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New ict curriculum inset 24.06.12
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New ict curriculum inset 24.06.12

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  • 1. 25/06/12
  • 2. Agenda Introduction to Switched on ICT Rising stars booklets. Whole school ICT overview. Yearly overviews for ICT. Discuss assessment procedures. Look through Rising Stars booklets. Feedback about Rising stars. Break off into groups to look through software.
  • 3. Rising Stars - Switched on ICT Project based. Lesson suggestions. Lesson extensions. Cross curricular links. Assessment guidance. Software support. Suggested software. E-Safety points.
  • 4. ICT overview 2012/2013Unit Unit title Target skills Target AFs Suggested software / hardware1.1 We are celebrating Creating a card electronically Research, word processing, graphics AF1, AF3 Microsoft PowerPoint / Microsoft Word, /Clicker 51.2 We are treasure hunters Moving around maps Control, following instructions AF1, AF2 Programmable toys1.3 We are storytellers Producing a talking book Sound recording AF1, AF3 Microsoft PowerPoint / Microsoft Photo Story1.4 We are personal trainers Get-up-and-go graphs Data handling, charts and graphs AF1, AF2 Simple graphing tool1.5 We are TV chefs Filming a recipe Research, video recording AF1, AF3 Web browser, Movie maker1.6 We are gardeners Simulating growth Simulations AF1, AF2 Internet browser2.1 We are detectives Communicating clues Email AF1, AF3 Email system2.2 We are painters Illustrating eBooks Research, graphics AF1, AF3 Tux Paint, Microsoft Paint, 2Simple 2Paint2.3 We are journalists Publishing a newsletter Word processing, photography AF1, AF3 Word, Publisher, Learning Platform2.4 We are time travellers Animating history Research , story boarding, animation AF1, AF3 Monkeyjam / 2Animate / Movie Maker2.5 We are astronauts – Programming on screen Control, programming AF1, AF2 Scratch2.6 We are zoologists Bug hunt data Data collection, data handling, charts AF1, AF2 Excel / 2Simple 2Count / RM Starting Graph and graphs3.1 We are researchers Researching a topic Research, presentation AF1, AF3 FreeMind, Linkbunch, PowerPoint2.3 in year We are journalists Publishing a newsletter Word processing, photography AF1, AF3 Word, Publisher, Learning Platform33.2 We are comic writers Creating a comic strip Digital photography, image editing, AF1, AF3 Comic Life / Publisher text3.3 We are animators Creating a cartoon Programming, graphics AF1, AF2 Scratch / PowerPoint3.4 We are opinion pollsters Opinion polling Research, survey creation, data AF1, AF2 Survey Monkey / Excel/ InspireData / Google Docs analysis, charts3.5 We are communicators Here and there: Text, email, forums, chat, video AF1, AF3 Email, Videoconferencing software communicating conference3.6 We are presenters Videoing performance Video recording and editing AF1, AF3 Movie Maker / iMovie / Adobe Premiere Elements4.1 We are co-authors Producing a wiki Text creation, collaborative editing, AF1, AF3 MediaWiki / PBworks / Googlesites research4.2 We are meteorologists Presenting the weather Data logging, data analysis, AF1, AF2 Excel / Google Docs, PowerPoint / IWB software presentation, video recording5.1 We are photographers  Themed photography Digital photography, image library AF1, AF3 Picasa / Adobe Lightroom, GIMP / PhotoshopUsed in management, photo editingyear44.4 We are historians Then and now: databases Survey creation, databases, AF1, AF2 Excel / Google Docs, SurveyMonkey presentation4.5 We are artists Fusing geometry and art Vector graphics, programming AF1, AF2 Scratch, InkScape / Illustrator2.6 We are zoologists  Bug hunt data Data collection, data handling, charts AF1, AF2 Excel / 2Simple 2Count / RM Starting GraphUsed in and graphsyr45.1 We are photographers Themed photography Digital photography, image library AF1, AF3 Picasa / Adobe Lightroom, GIMP / Photoshop management, photo editing5.2 We are architects Creating a virtual space Research, 3-D modelling, image AF1, AF2 SketchUp / Picasa management5.3 We are bloggers Media reviews Text and other media, writing for an AF1, AF3 WordPress / Blogger audience5.4 We are advertisers Creating an advert Research, video recording, video AF1, AF3 MovieMaker, PowerPoint / Word editing5.5 We are statisticians Analysing data Data analysis and presentation, data AF1, AF2 Excel, Word logging5.6 We are traders Summer fete games Programming, spreadsheet modelling AF1, AF2 Scratch / Gamemaker, Excel / Google Docs and analysis, graphics6.1 We are explorers Creating geotrails Photography, geolocation /research AF1, AF3 GoogleEarth, Picasa6.2 We are fundraisers Charity fundraiser Research, DTP, graphics, data handling AF1, AF2 Excel / GoogleSheet, Publisher6.3 We are game developers Programming an adventure Programming, graphics AF1, AF2 PowerPoint / Scratch / Flash game6.4 We are environmentalists Modelling climate change Research, spreadsheets, modelling, AF1, AF2 Fate of the World, FreeMind, Camtasia Studio, Movie charts Maker6.5 We are web developers Cyber safety research / Research, collaboration, web design AF1, AF3 GoogleSites / PBworks / MediaWiki / Weebly media6.6 We are publishers Creating a yearbook Photography, image editing, graphics, AF1, AF3 Publisher, Google Docs / Word text, DTPNot used in 2012/2013 4.3 We are musicians Producing digital music Audio recording, music AF1, JamStudio / Garage Band, Audacity composition, sequencing AF3 4.6 We are travel presenters  Trip slideshow Research, digital photography, AF1, Movie Maker / PhotoStory video recording and editing AF3
  • 5. Year 3 – Topics/ICT Curriculum Map Autumn term Spring term Summer term Can I travel Light and Reuse and Settlements Romans Tudors Rainforests ICT around the Shadows recycle world in 11 Digital research- Multimedia/video/ Images/ Sound- linked to (current days? Electric Word processing producing Presentation- photos- linked rainforests communication (2 weeks)– information texts. Linked to romans to Tudors andUnits and editing text currently linked to tower of Word processing (1-2 topics) literacy authors London visit. weeks) –linked to and letters. instructional writing. Unit 2.3 Unit 3.5 Unit 3.4 Unit 3.1 Unit 3.3 Unit 3.2 Unit 3.6 We are We are We are opinion We are We are We are comic We are presenters Rising journalists communicators pollsters researchers animators – writers stars – Creating a Exploring how sound switched In this unit we In this unit we In this unit we will: In this unit we Roman cartoon In this unit we can be recorded – on will: will: will: will: video documentaries Think of a topic Create a topic In this unit we on the rainforest. Look at Work together as you care about mind map will: Think about –(suggested examples of a class to write Use a paint and discuss – In this unit we will: ideas to texts created an email to the Write some Work in a group programme to what your Look at TV clips, how link with on the electrical questions about to mind map part paint characters story is going are they made? Year 3 computer company this topic of the topic on screen. to be about. topics) Experiment with digit Word Respond to an Make an outline Use some Use a paint Sketch out cameras process/publish email from your survey using these websites to find programme to your story as a travel journal partner in class questions out information create a comic strip. Film one another on one of the background and Choose the beginning country that Email your own Ask other people to Use google to props. Decide what and endings of clips they learnt partner with some fill it in. find out even pictures you and edit these about. good questions more info. Make characters need . together. Create a report move. Edit the travel Respond to your what do the results Think about Make or find Pupils write a set of journal partner’s email to tell you? using other Use the the pictures. instructions on how to you. search engines computer to write do one of the Present your data and Wikipedia the story for the Put the followings activities Try some other to the rest of the cartoon. pictures from the unit: communication class. Create an together with tools information text Test and improve the words to Using the camera on settlements to animation. tell the story Take part in a live share research Editing the footage video conference Share your with another Present to an comic with Playing the video class. audience class. Uploading to the VLEPrograms Word, Email, video Survey Free mind/ Scratch/ Comic Movie maker/ publisher, conferencing monkey/excel/ linkbunch/ Power Point life/ adobe/ premiere learning software inspire data/ Power Point Publisher elements platform goggle docs Links to Quiz. Start a Survey/vote Survey/vote. Upload to the VLE forum on year group Upload Upload to Links to email/interne Open a Links to page to year year group useful t safety. discussion internet group page websites about weather Open a page Reusing and pages. discussion Quiz Recycling about Quiz Romans Quiz. Open a discussion about Tudors
  • 6. Unit 1.1 We are celebratingI can plan my card.I can add text to my card.I can choose a picture for my card.I can talk about the card I made.ReflectionI am good at …Next time I will…
  • 7. Unit 4.3 We are MusiciansWhat did you learn from this project?> Things I found easy were …> Things I found hard were …> I helped others by …> Other people helped me by …> The best bit about my work was …How are you doing?> I can plan my work before I start. > I can decide what ICT tools to use. > I’m good at spotting ways to improve things. > I can make changes to improve my work. > I can help others to improve their work. > I can stay safe when using ICT. My targetsWhat will I do differently next time?
  • 8. ICT 2012/2013 crib sheetPlanning Teaching VLE Assessment Monitoring-Yearly overview completed -Some lessons are - If appropriate upload -Print out 1 piece of work -At the end of each termby ICT working group. planningevaluating lessons children’s work to Fronter. per unit and put in the ICT leader to take in Topic which means you can do it child’s topic book. books from HA, MA and- Use yearly overview along outside the ICT. If you get -Use Fronter forums so LA from each class andwith ‘Switched on ICT’ book any paper work for this, children can comment on -Mark work and write next monitor outcomes and(which is also on the mark it and keep in Topic their work and others. step. assessmentsnetwork) to plan each books.lesson. - If appropriate make a -Year 1 – 6 children self - Analysis data on SPTO - Spend a little time to Fronter page to accompany assess their work on ‘self- Ensure there is familiarise yourself with each unit. Using forums for assessment sheet’ -check planning fordifferentiation / challenge new programs, if you are each section in the KWL (reception and year 1 adult differentiation andshown in planning. having a problems come grid. Upload work and any help to fill out) challenge and progression and seek advice for PowerPoints.-Save planning on Fronter -Assess piece of work - Feedback to Leadershipin year group section in ICT colleagues in the ICT against assessment teams and phase leaders working group or ICTfolder. guidance at the end of the leader. The Switched on unit from ‘Switched on ICT’-Key skills are on ICT program also has (highlight the bestassessment guidance. guidance for all programs statement) used. -At the end of each term enter levels onto /SPTO
  • 9. Software groupsLeader Terry Cathal Sarah Kristien Nick Marianna MichaelProgram 2 Create 2 Publish Photostory Scratch Moviemak Early year Audacity er ICTlocation ICT ICT Ks1 ICT staffroom Year 3 Green Music suite Room16.15 HS SS ( R ) LD EY CB CB RC KR LS SS(N) CB LC GM AL Omc SB FK HL16.40 LC RC HS GM AL EY SS (R) SS (N) KR CMc LD CB HL OMc TMc LS