Collections Care And The Collections Trust


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Presentation to the Care of Collections Group meeting at Hampton Court, 15.06.09

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Collections Care And The Collections Trust

  1. 1. Collections Care and the Collections Trust Nick Poole Chief Executive Collections Trust
  2. 2. First some definition...
  3. 3. Organisation’s Mission/Purpose Collections Management Collections Collections Collections Collections Development Access Information Care
  4. 4. collections care range of activities intended to safeguard a collection NOTE These activities can include organisational policies, security, storage, cleaning, maintenance, handling, scientific investigation, environmental monitoring and control, exhibitions and loans, conservation, provision of surrogates and emergency planning.
  5. 5. Who’s Advocating for Collections Care? Why does Collections Care need advocating for?
  6. 6. Why does Collections Care need advocating for? The past 7 years have been great for Collections The Recession is sharper and deeper than pre-Budget prediction Public borrowing is at the highest level since the War Massive reductions in Local Authority expenditure Estimated £30bn efficiency saving on National public spend Something has got to give...
  7. 7. Why does Collections Care need advocating for? (2) Utility bills have rocketed Acquisition budgets have dropped Private benefaction and corporate investment have disappeared Widely-held perception that current practice is inefficient We have far more stuff than we can afford to look after Collections Care is not a community, lacks a voice
  8. 8. The two priorities for public spend: 1. Public Value 2. Efficiency So...the big question is what can Collections Care do to contribute to these two agendas?
  9. 9. What is Collections Trust up to? Campaigning for the public right to access and engage with Collections by: - Promoting best practice - Encouraging innovation - Representing the interests of the sector We’re going to try and pitch Collections Management, including Collections Care, as part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
  10. 10. What people are telling us about Collections Link Avg. 25,000 unique visits per month Avg. dwell time is between 30 secs and 5 minutes Enquiry service ran at 15 – 20 enquiries per month People use it to find advice and information on specific subjects Structure and usability (incl. findability) are ‘average’ or ‘poor’ Almost 90% rated the content as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ Dramatic increase on 2007 in number of people using web for advice In other words, they like the idea of it more than the experience of using it
  11. 11. Research & Practical Sector Data Theses Guides Collections Best Practice Networks Link Content Interactive People and International Content Skills Content
  12. 12. Plans for the Future... Survive the Recession Connect the international Collections community Build on SPECTRUM as an international standard Integrate the BSI standard into professional practice Build on the success of Collections Link Expand the Digital side of our work Connect Collections Management and public value
  13. 13. Shameless plug... Find out about all of the Collections Trust’s current and future programmes at Collect, the UK Collections Management Trade Fair. When: 26th June Where: Commonwealth Club, London Price: Free Register:
  14. 14. Thank you! Nick Poole Chief Executive Collections Trust (#collectionstrust)