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Ionsearch Leeds Google Plus and Unibet
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Ionsearch Leeds Google Plus and Unibet


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Original Gdocs presentation: | A sweep through what Unibet is doing around Google plus along with some stuff about Google and the way its aggressively monetizing the web

Original Gdocs presentation: | A sweep through what Unibet is doing around Google plus along with some stuff about Google and the way its aggressively monetizing the web

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Google+ &
  • 2. Nick Garner James Daly Nick Garner: Head of search Unibet James Daly: Online PR Executive for UnibetWorking across all Unibets 24 international markets, specialising Running all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook andin Google+ and responsible for- SEO - Engaging with blogs for links- SMO (Social media optimisation) - Making memes- Refer a Friend - Creating press releases- PPC - Hosting interactive content- Online Public Relations (as a means of influencing SEO andsocial media)
  • 3. Google+ &
  • 4. Googles share isnt growing much
  • 5. But its revenues are...
  • 6. UK: 18% Year on Year growth $15.62 per person per quarter in the UK* *assumes 62m UK population
  • 7. Information / Commercial Internet Mix in commercial with $15.62 per person per year in the UK* information as much as possible Rank (fairly) easy Rank (fairly) hard
  • 8. Signals are changing OLD: Look for algo weakness NEW: Look for human patterns and exploit them > SEO in ranking sites, socially engineer them > Online PR
  • 9. Conclusion $15.62 per person per quarter in the UK* Google is becoming an ads engine, mining data about you to be the perfect middleman For more of this thinking see
  • 10. The business case for Google+ We believe Google+ is an emergent force in social media and Unibet wants to be a leading part of this within iGaming. Give a dog a bone
  • 11. The business case for Google+ > +1 Give a dog a bone... Give a dog a bone
  • 12. What G+ promises More: ● Reach in search ● Direct traffic ● Engagement ● Conversions without adwords
  • 13. SEO & G+?
  • 14. He says its (kind of) connected "When someone recommends something, thats a pretty good indicator of quality," said Matt Cutts, Googles principle engineer for search. "We are strongly looking at using this in our rankings."
  • 15. Core idea: Circles > Reach
  • 16. Not Logged in
  • 17. Logged in > because I follow Unibet...
  • 18. G+: Connecting the network
  • 19. +1s anyone? Its the quality of the network, mate.
  • 20. Excellent PPT on SEO & G+ Search for "Google plus SEO" on Slideshare
  • 21. Content / outreach (kind of) like G+Add another one in...
  • 22. What resource is needed?The right person: That might suit me!● Journalist / blog owner ○ Has their own blog/site (ideally) ○ Not too hung up on being newsey ○ A bit technical● Personality ○ Creative ○ Funny! ○ Inquisitive ○ Persuasive
  • 23. Introducing....James Our G+ guy! ○ Southampton Solent BA (Hons) Journalism ○ Independent On Sunday ○ Sevenoaks Chronicle ○ ○ Five Year Plan fanzine ○ Stand up comedy
  • 24. Unibet G+ page
  • 25. Circles
  • 26. But wait...
  • 27. Whats good
  • 28. Whats good
  • 29. Unibet Open photos
  • 30. Hangouts
  • 31. What were doing... Unibet Hangouts with our experts Iain Macintosh Paolo Bandini Ed Malyon
  • 32. Ed Malyon Unibet Hangout
  • 33. Followers April 2012 1,543 3,472 145 438 760 126 February 2012 1,105 2,712 19
  • 34. Facebook v G+
  • 35. This is how we get traffic...
  • 36. Virgin
  • 37. What next for Villas-Boas?
  • 38. Memes
  • 39. Blogs
  • 40. Memes
  • 41. Memes
  • 42. Nicks final thoughts for Google+ ● Its time to shift our footprint from exploiting the algos weaknesses, to engineering human behaviour and harvesting the right signals i.e. Online PR with and SEO backdrop > G+ ● For me its an either way bet ● G+ Win: we are early adopters and we out pace competitors ● G+ Fail: we use this content and engagement on other social channels anyway
  • 43. Jamess final thoughts● Scope for lots of fun ● Videos look good ● Gifs look great ● Photos look just lovely ● Hangouts offer something different● Not effective for us...yet ● Slow start ● Techie-centric ● White space ● More people needed!