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  • 1. Jerry UelsmannBy: Nicole franco
  • 2. About Jerry UelsmannWas born in Detroit June 11th, 1934. And he is stillalive and working todayJerry Uelsmann often uses a dark room to assemblenegatives.He began assembling multiple negatives in thelate1950’sin 1957 he published his first image in PhotographyAnnualAside from having shows across the country, Jerryhas also appeared abroad for the past 30 years
  • 3. AccomplishmentsHe received Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967 he was also awarded the National Endowmentfor the Arts Fellowship in 1972.He is a founding member of The Society ofPhotographic Education and a trustee of theFriends of Photography.In a 1981 Uelsmanns work was named one ofthe most collected in the country.
  • 4. 3 Photo’s in 75+ Words “man on table in a room with a sky”- 1976 “flaming desk”- 1989 “roman room”- 1993I really enjoy this piece because its abstract in This photo seems to have a certain calmness to itthe fact that there are clouds and a sky, where a I like this photo because the room in which it is that I really enjoy. When I look at this image the first photographed it gives the image a mystical/royalceiling should be. This along with the small man thing I see is the flame on the desk, which thenon the desk, makes this photo seem like an vibe. But the shadows in the window and the leads me to the mountains. One thing that bothers cloud looming overhead make this imageimage captured right out of a dream. me about this image is the branch sticking out from haunting. One thing that I would change thou is I like the image very much but if I were Jerry over head, I think that its out of place and that the the framing of the bed. It seems too flashing forUelsmann I wouldn’t have used such a small image could do without it. And what I fin most this scene and it distracts me. If Jerry Uslemannroom. I think using a larger room would interesting about this piece is that it seems almost had made the frame more natural color I think itexaggerate the vastness a lot better. natural. As if you could see this anywhere, which is would’ve made the photo a lot better. odd for a photographer who likes to twist reality.
  • 5. “Untitled”- 1996 “Untitled”- 2000A few Images That I like “Untitled”- 1983 “Meditation Mystery”- 2001 “Time remembers”- 1999 “Untitled”- 1982 “Untitled” - 1988 “Untitled”- 1996
  • 6. 10 Photo’s
  • 7. 10 photo’s continued
  • 8. Bibliographyhttp://www.andrewsmithgallery.com/exhibitions/jerryuelsmann/masterworks/index.htmhttp://www.uelsmann.net/#mi=1&pt=0&pi=2&p=-1&a=0&at=0http://pdngallery.com/legends/uelsmann/http://bermangraphics.com/press/jerry-uelsmann.htm