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I did a presentation at BrightonSEO with AnalyticsSEO on Penguin where I outlined some ideas:

Google is a middleman. They sit between a user and a business and the gateway is adwords. teh greater the competition for the ‘connection’ the greater the adwords cost.
More revenue for them (assuming flat market share) is directly from squeezing search results for revenue i.e. fewer competing middlemen (affiliates) getting the clicks
A link is a vote. Once most sites had the power of a vote, now only relatively few sites have ‘voting power’ and this is where you need ‘big SEO data’ to keep up
The importance of ‘link velocity’ so you are similar to competing sites, but not to prominent such that you woudl get flagged up by Google
How to budget for your SEO project…
The full presentation with transition effects etc is here

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BrightonSEO Nick Garner AnalyticsSEO pres.

  1. 1. BrightonSEO: Penguin
  2. 2. Nick Garner Nick Garner: Head of search Unibet Working across all Unibets 24 international markets, specialising in: ● SEO ● Online PR ● SMO (Social media optimisation) ● Refer a Friend ● PPC Me ● My Linkedin ● My Slideshare Presentations ● My Twitter Feed @nickgarner ● My Delicious Bookmarks
  3. 3. Google, Some Background
  4. 4. Information / Commercial InternetGoogle: Align user dis-love of commercial SERPS when researching. Mix in commercial with $15.62 per person per year in the UK* information as much as possible Rank (fairly) easy Rank (fairly) hard
  5. 5. Harder To Manipulate SERPS Relevance of links Reasonable Surfer Spam = Rankings Not Provided Volume of links Anchor text weightings Penguin
  6. 6. Google: Good - Not The Best
  7. 7. Google: Good - Not The Best
  8. 8. Google: More Revenue, Less For You.Revenue growth comes from squeezing the SERPS
  9. 9. We Love The Google Brand Halo
  10. 10. BTW I still...
  11. 11. Googles Formula To $$ Billions Make changes that monetize effectively AND Either keep user experience neutral or positive. Be the webs middleman
  12. 12. Our Demo Site
  13. 13. SEO Content Marketing (White Hat)
  14. 14. SEO Content FailHave great Content:● Zillions of natural links● Links point to Popular pages● Pop Pages are typically not Money PagesTherefore:● Rank on the right phrases to the wrong pages● Rank on the right pages with the wrong phrases.Answer:Control your link placement.
  15. 15. Content & SEOFormula:Great Content= High Plausible Deniability= Higher Quality sites working with you= Less ££ to get placement= Rank faster, safer for less ££Hopeless Content= Low Plausible Deniability= Lower Quality sites working with you= More ££ to get placement= Rank Slower, more danger for more £££
  16. 16. Penguin
  17. 17. Onsite Optimisation
  18. 18. Keywords● What do you rank on?● What do you want to rank on?● Decide on target phrases & competitiveness for phrases
  19. 19. KeywordsNot ranking on money phrases
  20. 20. What words are on your site● Title tags● On page words● Description tags for clickthrough
  21. 21. Offsite Optimisation Manipulating links well...pays
  22. 22. Links
  23. 23. Think like a Human
  24. 24. Google AND Humans Relevant sites that humans AND Google love. OLD NEW
  25. 25. The Human CheckHow would a GoogleQuality rater assesthe site?(Download here Theyre all like this ;-)
  26. 26. Links Right: ● Place ● Placement ● Pace ● Price
  27. 27. Place: Got Traffic?Any traffic showingon
  28. 28. Place: Do The Metrics Look Good?
  29. 29. Place: Rank For Anything? Does show any ranking phrases?
  30. 30. Link Noise
  31. 31. Place: Exclude Bad Noisy SitesWhat sites should you exclude for being noise?
  32. 32. Place: Include Social NoiseWhat sites should you include as padding?
  33. 33. Link Placement
  34. 34. Placement: Links. Reasonable SurferNot every link from a page in a link-based ranking system is equal, and asearch engine might look at a wide range of factors to determine how mightweight each link on a page may pass along. SEO By The Sea
  35. 35. Placement. Anchor text: Dollarshaveclub.comNatural Distribution & Weighting of anchor text
  36. 36. Placement● Is the link in fresh content?● Is the site & content relevant to the site you want links for?
  37. 37. Outreach
  38. 38. Placement: The right link sources Direct outreach one site at a time
  39. 39. Placement: The right link sources Not on networks
  40. 40. Pace: Rate of link acquisition
  41. 41. Pace: Benchmarking Other SitesBenchmark against ANY site that ranks in your targetSERPS
  42. 42. Pace: Pick DomainsKW shaving razors / Google.com1,default,sc.html8
  43. 43. Pace: New Domains Linking
  44. 44. Pricing Model
  45. 45. PriceValue of acquisitions X Volume of traffic Risk Potential Conversion Rate Revenue ROI of Quality Of Content ProjectCompetitiveness Time LinkPower Of Home Quality Of ToDomain Spend Doner Site RankQuality Of Onsite Number of Links / Domains
  46. 46. Price £100 X 10,000 visits Risk: Pot. Rev: £14,000 Conv: 2% 30% ROI 2.8 Quality Of Content 50%: £20 an article 35% MktgCompetitiveness: 70% Quality Of Time To LinkPower of home domain: 40% Rank: 10 Doner Site: Spend:Onsite 90% 90%/ £30 a link Months £5,000 Number of Links / Domains: 10 / Month £500 a month
  47. 47. Cheat Sheets
  48. 48. Recap Cheatsheet:Onsite analysis: ● Free: Xenu Link Sleuth ● Paid: AnalyticsSEO for bigger sites/agencies (yes, its great for this!)Offsite analysis ● SEMRush for Google love of a site i.e. phrases it ranks for ● MajesticSEO for inbound link analysis ● AnalyticsSEO is ok, but will be a whole lot better in the next 4 monthsOutreach ● ZohoCRM / RaventoolsLinks ● Place ● Placement ● Pace ● PriceAnd finally, filter link data properly then Human Check
  49. 49. The Full Penguin Checklist1. Is the linking site reasonably well designed?2. Is the content high quality and grammatically correct?3. Are you happy having your brand associated with this website?4. Can you see evidence of social sharing or activity on the linking websites?5. Does the domain have any traffic at all when reviewing in Alexa or Is the domain (or at least the page) relevant to your website? Relevant, high quality, industry blogs with traffic seem to be the safest links to build since Penguin.7. Is the link a "money keyword" exact match anchor? These should be used sparingly. Over 70% of links coming into your domain should ideally be branded anchors, and themore varied the better. If you are asking other websites for links are you specifying lots of “money keywords” as anchor text links? These kind of keywords can be identified easilywith using data from Google AdWords (Search Volume, CPC and Competition level).8. Is the site indexed? Simply Google “” and check that there are pages indexed.9. Is the link sitewide? If so, probably it is best to be branded e.g. the company or website name, and make sure you dont have too many sitewide links, especially if part of anexchange, network or if they have been paid as these are all against Google Webmaster Guidelines.10. What is the PageRank of the websites homepage? If there are a lot of links pointing to the domain, but the homepage has a PageRank of zero, there could be a penalty on thewebsite. These are the kind of domains you need to be really careful with.11. If you arent sure about the quality of the link, make sure it links to a deep page to avoid a penalty on the homepage. If you ever do get a penalty, you are in much better shapegetting a penalty to any page other than the homepage.12. Does Googling site:example "viagra" return any results? If so it is often a red flag that the site has been spammed, and as a result, links are less likely to pass any value to yourwebsite.13. Are there many domains hosted on the same server? This can sometimes also be a red flag. Use this tool: Emerging search engines like do a fantastic job at helping you find higher quality link prospects than Google. Try them and see!15. Do you have lots of links coming from div elements with predominantly links and little or no content? From a technical perspective these are the kind of links found in footersand sidebars that are often heavily scrutinised by the major search engines.16. If you are trying to remove low quality links, screengrab and save emails to webmasters. These can be used as evidence to search engines that you are trying to improve thequality of your backlink profile.17. Start to consider authorship (Google+ and linked social accounts) as a quality signal for your backlink profile. You can bet your ass Google is!18. Consider backlinks and social signals together as a ratio. Are you in an industry with a lot of social activity? If so, you should be attracting both links and social engagement.Not doing so will also appear unnatural.
  50. 50. Nick Garner Thanks!