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Keydev nick pestell2

  1. 1. What’s working in mobile & where the growth will comefromNick Pestell14th April 2011
  2. 2. O2 Media strategy aligned to our core business Helping our Customers ConnectO2 company to the people and things that are important to them, vision in a way that is simpler, easier, better, whenever, wherever, and however they want O2 company Twice as many fans as our leading rivals goal Helping our customers connect O2 media to their personal passions, interests and needs, vision in a way that’s simpler, easier, better, for them to build/grow mutually beneficial relationships with brands O2 media Build the market leading personalised media business mission Ourdifferentiator Using data for our customers’ benefit, as individuals
  3. 3. Online, Mobile and eventually data Hyper targeting Behaviour Deep understanding of O2 customers enables Interests precise targeting and Location minimum wastage Lifestage Demographics
  4. 4. Which is why we play across the value chain Awareness Mobile browsing Direct Response Engagement Acquisition O2 Active Intelligent Messaging Top Up Surprises Content Content partnerships Research Location based Production & Insight messaging development Rate & Respond You Are Here App Discovery & Build
  5. 5. Like O2, we put the customer at the heart of our thinking Deliver 2+ points on Customer Satisfaction Scores touch point SCORE: “I get 2 to 3 offers a week… I actually want more” Ben, O2 More Source: CSI Score Q3 2010Unweighted Base: O2 Pay Monthly = 728, O2 More Boost = 100
  6. 6. And because it scales, it works Click to call Click to M-Site Rate & Response Picture Click to App Click to Video Direct Response Acquisition Engagement Promotion Interaction Awareness
  7. 7. Starbucks location based messaging results• 14% of customers who had received the message had already redeemed Starbucks VIA offer.• Additional 23% intended to redeem offer.• 93% recall of message.• Nearly 1/3 said the voucher increased their likelihood to seek out VIA in store. 14% redeemed the offer• 77% positive rating for O2 More• More than half were very positive about location based messaging citing increased relevance 23% said they would redeem the offer
  8. 8. House of Fraser location based messaging results• 14% of customers who had received the message had already redeemed the House of Fraser offer.• Additional 16% intended to redeem offer.• 40% recall of message.• O2 More texts increased likelihood to shop and 56% visited 1 or more times due to the texts 14% redeemed the offer• The texts drove multi-channel behaviour: an additional 32% visited the website due to the texts 16% said they would redeem the offer
  9. 9. App discoveryHigh demand for App discovery from the market and accredited by the industry: NatWest campaign won NMA Best use of Mobile 2010. Response: 30% of people have clicked to download the apps. Thorpe Park: 30% of people receiving the SMS message downloaded the free app. Launch pushed the app to No. 26 in the Entertainment category. Nike Training Club app: 18% click through rate, targeted to female audience interested in health and fitness CineWorld: 13% click through rate from SMS message. The SMS launch helped push the app to No. 4 in the Entertainment category Trainline: 12% click through rate, targeted to commuters living in the South East England
  10. 10. Growth will come from 5 areas Opted in customers that want to participate in a unique 121 relationship, not be shouted at like traditional advertising (O2 More) Location, but leveraging from location to target consumers when they’re in the mood, not the area Solutions that deliver relevancy and an experience, like Priority Moments Analytics – brands are excited about the potential of the data. Think data, not online, not mobile Lastly, linking the opportunities to other forms of media.
  11. 11. Thank