Male Gaze


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A Powerpoint Presentation, I made for my Media Studies A Level work.

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Male Gaze

  1. 1. MALE GAZE Based on Mulvey’s, Ferguson's, Shroeder’s and Millum’sTheories of the
  2. 2. The Male Gaze can be described as, feminist reference to the voventistic way which men look at women.  It is a way how men look at women Women look at themselves Women look at other women What is the Male Gaze?
  3. 3.  Attention directed towards others  Attention directed towards an object  Attention directed to one’s self  Attention directed to the reader/camera  Attention directed to meddle distance The direction of the Male Gaze
  4. 4. The spectator’s gaze The intra-diagetic gaze The direct address (or extra – diagetic) The look of the camera The gaze of a bystander The gaze of an audience within a text. Male Gaze – Jonathan Schroeder’s Types of Gaze (1998)
  5. 5. Laura Mulvey describes the Male Gaze as; Looking at women for visual pleasure and narrative cinemas (1975) Active male / passive female Women as images / men as ‘bearer of the look’ How men look at women as sexual objects (voyeuristic) Fetishistic Mulvey’s Theories
  6. 6. Criticisms' of Laura Mulvey’s theory; 1. She doesn’t consider female spectators 2. Her views are that only heterosexual male’s are the specators 3. Since 1980’s there has been a large increase in sexualisation and display of the male body. Mulvey’s Theories (continued)
  7. 7. Marjorie Ferguson has Four main looks which include; the Chocolate Box, Invitational, Super Smiler and Romantic/Sexual, these looks are mainly used on female models. Marjorie Ferguson's Chocolate Box This is a look where a female model shows a slight smile, showing as minimal amount of teeth as possible, the lips tend to be closed and the face isn't shown full on face forward Invitational This look which focuses mainly upon the eyes, and mouth which will be closed although the model will be smiling with her head to one side, as if to be looking down upon the invitee. Super Smiler When a model is showing this look she'll show her full face with a full teeth smile with either her head tilted forwards or backwards. Romantic or Sexual This look includes both a female and a male in the picture, it will seem as if it is a dream and it should be very sexual Marjorie Ferguson’s Theories
  8. 8. Trevor Millum has Five main looks which he calls, Seductive, Carefree, Practical, Comic and Catalogue. Trevor Millum Seductive When a model is posing in the Seductive look they should have their eyes slightly closed, the expressions will be small, but will still show through, they will also aim to look confident. Carefree A Carefree look, can be linked to sports because it seems as if they are active and healthy. Practical A pratical will include a model who seems to be concentrating something, so thier eyes will be focussed and their mouth will be closed but not tightly. Comic This will be seem as if the actor/model is being studpid, comical, funny and it will normally be exagerated, to make the most as if to seem that what they are laughing at is very funny. Catalogue This will make the model have their eyes wide open, with a big smile as if they are not stupid but quite dumb. Trevor Millum’s Theores
  9. 9. I think this is a seductive look, because her eyes aren’t open fully, her lips are closed but she is slighly smiling. She seems to be happy/pleased. It seems as she is inviting us to join her, on the couch. Carefree—Seems as if she isn’t bothered. Also she is wearing a bikini , which could mean she enjoys swimming and is athletic and healthy. She has put her legs into view which, could be to show them off, or an as an invitation. Her skin has a ‘angel glam’ effect to it, it appears to the viewer as if she is an angel, and is supposed to feel as if you are in heaven. Also it shows that she is healthy and active. She has her lips pouted very little which could suggest a sexual desire Her hair is natural, and has been swept to one side, showing off her neck, which is supposed to be desirable. Her eyes are looking straight towards the viewer, this is used to the get their attention, and for them to focus on her facial features Her hands play a role of importance in the picture because, when you look at somebody you tend to look at where their hands are placed, they are positioned on her head and her stomach. They are placed in sensual positions because the photographer will want your attention to be drawn to these positions. Although she is wearing a wrap over the top of here bikini, you can still see her figure beneath it, giving the viewer a sexy image. She is lying on silk pillows. When you think of silk you normally associate it with luxury items, wealth and silk bedding. .
  10. 10. Megan Fox in Two and a Half Men This clip is an example of Male Gaze.The camera operator has focused on the curves of Megan Fox’s body, and the clothes she is wearing in theTV show.The camera shots that are used inTwo and Half Men, are used to show of Megan Fox’s body and how she acts and dresses is part of the mes en scene which will help to create a good male gaze shot. This is a SlideShare application I found, which I liked it because it explains Male Gaze and includes a couple of videos fromYouTube which help explain the Male Gaze.
  11. 11. Male Gaze in Music Video’s
  12. 12. Inspiration for the Male Gaze in Music Video