Roadshow Europe Bemoko - Ian Homer


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Roadshow Europe Bemoko - Ian Homer

  1. 1. Who Cares About Mobile?
  2. 2. We care!
  3. 3. Conflicting Perspectives The road to mobile -
  4. 4. We can do mobile it’s just like a PC site but smaller
  5. 5. Most people have got an iPhone
  6. 6. Some of us want to be individual
  7. 7. • Android holds over 50% of sales share in developed markets • Android have an average market share of 51% across the seven key markets inc UK, USA, Europe • In the UK, Android leads the smartphone market with 48.8% share • iOS have 20% of UK Market • RIM have 19% of the UK Market • In the 12 weeks ending 10th July 2011 67% of all mobile phones sold in the UK were smartphones • Which means 1/3 of mobile handsets being bought are not smartphones! Kantar Worldpanel It’s not the market you think it is!
  8. 8. Diversity is not in our control
  9. 9. Consumers don’t all fit in a box
  10. 10. People make different choices
  11. 11. And technology is continually evolving
  12. 12. Platforms continue to evolve
  13. 13. Platform Browsers Add-on Browsers So do browsers
  14. 14. GPS Face Detection AccelerometerVideo Magnetometer Tilt keypad Camera NFC Touch screen Motion Sensing HTML5 Screen Technology And so do capabilities
  15. 15. But there will always be fragmentation Some standardisation…
  16. 16. Are we benefiting from the latest technology?
  17. 17. Or are we held back by the past?
  18. 18. Developing in silos is simply unsustainable
  19. 19. • Change - new pages • Testing – devices, browsers • Support • Auditing • New channels • Integration into other systems • Development and enhancements • Yet more devices & embrace diversity • New campaigns Management multiple times
  20. 20. One size fits all is not an alternative
  21. 21. Frustration and a world of pain
  22. 22. • Sunbathing pool…the bemoko way Mobile web
  23. 23. • “I can do mobile” • “I’ll use responsive design” • “HTML5 does mobile” • “iPhone and android cover enough of the market” • “A Mobile site is the same as a PC site, just smaller” What we hear… point taken…
  24. 24. • Great approach, we use it too • Client side vs server side • Don’t need to send everything • “I can do mobile” • “I’ll use responsive design” • “HTML5 does mobile” • “iPhone and android cover enough of the market” • “A Mobile site is the same as a PC site, just smaller” What we see ... • just an iPhone site? • Yes - very useful • It helps, but is not the fix-all • Supported many devices is still evolving • Degrade gracefully…. • Even these are fragmented • Feature / javascript differences • It needn’t be and… shouldn’t be
  25. 25. Things your mobile platform must do… Deliver your site quicker Deal with the repetitive fiddly stuff for you ... and allow you to concentrate on the fun stuff Take the pain away Make multi-channel easy We’ve been there… felt the pain
  26. 26. what you need to Device Detection Inheritance Reuse Recycle Image Transcoding User Preferences Rapid Prototyping Extensibility HTML5 Optimisation Monitor Measure Health get right
  27. 27. MobilePC IP TVApps Kiosks Social Media External Content e-commerce CRM CMS Database Intelligent Assembly Engine App Assembly Engine Social Media Assembly Engine Widget Assembly Engine Web Delivery Optimisation Controller Media ControllerExternal Content Manager Device Manager Channel Management Controller Media Channels HOW BEMOKOLIVE WORKS Netbooks bemoko technology (how we do it)
  28. 28. 30 Mobile web training with bemokoLive ... Our team best practices on-line ... The single solution for Multi-channel web Ian Homer - Tech Director - @ianhomer Text