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A 45 minute presentation I did for Refresh Bellingham on Mobile User Experience.

A 45 minute presentation I did for Refresh Bellingham on Mobile User Experience.



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Mobile UX Mobile UX Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile User ExperienceNick FinckAugust 18, 2010 Refresh Bellingham
  • ?Who the f#@kis this dude?
  • Nick Finck Blue Flavor ‣ Principal & Director of User Experience ‣ Over 15 years of experience working in the web field ‣ Has worked with Adobe, Boeing, CBS, Cisco, CitiGroup, Comcast, Fandango, FDIC, HP, IBM, and Microsoft ‣ Co-organized and curated more than 10 national and international web conferences & events‣ ‣ Judged the Webby’s and several other web awards‣ ‣ Founder of Digital Web Magazine‣ Google “Nick” ‣ Expertise in information architecture, interaction design, and user research
  • Outline‣ Some bullshit about me‣ Re-thinking computing‣ Some technical examples‣ A deep dive into mobile‣ Really cool shit
  • The way we thinkabout computing
  • A mobile phone is now used more for data than actual phone callsNew York TimesJenna Worthham May 13, 2010
  • Photo by Rion Nakaya
  • The iPad reached more than one million units sold in half the time it took the iPhoneYahoo NewsBen Patterson May 3, 2010
  • We need to change the way we think about the Web
  • The User Experience of Mobile
  • The is no One Web
  • There are many contexts
  • Mobile should not be first
  • Lets Get Technical!
  • Fitts’s Law
  • “ In ergonomics, Fittss law is a model of human movement which predicts the time required to rapidly move to a target area, as a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target.”Description of Fitts’s LawWikipedia
  • Not so goodWay better
  • Optimized Markup
  • digital-web.comScreen based CSS & Print based CSS
  • Developing for the Mobile Context• XHTML ✓ Well formed ✓ Semantically correct ✓ Highly optimized• CSS ✓ Handheld media type (sometimes even screen media type) ✓ Highly optimized
  • NY Times on LeafletMinimum 30 Seconds to lo load 796kb Maximum of 7 seconds to lo load 30kbplus requests to multiple servers
  • Highly optimized header markupNon-optimized header markup
  • Optimized UI
  • Highly optimized UINon-optimized UI
  • A Deep Dive into Mobile Web
  • Content
  • Readability & Page Width
  • The problem
  • UnreadableMust zoom
  • UnreadableAgain
  • Text does not fit within screen
  • Possible solutions
  • Readablewithoutzooming Fits perfectly within screen
  • Readable without zoomingText fits on screen
  • Interaction
  • Navigation
  • The problem
  • Navigation
  • Hotspots visible & clickable only after zoomed 10x
  • Content issomewhere waythe fuck up here
  • Navigationcould havelargerhotspots
  • Microscopichotspots
  • Barelynavigable
  • Possible solutions
  • Navigationalong sidethe content
  • Nice bigand juicyhotspots
  • Super size hotspots
  • Visuallycalled outnavigation
  • Use largerheadings &visual hints
  • Pagination
  • The problem
  • The world’ssmallestpagination
  • A possible solution
  • Excellentpaginationsolution
  • Search
  • The problem
  • A possible solution
  • A perfectcase forsearch ahead
  • Buttons
  • The problem
  • Very typicalweb button
  • Possible solutions
  • Big ass buttons!
  • Designedwith thespecific 555-5555context inmind
  • Calls to Action
  • The problem
  • Calls toaction arelost in page
  • A possible solution
  • Make callsto actionvery obvious
  • ?What is Next?
  • LegoAugmented Reality Kiosk
  • ToyotaAugmented Reality Advertisement
  • ARhrrrrAugmented Reality Game
  • InsqribeLocation Based Augmented Reality
  • Nintendo WiiMotion based gaming
  • Microsoft SurfaceSurface-based computing
  • Microsoft’s Project NatalController-less Interface
  • Minority Report20th Century Fox
  • Oblongs g-speakSpatial Operating Environment
  • Sixth SenseWearable Gestural Interface
  • We have just barely begun to understandthe potential of Mobile
  • Thank you!
  • ?Questions
  • Mobile User ExperienceNick Fincknick@blueflavor.comBlue Flavor - http://blueflavor.comPersonal - Refresh Bellingham