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Get started with Listly - A beginners guide to social list making
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Get started with Listly - A beginners guide to social list making


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How do you get started with Listly …

How do you get started with Listly

What is a social list? Why and how do you begin creating social lists

This is a simple guide to getting going with the basics of Listly

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • 1. Getting started with Listly (v3)
  • 2. First things first • Create Your Account (via ) • Pick one network to signup for Listly • Connect your other Social Networks • To save you mislaying your lists (duplicate accounts are confusing) • Connecting all your networks also gives your account more social presence / social proof. • Connecting Facebook is valuable people will see your activity & then be more likely to contribute to your lists • Bookmark Listly • Also install our Bookmarklet (more on that soon) • Install the Chrome Extension
  • 3. EXPLORE the culture • Lists are like Blogs. Listmakers are like Bloggers • The first thing you should do on Listly is observe other people’s content • See what lists people make • Follow other people & their lists • Vote on lists that are on topics you care about • Contribute & share other people’s lists • If blog, consider embedding other people’s lists on blog posts. Lists make great blog content • This is standard blogging / social networking advice • Listly is a social content network just like Slideshare / Youtube. Each platform has its own culture • Embrace & support the community in a way you’d like them to embrace you & your lists • There is no anonymity - all votes & contribution are traceable - this is not Reddit
  • 4. Lists for WORK&PLAY • Listly is a social crowdsourcing platform • It’s about people & their passions • Collect & list stuff you find useful, funny or informative • Let other people help. Think collaboration • Lists can be personal or for a business/brand/ blog or publisher. • Ultimately lists are made & consumed by people • People find Listly because of a list someone made • First people read & share lists • Then people return to create their own content for things they are passionate about • We don’t suggest duplicating lists on the same topic • If someone has already made a great list, contribute to that list. This is not Pinterest • Teamwork lets us all get more from less effort
  • 5. Share: Lists & Items • We don’t Tweet anything automatically • You are always in control • Smart URLS • Each list/item has a unique short URL • Embedded list have unique list / item urls, so when your share, people will find the highlighted context inside a blog post or list • Sharing via Share icons 1. In the header for the list 2. Next to each item
  • 6. Invite Friends • List Making is Social • Your friends like the stuff you like , that’s why they are your friends (most of them anyway) • So invite them to Listly & ask for their help • invitations • Get 100 friends to join Listly & you’ll get a free year’s subscription to Listly Premium
  • 7. Searching & Being found • Discoverability is big part of Listly • 60% of Listly traffic is via organic search • 50% of our traffic is from embedded lists • People find you via your lists • So make it easy for them. • Name your lists based on questions people ask when searching • Make your list title descriptive • Make your list interesting, fun or useful • Number your lists = Top !0… , 17 Best … • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, G+ & LinkedIn will help your lists get found in the future
  • 8. Desktops,phones & Tablets • Responsive Design • Listly is built to offer what’s called “responsive design” • This means the content & layout adjust dynamically to works on • Desktops • Smartphones • Tablets ! • Content does not determine layout • With Listly there are multiple possible layouts
  • 9. Listy: Built to Embed • Listly was built to be embeddable • We make it easy both on Wordpress & blogs supporting Javascript (which is most) • If you get stuck search for help here • • If you embed lists on a platform we haven’t documented we’d love to hear from you, so we can extend our documentation • Lists are Responsive • List layout / content adjust to available space, so you can easily embed a list on the sidebar or in a post • Pick a unique layout for each embedded a list • When the list changes, so does the embedded content • Your lists keep evolving over time, which makes them more valuable • Where to Grab the Embed Code • Every lists has an embed icon
  • 10. ONe Lists - Many Layouts • Customize Your Embeds • It’s very simple to control how your lists looks
  • 11. ONe Lists - Many Layouts • Just Grab Your Code • You can grab the short code if you have a self hosted Wordpress blog or Javascript if you have a different blogging platform
  • 12. Got A WORDPRESS BLOG? • Is it Self Hosted? • Great, so you can use our Wordpress Plugin • This makes it even easier to paste short embed codes into your posts • • Lots of people use it (11k downloads)
  • 13. GETTING HELP FROM LISTLY • Our Help / Support Site • • This is the best place to contact us as multiple people see & read emails sent to our support system • You can ping us on Twitter. That’s great. You may even find other Listly users jumping in to help • We love the social dialog • Do share your lists & your blog posts • Add the hashtag #listagrams if you’d like us to feature your list on our weekly Listagram
  • 14. Making Lists #1 • What Make a Great List • We believe lists become great over time • We thing the best list are made my many people. • Listly is a crowdsourcing platform, but you still need to entice people to help with your lists • Start with • A great descriptive intriguing title • A description of what you are looking for & why • A headline image • 3-4 items on a list (people need examples)
  • 15. Making Lists #2 • To Begin • Login to Listly • Click on New List • Basics • Give your list a name & pick a Type of List • Twitter Lists have special powers & map to an existing Twitter list • Fill in the description & gives your list Tags to aid discovery
  • 16. Making Lists #3 • Managing Twitter Lists • Twitter Lists on Listly can manage your Twitter lists • Curate list from Listly • Consume the list feed via any Twitter app • People can contribute Anyone can embed your list • Twitter list become searchable • Your Twitter lists become more findable • More info on • https:// twitter-lists-managed-by-listly- invite-only-beta/ twitter-lists-now-generally- available A Twitter List button takes you to your list on Twitter
  • 17. Making Lists #4 • List URLS • Each list has a unique URL • The title can change as it is not needed to uniquely identify your list • The title helps your list URL in search results • eg • Here’s a list of Doctors on Twitter • These are all equivalent URLS • • •
  • 18. Great titles matter • List Titles • See how other people write their blog post titles • See Jon Morrow > Headline Hacks • • Watch Buzzfeed at work • Create compelling numbered list titles if you want people to find and contribute to your lists • Item Titles • Item titles matter too • They should contain key works, but also ask yourself - Would anyone share this • Write List and Item titles that are share worthy • You can change your title over time, so don’t be afraid to go back and improve the titles for your old lists • Titles can change even on embedded lists
  • 19. Customizing your lists #1 • To Edit a List • Make sure you are logged in • Find the list on Listly • Click on “Settings”
  • 20. Customizing your lists #2 • 3 Tabs When you Edit • Basic, Advanced & Premium
  • 21. headline images • Changing Your Headline Image • Place key elements to the top of the image as title & description float & rise over the image, depending on copy length • Images bigger than 600x250 are cropped • There are many ways to find a headline image
  • 22. 4 Ways to Add to Lists • You 1. Bookmarklet 2. Add Item • On Listly or a blog post (embedded list) 3. Bulk Import • Import up to 25 URLs 4. Quick Add • Simple speedy data entry ! ! • Other People • People can contribute to your list using the bookmarklet if they follow your list • They can add to your list via Add Item on Listly or via a blog • Premium Teams • Members can bulk import & quick add to your lists
  • 23. Bookmarking • What is a BookMarklet? • A Bookmarklet works via the browser menu bar so you can bookmark as you surf (no need to visit Listly to add to your list) • Installing the Bookmarklet • Follow the instructions • bookmarklet • Also install on phones & tablets • Adding to other people’s list • Like any lists to make it visible via your bookmarklet
  • 24. Premium Lists • Go Premium • In which case all your lists are premium lists • upgrade • Or, You Can Make 3 Free Premium Lists • Go to your list page • eg NickKellet • Choose Lists from your menu when logged in • Hover over a list and you’ll see a “Make This Premium” button. • Pick carefully! Just 3 wishes
  • 25. asking for help • Asking for help is a big part of Listly culture • Ask early & often. Catch people when they have time to act • Don’t be afraid to ask again • Leave room for the first people to help. Leave obvious gaps in the list • Getting the first few people to help takes effort • Once people can see social contributions other people will be more willing to participate • Ask friend & request help via Twitter & other social networks - don’t forget to use hashtags & keywords so people will find your content • For people to contribute they need to care about the topic & your list content • Tell people why you need. Ask for one thing • Voting or Contributing
  • 26. moderating your lists • By default all additions are visible on the list • You can turn on moderation in list settings in the advanced tab > Moderate Items • If you turn on Moderation you need to approve each item to your list. • Moderation • New items are sent to the list queue • If you want to hide the moderation queue you need to upgrade to premium Listly • Best Practice • Thank people who contribute to your lists
  • 27. Searching & TAGGING LISTS • Searching • You can search inside a list both on Listly & on embedded lists ! • Tagging • You can also filter a list based on its tags
  • 28. ORDERING YOUR LISt • Default Order • Crowdsourced • You can change this via the advanced list settings • Curated Order • You can curate your list’s order, but remember to set curated order as the default order for the list • You must curate the order for new items
  • 29. More RESOURCES • Tips List • feature=search • NewsLetters & Blog • Explore our newsletters & blog for the latest • • •
  • 30. Final Thoughts • Any Questions • What’s missing from this getting started guide? • Leave comments & we’ll iterate • Image Credits • Hopscotch via Ian Muttoo • 4504392318/sizes/l/