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ICE Conference: Social Proof in iGaming using ZMOT
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ICE Conference: Social Proof in iGaming using ZMOT


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Another ZMOT presentation covering social proof and why you can build a business case around building social proof in the internet. …

Another ZMOT presentation covering social proof and why you can build a business case around building social proof in the internet.
This was for teh ICE conference in London in late January 2012

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Nick Garner. Global Head of Search, Unibet He is the head of Search which includes SEO and SMO (social media optimisation) for Unibet, a large European bookmakers. He is a recognised expert in SEO within the gaming industry with a long track record of commercial successes.  An internet marketing veteran, Nick has been architecting and building websites for the last 13 years. He puts his SEO successes down to a practical understanding of internet related technology, human behaviour and ‘outreach’ to win the best links from 3rd party web sites.  Nick is a family man and competitive international sportsman based just outside London. ICE totally gaming / Nick Garner 
  • 2. Social Proof & ZMOT. Ideas for iGaming
  • 3. New acquisitions
    • Where is the new business coming from? 
    • Trackable 50%
      • Adwords/SEO
      • Campaign
      • Affiliate
    • Direct 50%
      • Word of mouth
      • Social Proof
      • Brand Stimulus
      • Other 
  • 4. Tracking conundrum...
    • Marketing budget is assigned where there's accountability.
    £ -£ No tracking,  no accountability,  no budget...
  • 5. Lets look at customer behaviour
    • Do we really buy just because of the banner advert? 
    • What's your online shopping pattern?
  • 6. Is it this?
    • The traditional marketing funnel
  • 7. Or this?
    • The reality...
    • How can you 
    • 100% track this?
  • 8. Another way of looking at things Maybe, reset your expectations for online as a '100% trackable direct marketing' channel. 
  • 9. ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth Understanding buyer influences...a little better.
  • 10. ZMOT: 5,000 Respondents Shopper Science was commissioned by Google in 2011 to make more sense of social proof online.
  • 11. Brand Stimulus
  • 12. ZMOT
  • 13. First Moment of Truth
  • 14. Second Moment of Truth “ I don't like – I share with a bad rating & review!” “ I do like – I share with a good rating & review!”
  • 15. ZMOT is huge 84% say ZMOT shaped their purchasing decisions. This shows the power of online feedback and research.
  • 16. Context : Credit Cards
  • 17. Gambling > Credit Cards
  • 18. “ Depending on the complexity and value of the product or service, users will research at different times.” Research Cycles
  • 19. Age and Behaviour
  • 20. All ages: Online  behavior The young use search engines more, buy online more, but don't rate/feedback like Gen X.   Source:The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 
  • 21. Learning to find the proof... Source:Shopper Sciences In 2011 the average shopper used 10.4 information sources to make a purchasing decision in 2011. Up from 5.3 sources in 2010.  Different sectors: varying No. of sources of information & varying importance of  'social proof'
  • 22. Netgen...
    • 15 years of mainstream internet:
    Source:The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project  Hypothesis: Learning to use the internet is like learning a language. Natives understand the subtle signals. Late learners can still communicate, just not so well.
  • 23. Actions you can take
  • 24. Perspective: 1% > 2% conversion rate
  • 25. Reputation marketing
    • “ Half my advertising is
    • wasted, I just don’t know
    •   which half.”  
    • Treat online reputation
    • management like brand/pr
    • spend.
  • 26. Honest reviews...?
    • iGaming: social proof is distorted by affiliates.
  • 27. Find your Zero moments
    • Turn 1 in 100 to 2 in 100. Only a small group care about you.
    • Marketing = " managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders" Source:Wikipedia
    • Find the greatest Intent hot spots where potential customers seek information and validation about your service or product:
    • - Forums 
    • - Trusted Reviews 
    • - Thought leaders 
    • - Tidy up your Google search results. 
    • Manage those touch points. The traffic won't always be big, but the commercial intent is huge.
  • 28. Last Click (isn't) Always Best
    • Review your tracking. Can you set up decent attribution modelling? I.e. can you go upstream of the last click? 
    • Google Analytics will give you 1st contact phrase and subsequent converting phrase. 
    • Look at some "customer journey mapping":
  • 29. Final thoughts
      • Question: What percentage of your new customers are 'direct' i.e. you have no marketing data for them? is it about 50%?. Those are 'influenced' people.
      • Get someone in charge of ZMOT
      • Map out customer touch points online. Use ZMOT to help focus this process (Search engines, places of discussion) 
      • Look at your reporting systems. Do you ignore huge opportunities because they are difficult for business cases?
      • Can you use some of your brand money for ZMOT?
      • Accept you won't get 100% attribution tracking, but it's improving all the time.
  • 30. Thanks! Nick Garner