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Sort book within word sequence

  1. 1. W ithin Word Pattern Spellers Short and Long Vowel Sounds Sort Picture Sorts 1 Picture sort for long and short A 2 Picture sort for long and short I 3 Picture sort for long and short O 4 Picture sort for long and short U 5 Picture sort for long and short E 6 Review of long vowels with word matchesassessment Matching Long Vowel Sounds with Letters • The Rain Game (short and long a, i, o) activities Dominoes • Long & Short Vowel Dominoes (short & long a, i, o) • Vowel Zoo (all vowels) Sorts Contrasting Short and Long Sort Vowel Patterns 7 Short A versus long A (CVCe) 8 Short I versus long I (CVCe) 9 Short O versus long O (CVCe) 10 Short U versus long U (CVCe) 11 Short versus long (CVC and CVCe) 12 Final /K/ sound spelled CK, KE, or Kassessment Matching Long and Short Vowel Sounds with Letters Dice • Roll the Dice (-ake, -ap, -oke, -ot families) activities • Wizard Spells (CVCe a, i, o words) • Vowel Fish (all vowels)
  2. 2. Common Long-Vowel Patterns Sort (CVCe and CVVC) 13 Short A and long A (CVCe and CVVC) 14 Short O and long O (CVCe and CVVC) 15 Short U and long U (CVCe and CVVC) 16 Short E and long E (CVCe and CVVC) 17 “The Devil Sort” short E (CVC and CVVC) and Long E (CVVC) 18 Review for CVVC pattern (AI, -OA, -EE, -EA)assessment Reading and Writing Words with Simple Vowel Clusters • Blooming (long a and long o patterns) activities • Clean Sweep (long e, long o, and long u patterns) • Vowel Pattern Rummy (ai, oa, ee, ea patterns) Sort Less Common Long-Vowel Patterns 19 Short A and long A (CVCe, CVVC-AI, and open syllable AY) 20 Short O and long O (CVCe, CVVC-OA, & open syllable OW) 21 Short U and long U (open syllable EW and UE) 22 Short I and long I (CVCe, CVVC-IGH, and open syllable -Y) 23 Short I and long I (VCC) with short O and Long O (VCC) 24 Review of long vowel patternsassessment Less Common Long-Vowel Assessment • Brave the Rapids (short a and long a vowel patterns) activities • Long o UNO! (short o and long o patterns) • Crazy Eights (short i and long i patterns) Sort R-Influenced Vowel Patterns 25 AR, ARE, AIR 26 ER,EAR, EER 27 IR, IRE, IER 28 OR, ORE, OAR 29 UR, URE, UR-E 30 Review of AR, SCHWA-PLUS-R, and ORassessment Assessment for R-Influenced Vowels • Star Words (ar, are, air patterns) activities • Cheers or Tears? (er, ear, eer patterns) • Soaring! (or, ore, oar, ur, ure, ur-e patterns)
  3. 3. Diphthongs and Other Ambiguous Sort Vowel Sounds 31 OI, OY 32 OO,OO 33 AW,AU 34 WA, AL,OU 35 OU, OWassessment Diphthongs and Ambiguous Vowel Sort • Toy Store (oi and oy) activities • Double Sound Dominoes (ow/ow, y/y, and oo/oo) Beginning and Ending Complex Sort Consonants and Consonant Clusters 36 Silent Beginning Consonant Sort KN, WR, GN 37 Triple R-Blends SCR, STR, SPR 38 Consonant Digraphs THR, SHR, SQUassessment Spell Check 6 Assessment for Beginning Clusters 39 Hard and Soft C and G 40 -CE, -VE, -SEassessment Spell Check 7 41 -DGE, -GE 42 TCH, CHassessment Spell Check 8 for Complex Consonant Clusters • SQUISH! (thr, shr, squ, str, spr, scr) activities Lamp • Magic Lamp (hard and soft c and g) • Switch (dge, ch, r+ch, n+ch, tch) High Frequency Words and Sort Contractions 43 High Frequency Words Starting with A- and BE-assessment Spell Check 9 44 Contractions with not, is, have, and willassessment Understanding and Forming Contractions • Around the World (words starting with a- and be-) activities • Contraction Action (contractions with not, is, have, and will)
  4. 4. Inflectional Endings for Plural and Sort Past Tense 45 Plural Endings S and ESassessment Forming Plurals with S and ES 46 Three Sounds of the Past Tense EDassessment Spell Check 11 Past Tense Check activities • Signed, Sealed, Delivered (three sounds of the past tense) Inflectional Endings for Plural and Sort Past Tense 47 Long-a Homophones 48 Shot and Long-i Homophones activities