Effectiveness of business through SNS

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION• A human social network can be a group of friends living within a city, or a group of college classmates who remain in frequent contact socially. It can also be a group formed specifically to accomplish a set of tasks over time.
  • 3. HISTORY• In 1994 yahoo released Geocities to connect the people within the city.• In 1995 Theglobe.Com was launched that allowed the users to interact based on the interest.• Instant messaging started in 1997 with AOL instant messaging and Sixdegrees.Com
  • 4. • The new millennium saw many new sites like friendster, myspace, linkedin, facebook(however it was not opened to the world until 2009),twitter and so on.
  • 5. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES• We define social networking sites as web based services that allow individuals to Construct a public profile within a bounded system, articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site.
  • 6. • Social networking sites is all about connecting with people. We can connect with friends, family, acquaintances, same interest groups, follow fan pages and also connect with customers.• There are 201 active SNS around the world.
  • 7. Top 10 SNS1. Facebook2. Twitter3. Linkedin4. Youtube5. Hi56. Skyrock7. Friendster8. 51.com9. Orkut10.MySpace
  • 8. • Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.• Social media marketing programs usually centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.
  • 9. • A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself.• Hence, this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media.
  • 10. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS• The business people are mainly concentrating on the SNS to market their business.• To promote the various activities about the business, product or the service SNS is the main technique used by the marketers.• Small or big, starter or renowned the marketers are mainly concentrating on the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blogs.
  • 11. FacebookStarted on Feb 4, 2004 and was opened to the world in 2009.Now it has about 1.2 billion users.Facebook allows the users to LIKE the page the businesses have created.It allows users to share photos, videos and no longer descriptions.It also allows the users to link back to twitter page.Today, brands increase fan counts on average of 9% monthly.
  • 12. TwitterIs the 2nd largest SNS with 300+ million users.57% of all twitter Indian users have joined in less a year!Products are promoted through twitter explained in short messages. They appear on follower’s home pages. They can be linked to product’s website, facebook profile etc so as to interact about the product online.This interaction creates loyal interaction between the product and the individual.
  • 13. LinkedinStands for its professional status.It has 135+ million users globally most belonging to the age group of 25- 34.It provides opportunity to generate sales leads and business partners.A page can be created for the product where the company can promote and interact with customers.
  • 14. BlogsA site in which individual or group of users record opinions, information on regular basis.Companies that recognize the need of information, originality and accessibility employ blogs to make their products popular and unique and ultimately reach out to customers who are privy to social media.It can be linked to and from SNS.
  • 15. Most Popular Social Media Tools100 92 90 86 84 78 79 80 77 72 70 68 60 50 2009 in % 2012 in % 40 30 20 10 0 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Blogs
  • 16. Number of accounts30 27 2525 24 24 23 2120 1615 13 11 11 Facebook 10 10 1010 Twitter 8 5 0 0 0
  • 17. 90% use Social Media for business.93% said Social Media is important for their business.
  • 18. Benefits to the marketers• When a survey was conducted about the benefits the business get, most of replied that, Business exposure was the foremost thing that they got leaving the increase in sales component in the last position.
  • 19. Social Media Marketers Primary Benefits 43% 88% 49% Business Exposure Increased Traffic Improved search Created new partnership Generated qualified leads53% Reduced marketing expenses 72% Improved sales 56% 62%
  • 20. • Researchers revealed that the businesses using the SNS from 3 years had an increased in traffic, quality leads and sales.
  • 21. Marketers using Social Media Marketing for 3years72% 91% Increased traffic Improved quality leads Improved sales 79%
  • 22. Marketers method of measuring social media marketing success 18% 25% 60% likes retweeting, sharing n reposting qualified leads of social media time spent with brand content30% increased sales brand awareness 39% 35%
  • 23. Video marketing through SNS• Apart from the normal marketing, video marketing through the SNS is increasing at a great pace, so as to make the customers aware of the product and service attribute.• A survey revealed that in 2012 marketers will be using the SNS for sharing videos instead of posts and images.
  • 24. Expansion of Video Marketing 61% 77% Youtube Facebbok Blogs73% Twitter Linkedin 75% 75%
  • 25. THANK YOU!!