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Practical marketing in italy
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Practical marketing in italy


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Online marketing for eGaming in Italy

Online marketing for eGaming in Italy

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Practical Marketing In A Regulated Market © Unibet Group plc 2010
  • 2. 2 © Unibet Group plc 2010 My Specialisations SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing) Conversion Optimisation SMM (Social Media Marketing) Refer a friend (Peer to Peer Marketing)
  • 3. Interesting Marketing Principles
  • 4. 4 © Unibet Group plc 2010 Interesting Marketing Principles Educating a market is costly Being a market innovator isn't necessarily a good thing, because it means educating a market The company who educates the market can ultimately lose because of poor ROI & lack of marketing budget
  • 5. Game theory in Gaming Co: A Co: B Co: C Small Market Casino / Sports / Poker Marketplace Big Spend on: - Education - Brand Small Spend on: - Education - Brand
  • 6. Game theory in Gaming Co: A Co: B Co: C Casino / Sports Marketplace Big Spend on: - Education - Brand Small Spend on: - Education - Brand Big Market Casino / Sports / Poker Marketplace
  • 7. 7 © Unibet Group plc 2010 Pre Licence: What's going on now? – It’s a waiting game. – Everyone is guessing everybody else's strategy – No one really knows what the ROI will be
  • 8. 8 © Unibet Group plc 2010 Post Licence Many enter the market at the same time Costs will rise exponentially over a short time Big operators will burn through budget and survive because they can sustain poor ROI Marketing efficiency & great product is critical
  • 9. 9 © Unibet Group plc 2010 Post licence settle down Market has been carved up Small specialist operators will move in More about share of wallet: – More branding effort needed – Users less brand loyal – More money spread across more operators
  • 10. 10 © Unibet Group plc 2010 How does this affect you? If you have the money and the product, you can bet on ‘brand’ If you don’t the money, then you have to bet on niche markets and tight ROI focused spend.
  • 11. Some ideas on ROI centred marketing
  • 12. PPC
  • 13. PPC Campaign Structure Logical campaign structure Right adverts per phrase / category Right landing page Better conversion path for user Equals better ROI
  • 14. PPC: Logical campaign What’s the meaning of the phrase? I.e. ‘Bet Online’ & ‘Online Betting’ same thing Group ‘same meaning’ phrases around one ad For BIG spend words, run in its own ad group
  • 15. PPC: Right Ads Right ad for the keywords Keyword in ad Good call to action Easy to read/scan
  • 16. Ad Copy Examples Betting Online Casino Poker
  • 17. PPC Blooper!
  • 18. PPC: Landing Pages Multivariate testing in place Right message Good page flow
  • 19. PPC: ROI $$ out = $$ profit in You are now in control
  • 20. SEO
  • 21. 21 PPC will not affect your SEO An operator licence will not affect rankings Whatever you do, it’s at least 4 months before you rank on big generic phrases. © Unibet Group plc 2010 SEO: words of wisdom
  • 22. 22 You have to use a domain Your tracking has to account for this localization Your systems have to feed transactions into the government for tax purposes. © Unibet Group plc 2010 Technical Issues (stuff you already know!)
  • 23. Kw ‘Casino’
  • 24. KW scommesse sportive A lot of affiliates
  • 25. Licenced in malta Licenced in malta Casino
  • 26. Casino
  • 27. 28 If you have old sites i.e., then 301 this to the new legal domain If licensed then its the usual seo story If you ignore your seo – you will spend on affiliates. Every affiliate earned sale, happens because of your internal inefficiencies © Unibet Group plc 2010 SEO Tricks
  • 28. 29 They are agile They don’t have to work to local regulations They are the ones you have to out rank © Unibet Group plc 2010 Affiliates
  • 29. Social
  • 30. 31 Cluetrain: Markets are conversations © Unibet Group plc 2010 Social: the BIG idea
  • 31. 32 ROI is hard in Social (except for 1 area) Facebook is nearly ready Twitter is noise ‘Refer a friend’ is amazing! © Unibet Group plc 2010 Social: It’s not all Twitter
  • 32. 33 Sports: 1 to 1, Forums, Facebook Poker: 1 to 1, Forums, Facebook Bingo: 1 to 1, Forums, Facebook Casino: What ‘conversation’? © Unibet Group plc 2010 Social: Where are the conversations?
  • 33. 34 The ‘traditional’ social © Unibet Group plc 2010 Refer a Friend Me Like! You Like? You Like! Me Like!
  • 34. 35 Typically 10 – 15% of all new acquisitions Easy to run ROI of 4 – 6 (3 – 2 month payback) Core to all my social activity! © Unibet Group plc 2010 Refer a Friend
  • 35. Conversion (is King)
  • 36. Conversion: Poor Funnel (Est. Figures) Google PPC Ad Landing Page Register Fund Active ROI+ 20% 10,000 Impressions 3% 6% 18% 15% 300 Impressions 18 Register 3 Fund 0.5 good accounts @ 1.08% click To conversion
  • 37. Conversion: Average Funnel (Est. Figures) Google PPC Ad Landing Page Register Fund Active ROI+ 20% 10,000 Impressions 5% 8% 25% 20% 500 Impressions 40 Register 10 Fund 1.5 good accounts. @ 2% click To conversion. 3x times the conversion.
  • 38. Landing Page: Typical ‘Grid’ Header Call to action 1-2-3 ‘lead-in’ Footer Landing page example
  • 39. Landing page: Comment Text draws you away from register button No Join now button Distracting content Landing page example
  • 40. Conversion with A/B and multivariate Maximise conversion per ‘grouping’ of traffic Landing Page A ‘WINNER!’ Web trafficWeb traffic Landing Page B Fund Fund
  • 41. Conversion using propensity tools: Maximise conversion for every user I like Football I like Casino I like Poker I like Bingo Football Casino Poker Bingo
  • 42. Final Thoughts
  • 43. 44 Italy is a BIG market You love to gamble You have decent disposable income It’s a relatively immature market It’s unique in personality It’s all to play for!!! © Unibet Group plc 2010 This is what we know…