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Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing



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Mobile marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. MOBILE MARKETING Nick Hodge Professional Geek and Digital Diplomat
  • 2. Hello from the Experiment (and yes, I am Internet famous)
  • 3. Flickr:superlocal
  • 4. Authentic Voice  Friends listen to their Friends  They next use their Personal Networks  Trust people “like” themselves
  • 5.  “If you are not in MySpace, you don’t exist”  55% of online teens aged 12-17 have created profiles on social network sites with 64% of teens 15-17  Younger boys are more likely to participate than younger girls (46% vs. 44%) but older girls are far more likely to participate than older boys (70% vs. 57%)  Digital Identity ownership  Source: boyd, danah. (in press) “WhyYouth (Heart) Social Network Sites:The Role of Networked Publics inTeenage Social Life.” MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Learning, IdentityVolume (ed.David Buckingham).
  • 6. Mobile  What device are you carrying right now?  Mobile devices are personal.  >100% Mobile penetration in Australia  Mobile devices are a platform  Social networking on mobiles will drive the next generation (apps) Source: presentation by Jennifer Wilson, Head of Innovation, NineMSN from
  • 7. Where the new Communities are  More mobiles than people  Broadband in 67% of Internet Subscribers  Average use/day 22minutes  6.5 times per week, 41 page views per session  Less time viewing/listening to one-many  ACMA Communications Report 2006/7
  • 8. To be contactable at the beach. What more do you want?
  • 9. Trust in “Old Media” is falling Source: State of the News Media, Project for Excellence in Journalism, February 2007 (applies to most following slides as well)
  • 10. Average Circulation is Falling
  • 11. Average Viewership is Falling
  • 12. Identifying the Net-Gen Matures Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Birth Dates 1900–1946 1946–1964 1965–1982 1982–1991 Description Greatest generation Me generation Latchkey generation Millennials Attributes Command and control Self-sacrifice Optimistic Workaholic Independent Sceptical Hopeful Determined Likes Respect for authority Family Community involvement Responsibility Work ethic Can-do attitude Freedom Multitasking Work-life balance Public activism Latest technology Parents Dislikes Waste Technology Laziness Turning 50 Red tape Hype Anything slow Negativity Technologies Typewriters Telephone Memo’s TV Family Focus Technologies Video Games PC Email CD’s Individualist Technologies Web Cell Phones IM MP3’s Online communities Source: Educating the Net-Gen. Available online
  • 13. Young people go digital
  • 14.  Finding and sustaining your authentic voice in online conversations  Honestly engaging in existing conversations  What is the risk of not investing in your brand to maintain the trust relationship?
  • 15. Self-published Samizdat Counterculture Low Budget Self-expression/not $$$ DIY Community Easy to produce Low barriers
  • 16. “ … There are currently nearly 50 million members in "mobile social communities" and is expected to reach 174 million worldwide by 2011... “ Statistics “ … Juniper offers that user-created content related to the mobile phone industry is positioned at around $576 million for 2007, while it is expected to hit some $5.75 billion by 2012. “ Juniper ABI Research
  • 17. Give your Organisation a Human Voice
  • 18. Final Thoughts  You cannot outsource community engagement  But you can have your community with you  Simplify your communications policies  Give your employees a voice  Go to the existing community, on their terms  Online Measurement is more accurate  Learn from mistakes, correct, continue
  • 19. Click to add title   Digital Community Specialist  Online Community Leader  Online Customer Service  Professional Geek  Digital Diplomat  Online Image Consultant
  • 20. Role  Polymath communicator  Provide a human-face / authentic voice  Engage in and with online communities  Listen and respond  Make human connections  Add value to the communities  [NB: internal sales/customer service/PR]
  • 21. Resources…  Australian Expertise  Community:  Web 2.0:
  • 22. Contact Details   