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Connecting Business on Twitter


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Here's the slides delivered for the 1st time on 20th Aug. …

Here's the slides delivered for the 1st time on 20th Aug.

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When is your city getting on Twitter.

Were doing it by 9th Sept 2009

Join us.

Hastags #TWBIZ #090909

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  • 1. Twitter for Business Nick Kellet - Inventor, Indie Board Game publisher, Entrepreneur, Social Media Explorer Delivered 1st time on 20th August 2009 at @streamingcafe in Kelowna BC, Canada
  • 2. Social What? Web 1.0 - Just be a good listener  They publish - You consume  Static Content = Passive Consumer Web 2.0 - You Participate - You Take Control  Anyone can publish/create content  Anyone can comment/recommend/flame Social Media  Called “social” because you interact with people  You converse - It’s a conversation Photos, Blogs, Video, Wikis, Bookmarking ,,, Wikipedia,,,,, Social Networks (FB morphing in progress) = Rock Paper Scissors  LinkedIn - Business  Facebook - Individual  Twitter - Business + Consumer Slide 2 Nick Kellet
  • 3. Are You a Social Climber? Categories Social Media Usage - Varies by Demo Slide 3 Nick Kellet
  • 4. Twitter Is What Twitter Does Let’s you answer 2 Questions  What Am I doing • (you can be interesting)  What Am I thinking • (possibly more interesting) A 140 Character Accident: In an ADD world  Usage and protocol/etiquette driven by users/fans  Not sure it’s simple, but it is simple Swiss Army Knife of Web 2.0  Use 1 tool not many  Bucked Specialization Trend • Bookmark/Rating//Photos/Social Networking/Sharing/Chat/Messaging etc  Bucked “volume” blogging Trend • Microblogging - cute but confusing term Slide 4 Nick Kellet
  • 5. Buzzword Twingo You need to learn a few words  If one doesn’t exist - Twinvent one Twit = User of Twitter Tweet = Message ReTweet = Repeating someone else’s message Reply (mixed up with ReTweet) = comment on someone message Followers = People you follow Following = Other people who follow you Unfollowing = Stopping following someone DM = Direct Message = (sent someone a private tweet) - EMERGENCY ONLY Tweetup = Meetup of Twitterers = Gathering of like minded folk Hashtag = # = shortcode (to filter conversation) eg #IMU (often for an event) Thank = For following, For a retweet, For answering questions. For commenting Slide 5 Nick Kellet
  • 6. Twitter Off Twitter Where to put your Twitter handle  Business Cards/ Stationary  Website  Email Signature  Window/Reception Decals  On Vehicles, Adverts - Print, Radio + TV Don’t forget #HashTags Click on link to make your decal  Where can you use hashtags • In Adverts, contests, promotions  This is very new - experiment! We need a web icon for Join Twitter Business Day Slide 6 Nick Kellet
  • 7. Real-Time, Hyper-Local Democracy Real Time Search - Twitter takes out the Garbage  Unlike the Web (Google et al) • “Old stuff” is suppressed  Level playing field for Hyper-Local Businesses Hyper Local - High on Relevance  Local businesses compete on a level playing field  Build local following / Promote your Twitter Feed  Make local offers - Let people Tweet you up A Democracy (You vote for what you consume)  Follow your interests/unfollow junk (nothing personal)  Unlike Google; Fiefdom based on Page Ranks = Rich Page Lords get more  Good content costs same all business • large and small Real Time, Hyper Local Democracy  Good for Business, Good for People Vs. Slide 7 Nick Kellet
  • 8. What do I say? Do I have anything interesting to say?  I keep hearing this from non Twitterers What do you love?  Coffee, Flowers, Wine, Food, Golf, Goats, Cheese, Meetings, Cherries Think About Your Customer  You may have MANY types of customer  Think about how you can help them You may be in Business  But you are a person  You know stuff - We’d like to know it too  Be you - share your knowledge - Share your passion for your domain But I’m not in Business….(Not a get out clause)  Teachers - in the education business  Charities - in the helping business  We’re all in the Business of something (even Prison Wardens) Slide 8 Nick Kellet
  • 9. Tweet Block? Brainstorm Relevant Stuff for Your Business  Coffee Shop • Coffee Duh! • Meetings, Wifi, Networking, Gossip, Meetups  Hair Salon • Hair, Celebs, Local Public News, Weddings, Photos of Haircuts  Book Stores • Authors, Reviews, Genres, TV Coverage of Books, Book Clubs, Personal insights on books - 140 Character book reviews, Sit down and figure out your Domain List  Write down your key terms  Use Google Alerts to find content  Review Content. Tweet the best with shortened URL  Follow people who Tweet in your domain When you have thought  Write it down  Can you share it in 140 characters? When you see something interesting/funny  Twitpic + Tweet it Slide 9 Nick Kellet
  • 10. 1st Rule of Twitter - Don’t Use Twitter This blew my mind: Completely counter intuitive  It’s good advice not to use  Instead use the many 3rd party tools Many Many Twitter Apps  Many highly specialized • For tweeting, following, unfollowing  Most $0 / Some $$$ • Can avoid unless want to be pro Market Leaders (on PC/Mac).  TweetDeck -  Twhirl -  Seesmic - You can use you Mobile  Apps vary for iPhone/Blackberry etc Slide 10 Nick Kellet
  • 11. Get Yourself Going on Social Media Profile Photo  Add a photo  Recognizable as YOU  Same photo - Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc • Change one - Change all  Use a consistent Profile copy • (pithy - whatever that means) Twitter Profile  Make profile public (on Twitter)  Link to your blog  Add a background graphic  Reflect your personality Tweet as Business Or Person?  Probably BOTH • Own your name • Own your Business Name Slide 11 Nick Kellet
  • 12. Give Way to Twitter Conventions General Tip + Kelowna / Twitter Business Day  Follow back people who • Have a photo + Have posted Tweets + Name that makes sense • Don’t think too hard - you can always unfollow • Especially follow everyone in Kelowna as part of #TWBIZ Universal Good Etiquette  Do not send auto DMs to welcome followers  Do not spam “@prospect - Hi you can buy my widget.”  Do not sell/advertise (add value) - Which is better? • New book on sale Chris Anderson - “Free” $29.95 • Great review of Chris Andersons’s book free Now back in stock”  Mention your products etc less than 10% of time  Focus on sharing your knowledge, being you • Link people to useful, fun interesting stuff  Comment on other people’s Tweets and retweet Slide 12 Nick Kellet
  • 13. The Twitter “Ah Ha” Moment Have you had Yours Yet?  Can’t tell you when  You will know when it happens Watch a TV show by yourself  Just add PC + Twitter + Hashtag eg #IDOL Attend remote learning / Webinar/ Web conference  Follow/converse on Twitter with other students  Filter on a hashtag Be involved in Citizen Journalism  Like the Kelowna Fire or an Award Ceremony  Take photos/ provide insight based on location Explore a foreign city  Change Twitter location on or before arrival  Ask questions / ask for recommendations before you arrive Slide 13 Nick Kellet
  • 14. Follow Me How to get followed: Think Fllrting  Retweet - its like a tip - RT = “Thanks for the info”  Don’t just RT add something complimentary • “You saved my bacon RT @jimjones” Practical TIps  Follow “good” people to learn  Probably good to follow back if they look like real people  Un-follow if unimpressed with content (it’s not personal)  You may get unfollowed unless you are a rockstar  People will stick around for good content (become a rockstar) Automation Tools  Don’t use until you know you get it (they will confuse)  Like driving a car too fast - Get skills before you pick up a Ferrari  If you have 2k real followers you get it (only you know how you get them) Limits - You can follow  1k people/day  Upto 2k people  More than 2k if you follow less than your followers+10%  Any number of people can follow you Slide 14 Nick Kellet
  • 15. ReTweet - The Tipping of Social Media ReTweeting = RT  Passing on someone else’s Tweet to your followers  Typically you add “rt” as a prefix  This is a style thing - you can add comment or insight (rt is optional) Crediting - It’s polite to leave source in place (via @xyz works too)  Add the person’s @name to their Tweet  Fred Smith “Kelowna fire Terrace Mountain gains new momentum -”  rt @FredSmith Kelowna fire Terrace Mountain gains new momentum -  Kelowna fire Terrace Mountain gains new momentum - (via @FredSmith)  Wind heading south rt @FredSmith Kelowna fire Terrace Mountain gains new momentum - Write Short Tweets  Allows space for retweeting without abbreviation (varies depending on @handle)  If someone has to shorten - It takes effort - less likely to happen Double Credit  Retweeting a Retweet gets tight on space. Go figure Slide 15 Nick Kellet
  • 16. Does My Tweet Look Big … We all need FEEDBACK  How am I doing?  What should I do next?  There are many apps that can help  Here’s two that are fun Twitter Grader   Great metric. Top Twitterers get a score of 100 Twanalyst   Does not hold back! How’s Kelowna doing  KELOWNA  Compare us to Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco Slide 16 Nick Kellet
  • 17. Spice Up Your Tweets Links (URL Shorteners)  Takes long URLs (web addresses) and turns them into 25 character short URLS  Leaves you more room for your Tweet  - Quick and easy  - Provides tracking metrics Photos  Attach photos to your tweets  Works on mobiles + web  - Provides tracking metrics of views Leave Spaces  Before @ and #  Hyperlinks won’t work without it on Slide 17 Nick Kellet
  • 18. Is this a conversation I see before me It’s not conversation as you know it  Don’t DM unless it’s really personal (stops conversation) • Plus sharing thoughts might help you find an answer  Don’t expect immediate answers  Having more followers will increases likelihood of response  Answering other people’s questions will garner you more answers  This is how you build relationships/establish your brand Be Chatty  If you don’t give out “chat” don’t expect “chat” back Do use the right names (only if they exist)  Eg “I met with @nickkellet” not “I met with Nick Kellet”  Latter is valid if Nick Kellet is not on Twitter Ask Questions to one an all  One Person - “@KelownaCycle is my bike ready?”  Open - “Anyone know any good summer camps for kids age 12?”  Hash Based - “What response rates do PPC campaigns get? #IMU”  Easy Open Question - “What is #IMU ?” Slide 18 Nick Kellet
  • 19. Connect Your City Starting in Kelowna - Reached Penticton, Vernon, West Kelowna  Broad support • Kelowna Chamber, Ostec, Oric, Downtown Association, City  1st Step is Twitter Business Day  Deadline = Get on Twitter by 9th Sept 2009  Hashtag #TWBIZ #090909  Join Initiative, Learn Twitter+ Help others do the same  Open Feedback - Fast-track to good Twitter Citizenship Project Blog   Watch this space for more info Follow/Join us Twitter, Facebook + LinkedIn     Tweet this (or something like it)  @twitbizday I’m in Business in Kelowna and I support Twitter Business Day #twbiz Slide 19 Nick Kellet
  • 20. About GiftTRAP / About Me  20+ international awards  Printed 8 languages (rules in 11+)  50k units globally  Party Game of the Year in Germany, Canada, USA + France  Brand built with Social Media  Christmas Day as a board game without lying to Grandma  Indie Game Stores Globally  Loadz A Toys in Kelowna = Gaming Oscar     Trend Watcher  Serial Entrepreneur  Software Startup Advisor/Ideas Guy  Social Media Marketing Strategist Slide 20 Nick Kellet