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Fans fuel media, but how fan-centric is your media? This presentation from consultant Nick DeMartino, looks at that question from the perspective of, a cloud-based collaborative storytelling platform which he advises. The presentation shows how easy it is to create a Theatrics story or brand experience in which fans can directly engage.

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Fan-centric Media from

  1. 1. Fan Centric Media, LLC October , 2013 Thank you for your time and the opportunity to discuss Fan-centric media & LLC.
  2. 2. Welcome to Theatrics, our new fan-powered video and storytelling platform that makes it easy for passionate fans to co-create a new kind of collaborative online story experience.
  3. 3. Passionate fans fuel today’s content Content with the most engagement wins. But clicking and liking is not enough in an era when fans want more.
  4. 4. How Fan Centric Is Your Media? Digital (Mostly) Multiplatform (Maybe) Interactive (Low vs. High) Social (Shareable) Media Dense (Video) Contextual (Story) There are a range of factors that help us understand how “fan-centric” your media may be. Of course, it’s all digital media. Sometimes the story plays out on several platforms. Sometimes there is interactivity -- “Low is liking or clicking” & “High is deep fan engagement. It is shareable across the web. Then there’s the question of density -- video and gaming are dense. Text is not. Finally, we talk about context, especially the story in which fan engagement occurs.
  5. 5. Fan Centric Media Fans co-create with the author Contribute own content (video, images, text) Follow and be followed (social) Context of a story or brand experience Shareable across many platforms I don’t have to tell you that the Internet has powered a revolution in the relationship between audiences & the content they consume. They expect 2-way communications with their favorite shows, stars, and content of all sorts. The most passionate among them want to co-create.
  6. 6. Second Life is text-and-graphics-based role-playing.
  7. 7. Lonely Girl 15 was a very influential early use of YouTube in which actors portrayed young people’s lives as if they were really opening up to the world via video. Most people thought these were real people, and responded in kind with video uploads of their own, creating a tapestry of video storytelling that was quite unique. What has become a standard feature of YouTube was pioneered by Lonely Girl, and the lessons are being applied by the firm founded by its producers: EQAL.
  8. 8. RIDES and ELSEWARE: proprietary platforms A GHOST STORY is the proof of concept for RIDES. Other announced projects include DIRTY WORK, a comedy, ZOMBIES!, a horror-musical, GANGSTER GEEKS, post- apocalyptic story FLARE, and a kinetic action serial called CASCADE. Their content is “delivered via Internet browsers, smartphones, game consoles, TVs, movie screens and in the physical world.”
  9. 9. Interactive online storytelling platform (video, text & image) New form of online video experience where fans co-create Unique UGC format that gives the creator full suite of tools and high degree of control Novel end-user experience: social, immersive, performance-based & game-like What is Theatrics? Our product is a full-featured cloud-based platform for the creation & management of a new kind of interactive story. Show creators use simple online tools to shape and manage their stories. End-users can simply explore..or..share like a social as in a game, or participate fully with their own content.
  10. 10. Storytellers BrandsMedia Networks Educators ConsumersCompanies Who Can Use Theatrics? So far, our main focus has been entertainment, but Theatrics is a broad SaaS platform that can benefit many types of customers.
  11. 11. Beckinfield was our proof of concept for which we created our two-level platform -- It’s both an authoring platform for interactive stories, and a destination for the experience and co-creation of these stories. It’s WordPress, married to live action role playing, Second Life for humans.
  12. 12. It’s both an authoring platform for interactive stories, and a destination for the experience and co-creation of these stories. It’s WordPress, married to live action role playing, Second Life for humans.
  13. 13. For USA Network, Theatrics helped create The S#cial Sector, an online edition of PSYCH, showing that the platform could be used to invite user-generated content into a branded storyworld
  14. 14. “Welcome to Sanditon” is the sequel to popular multiplatform webseries ‘Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries’, both based on Jane Austen novels. Sanditon permits fans to co-create the story based on Austen’s unfinished novel.
  15. 15. AURELIA: is billed as an interactive Steampunk Adventure Starring You. We’ll take a closer look at the user experience for AURELIA fans. I’ll get back to AURELIA in a moment.
  16. 16. Anyone can create a Theatrics account & launch an interactive show with our self-service platform..or participate in someone else’s show as a character.
  17. 17. Documentarian Jon Reiss is building a Theatrics showcase for the global street art community to support the release of his new film Bomb-it 2.
  18. 18. THE GHOST CLUB is a new site that will launch in October, which invites ghost-hunters to upload evidence of ghost sitings, in conjunction with a film and web series… leading up to Halloween 2013.
  19. 19. WIKIA is the quintessential example -- a community where the most passionate fans can collect and share their most cherished content, and connect with others with the same passion.
  20. 20. WIKIA is the quintessential example -- a community where the most passionate fans can collect and share their most cherished content, and connect with others with the same passion.
  21. 21. INVITATION: Begin a co-creation experience with your fans now during Theatrics’ open beta test period.
  22. 22. SOME USE CASES: • Back Story/ Alternate Story • Documentary: research • Actor or subject casting • Contests & competitions • In character vlog/blogs • Brand ambassadorship
  23. 23. Theatrics Interactive Shows Show creator defines story, characters, calls- to-action in a contained story world that they direct & control. Audience members join a show to explore, play, share or perform in the story in character & earn points and badges. Theatrics is a story engine, with which the creator shapes, controls and directs a series over time. You are in charge! There are no intrusions or distractions. Fans become more immersed than on other platforms, because they co-create a story, helping to drive the action forward by creating and performing in character.
  24. 24. How it works: A registered user has an idea, uses the show creation wizard to set up the show, invites an audience to join the show, and provides ongoing guidance through the Theatrics Dashboard to help fans co-create the expansion of the show over time.
  25. 25. • Explore a story, follow others, share, comment, rate • Co-create story with your own character, upload video (+) • Connect with other fans backstage; earn points/badges • Launch your own story at any time Theatrics Fan Experience Once a show is launched, other fans can explore the story, follow favorite characters, comment, share, & socially interact. Or go deeper by creating a character, uploading video, images and text, and drive the story forward...Users collaborate using our public forum… earn points & badges for their activities on the site -- like a game.
  26. 26. Let me show you: I go to and click “Try Theatrics Now”
  27. 27. I can sign in with Facebook or create a new account using my email address.
  28. 28. Since I’ve already got an account, I’m taken to my Dashboard. You can see that I have subscribed to two shows, but I haven’t created any of my own. I click the button “Add a New Show.”
  29. 29. I am taken to the Show Creation Wizard’s overview page, which explains all the steps on one page.
  30. 30. After reading the Overview, I hit the start button. The Wizard guides me through 5 steps to create the container for my show. I can skip ahead and come back later if I want, filling in the fields, adding links, pictures, characters, videos and calls to action for my interactive show.
  31. 31. Lisa England used the Wizard to create AURELIA.
  32. 32. Show header Call to Action Content window Social links Fan response tools Info about window •The header carries the title, subtitle and author. • The content window displays the file -video, blog or image. •Below the player window is information about that content, and a full suite of social and sharing links. •Fans can use tools to post responses & can check out the latest calls to action.
  33. 33. Scrolling down, I see the menu. I select Getting Started, which displays the files that Lisa has created to fill in the back story of her world, which is complex. At every step of the way I can share, cheer, or report, Tweet, like, or comment. I can also search the entire site from this menu.
  34. 34. The next tab gives me details about the show, including links and associated sites and accounts on social networks, instructions to players, and quick links.
  35. 35. The Persona tab lists all the players in the show. I can click on the thumbnail to see all of the content they’ve uploaded and to follow them.
  36. 36. The “Featured” tab displays thumbnails and data for the Personas that Lisa has designated as “Featured” -- She can change these whenever she wants.
  37. 37. The “Popular” tab generates thumbnails of most-viewed posts and videos, auto-generated by Theatrics.
  38. 38. The “Recent” tab displays thumbnails and data from Personas by date and time.
  39. 39. The “Catch-up” tab shows the most recent videos and posts from the Personas that I’m following.
  40. 40. Theatrics is constantly adding features to the platform in response to beta and other customer feedback.
  41. 41. Theatrics Admin Panel At the platform level, the Theatrics system offers a full featured admin panel as well as Google analytics.
  42. 42. Theatrics Admin Panel You can monitor all shows -- pending, private and public, and track engagement activity across a number of metrics.
  43. 43. • Coded using LAMP • Cloud-based platform (AWS) • Video served by Viddler • Can integrate any video platform • Self-serve model in open beta • White-label customization for partners Theatrics Technology Solutions for your clients can range from interoperability to full integration. Our technical team, headed by Steve Park, has built a robust scaleable platform that runs on AWS and Viddler, but can be customized as we have for white label customers such as NBCU.
  44. 44. Staging Servers Small Database Server Small DevWeb Server Small DevTools Server Large DevWeb Server Firewall Large Processing Server RDS Large Staging Server #1 Small Staging Server #2 Firewall Load Balancer Large Processing Server RDS Large Production Server #1 Large Production Server #n Source Control Project management Bug Tracking Development Servers Production Servers Firewall Load Balancer Large Production Server #2 Theatrics Engineering Theatrics Users Show Creators Co-producers Actors/Participants Members Streaming CDN Theatrics’ robust infrastructure scales.
  45. 45. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. We’re open for your ideas, suggestions, and questions.