Total Recall VR Overview Presentation


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Total Recall VR overview presentaion for voice logging recorders.

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Total Recall VR Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Professional Audio Logging and Call Recording SystemsAll information is subject to change without notice. Prolancer Pty Ltd assumes no responsibilities for errors and/or omissions in this document. © Copyright 2012 Prolancer Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Total Recall VR : Basic Overview Professional communications recording systems for enterprise-critical applications. Capture audio and call data from Analogue, Radio, VoIP and/or PRI ISDN communications protocols. Rack-Mount or Desktop enclosure options. Remote Manager – Monitoring, Search and Management PC software included license free.
  3. 3. Total Recall VR : Key Benefits Affordable: Best cost per channel without compromise on features. Reliable: Stable, fast and secure Linux O/S, with built-in hardware redundancy. Secure: Tamper-proof recording format and multi-level access control. Powerful: Comprehensive recording, search monitoring and playback capabilities. Flexible: Hybrid recording and easy upgrade capabilities. Accessible: Remote access and control capabilities included license free.
  4. 4. Total Recall VR : Common System Features All servers are based upon CentOS Linux operating system – fast, stable and secure. VoIP (SIP, H.323, RTP) Hybrid protocol recording support – Combine VoIP, ISDN and Analog for a single-server solution to all your recording needs. Analog ISDN (2-wire (PRI POTS) E1/T1) Archive calls to CD/DVD, network storage, USB device or (optional) high-capacity Blu-ray storage. Radio Synchronise with network time via NTP. SMDR Integration Support Record-on-Demand, via phone key or taskbar application. Multiple languages supported
  5. 5. Total Recall VR : MAX Rack Supports up to 60 analogue channels, plus 60 channels of VoIP and/or ISDN per server. Swappable, Mirrored RAID HDD Storage. Dual Hot-Swap PSU. VoIP (H.323, SIP) Built-in LCD, Keypad and ISDN (PRI E1/T1) speaker – fully self contained call recording, Analog (2-Wire POTS) search and playback system.
  6. 6. Total Recall VR : MAX Desktop Supports up to 60 channels of VoIP and/or ISDN per server. Compact enclosure - minimal server footprint. Mirrored HDD storage. VoIP (H.323, SIP) ISDN (PRI E1/T1) All server configuration, call search and monitoring functions managed via Remote Manager PC software.
  7. 7. Total Recall VR : Classic Rack Supports up to 72 channels of Analog/Radio per system. Combine 8 VoIP and 8 Analogue channels in hybrid mode. Robust 19” Rack Mountable enclosure Tilting screen and control panel ensures easy operation at any Analog (2-wire POTS) height in a communications rack. VoIP (SIP/H.323) Cost effective and highly featured call recording solution.
  8. 8. Total Recall VR : Classic Desktop Supports up to 24 channels of Analogue/Radio per system. Combine 8 VoIP and 8 Analogue channels in hybrid recording mode. Compact & quiet enclosure. Analog (2-wire POTS) Built in screen and control panel: VoIP (SIP/H.323) completely self contained. Excellent cost efficiency per recording channel.
  9. 9. Total Recall VR: Remote Manager Included with unlimited installation licences as part of your Total Recall VR solution. Provides customisable access to search and monitor calls on the Total Recall system, as well as unit configuration and system log functions. Install on any Windows XP/Vista/7 PC, and connect to your Total Recall VR system via LAN/WAN/VPN or 56k dialup.
  10. 10. Remote Manager (Continued...) Monitor live calls, or search and replay completed recordings with ease via intuitive search parameters. Centrally monitor, search, configure and manage multiple Total Recall VR units, whether they are across the room or across the world! Save and Email calls in MP3, WAV or secure proprietary TRC file format. Add searchable notes to calls in progress, or after they are completed. Selectable channel access extends the benefits of Total Recall to everyone in your business, while maintaining compliance with your data security policies.
  11. 11. Remote Manager & Record-on-Demand Multiple user access levels ensure that specific users have appropriate control and access over recordings on their extension(s). User configurable channel access expands the benefits of recording to more employees, while maintaining system security. Optional Record on Demand (via taskbar application or DTMF where available) gives users additional configurable control over what is recorded on their extension, adding to the security and functionality of your Total Recall solution.
  12. 12. Who is benefiting from Total Recall VR RIGHT NOW? Banking and Finance (Financial advisors, Stockbrokers, Branch offices) Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Private Security firms) Call Centres (Help desks, Service desks, Telesales) Homeland Security (Military Bases, Government Security Agencies) Public Utilities (Power stations, Water supply, Gas works) Transportation (Railways, Air Traffic Control, Fleet monitoring) Medical Services (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Health Clinics) Correctional Facilities (Telephone, radio and intercom recording) Others (Government Departments, Mining operations)
  13. 13. Do You Have TOTAL RECALL?In an increasingly security conscious, results driven and litigious world,communications recording and logging is paramount to meeting yourlegal, duty of care and management requirements.Total Recall VR offers your business a professional, highly automatedand broadly adaptable solution. Security and training benefits can beachieved in every level of your business, with surprising cost efficiencyper channel.When your business depends on call recording, You Need Total Recall!
  14. 14. Contact UsProlancer Pty LtdEngineering & Manufacturing FacilityUnit 6, 7 Millennium Court,Silverwater 2128, NSW, AUSTRALIAPhone: +61 2 8065 0850Northern Hemisphere OfficeRua Padre Sebastião 12, R/C A,3040-267 Coimbra, PORTUGALPhone: +351 911 754 048Web: www.totalrecallvr.comEmail: