doing. Client’s don’t feel we offer good value for the money, don’t boost corporate profitability. People beat up on SEO but same with email (no one opens it), banner ads (more likely to get struck by lightning), TV ads (people just fast forward, viewership is fragemented and digital), etc.
  • This was a pervasive theme of Day 1 of the conference in nearly every session I sat in on was offering value, helping people. Joel Cambley, Steph Parker, others. Also hubspot is here, and this is their content so thank them ;) Ultimately this is Youtility at its finest.
  • SEO is a big scary topic, lift the komono and show them what your strategy, what you’d do, how you think. Much akin to an interview, this is a case study question. Hated those in college, but they were great at getting people talking. Best of all you’re showing, not telling, how you work. TELL STORIES. Shane from Contently, Alan from Sapient Nitro both talked a lot about storytelling/storyscaping.
  • Clients love agencies that are hungry. Come to the pitch like you’re fucking starved. Bring you’re a-team, not your sales guys.
  • Story of waiter telling people to get second most expensive thing – builds credibility – Robert Cialdini book.Saying “No” builds trust in the rest of your proposalClients don’t always know what they want/need, or how to get there…Selling unnecessary services/items ultimately drags down ROI
  • We can’t get it perfect, but no one can. Forecast and perfect.
  • Deliverables rather than hours allows you to beat margins if you’re efficient, lose against margins if notHours do work in some cases
  • Scope time for implementation reviews. 20% of work is identifying issues, other 80% is implementing…Every deliverable needs time to review, present, and follow-throughOften recommendations cannot be implemented, so recommendations need to be a conversation about what can or can’t be done, rather than a list of directivesOften recommend multiple technical audits per year, as not everything gets implemented correctly or fullyUse technology to automate checking where possibleOver-communicate to ensure delivery
  • Just like last slide, can’t report in a vacuum either. Make your reports sexy, otherwise they’ll be ignored.
  • If client thinks SEO lives in a vacuum, they’re less likely to care. It’s “Just an SEO Problem” rather than something bigger.
  • Waterfall – trying to do everything at once, gathering all requirements before moving to next step. Basically like doing an “Epic” all at once rather than breaking in to smaller stories/enhancements. Startup mentality from Dan Zelikman – startups are agile, versitalie, lean, focus, make mistakes fast.

SEO: The Good, The Bad, and How to Get More Out of It #BOLO2013 SEO: The Good, The Bad, and How to Get More Out of It #BOLO2013 Presentation Transcript

  • How to Sell & Service SEO in 2014…
  • IMPORTANCE OF SEO CONTINUES TO GROW Despite many “SEO is Dead” claims by so-called experts… How Consumers Found Websites in 2012 Report by Forrester 2 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • SAME FOR ALL OF E-COMMERCE, TOO Maybe buying stuff on the internet isn’t just a fad? eMarketer Worldwide B2C Ecommerce 2013 Forecast and Compartive Estimates 3 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • LOTS OF UNCERTAINTY / GOSSIP IN SEO It’s a mad, mad world… 4 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • BUT THAT’S NOT UNIQUE TO SEO EITHER… The truth is, maybe this stuff isn’t as easy as we all thought? Adobe Digital Distress Study, 2013 5 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • IN THE END: ROI STILL MATTERS… Money in, money out… Adobe Digital Distress Study, 2013 6 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • A few tips to make your pitches more effective & compelling… HOW TO SELL SEO 8 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • HOW VS. WHY SELLING The differences between “How” and “Why” Selling… 9 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • SHOW YOUR WORK, TELL A STORY Provide a little work for free, share experiences/stories from other accounts… 10 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • 11 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • JUST SAY NO Don’t sell clients things they don’t need – even if they ask for it… Adobe Digital Distress Study, 2013 12 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • FORECAST RETURNS You cannot guarantee results, but that doesn’t mean you can’t forecast at all… • • • • What is cost in PPC? What is expected traffic? How long to improve? Case Studies? Adobe Digital Distress Study, 2013 13 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • SCOPE TO DELIVERABLES, NOT JUST HOURS Incentivize efficient work, make it clear what clients are getting… SCOPING BEST PRACTICES FOR SEO: • Make it clear what objectives & KPI of SOW are • Scope to deliverables, but include plenty of time to consult on implementation, training • Put project goals IN WRITING 14 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • PRIORITIZE EVERYTHING, HOLD HANDS Don’t just instruct how to fish, get the boat out and go fishing together… GOOD: BETTER: BEST: Here is a list of things wrong with your website… Here’s how you could potentially fix those things… Let’s prioritize & scope every change needed, and put a business case behind each one… 15 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • MARKET YOUR MARKETING Make your wins noticeable through KPI-oriented reporting... 200 Rules for Reporting: 180 1) 2) 3) 160 140 INCREASE IN TRAFFIC Focus on KPIs Include all channels Make it look nice 120 100 INCREASE IN REVENUE 80 60 40 DECREASE IN AD-SPEND 20 0 Clicks Revenue SEO or SEM SEO + SEM 16 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon Spend
  • COLLABORATE WITH OTHER CHANNELS Never take credit for wins – SEO supports the larger goal… • PPC Ad Copy Testing influencing SEO Meta Descriptions • Content Strategy influenced by SEO Keyword Research • Web Design & Creative influenced by SEO Best Practices SOCIAL MEDIA PAID MEDIA REPORTING AND ANALYTICS VIDEO & BLOG STRATEGY CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION SEO Data, Deliverables & Consulting 17 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon CREATIVE
  • GET AGILE: ALWAYS BE SHIPPING Don’t try to do too much at once – it’s overwhelming for both agency & client…  Organize in short sprints rather than huge waterfalls  Keep each sprint focused on S.M.A.R.T. goals, tied to KPIs  SEO is not a finite task, it’s an on-going process Check out my preso from BOLO 2012 on Agile SEO Here: 18 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: ANOTHER EXAMPLE Once trust and proof of concept is established, it sells itself… 2.5 MM CM 19 / ©2013 Covario, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Nick Roshon Account Director, Covario @nickroshon 20 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon
  • ABOUT ME / ABOUT COVARIO Thanks for having me! NICK ROSHON Account Director, Covario • • • Tech Editor of “Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing” Blogger at,, Previously Sr. SEO Strategist @iCrossing COVARIO Global Search Agency • • • • 9 Offices, 250+ Employees WW 2x winner of OMMA Search Agency of the Year Forrester “Strong Performer” in Search Marketing Wave Headquartered in San Diego, CA 21 / #BOLO2013 @nickroshon