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Google calendar

  1. 1. You can even insert local weather updates into your calendars :-)
  2. 2. Why a Google Calendar is a good idea for a TL Iowa is now the second Google state (guaranteed to get Google Apps free for 4 years). So it is VERY likely that your school will do A LOT with Google. Can read about the Oregon’s experience.
  3. 3. Simply go to Google Calendar and create an account.
  4. 4. When creating your calendar, fill out all important information. Include e-mails of all persons you will be sharing your calendar with (we do this through Google Docs).
  5. 5. Many teacher librarians need to schedule class use times in the library. Here a teacher has scheduled for his 2 biology classes, he went to Day on the menu to put in his times.
  6. 6. When other teachers look at the week or month format of the calendar, it is obvious when the library is available or unavailable. Tip : Have teachers add the class period & number of students.
  7. 7. How to fill out the information. Click on date on calendar. Fill in important information.
  8. 8. If an event is repeated, all repetitions can easily be inserted into calendar. Fill out the top part for the single meeting & then choose weeklyl Under range give the ending date of the meetings.
  9. 9. The meeting will automatically be repeated during the time frame given. If a meeting is cancelled, simply click on the date and edit (“delete”).
  10. 10. Click on a date to add an event and get this box. Fill in date(s) and times.
  11. 11. You can customize each calendar with a specific color for the events you put on that particular calendar (I chose red for my library calendar).
  12. 12. Special calendars can also be added. I have added a US Holiday calendar.
  13. 13. You can look at your calendar by the week …
  14. 14. You can look at your calendar by the day …
  15. 15. To add something, simply click on a particular date.
  16. 16. TLs will also benefit from having a personal calendar. I only made this calendar available to my husband.
  17. 17. On Google Sites, I have embedded my Google Calendar on my web page (simple process). Note: It gets updated instantaneously when I update my calendar.