EarthCheck Program Overview


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EarthCheck Program Overview

  1. 1. The world is scrutinising with increasing urgency the way industry monitors and reports on its sustainability performance. Credible measurement and reporting processesare essential in order to be accountable and demonstrate year-on-year improvement.
  2. 2. The JourneyEarthCheck is the next generation minimise their environmentalof environmental certification and footprint. With changing regulatorybenchmarking. It is the culmination environments, rapidly evolvingof a journey that began in 1987 and markets and complex risk implications,continues to this day. Using a science- organisations require specialisedbased approach, we help the travel and tools and expertise. EarthCheck helpstourism industry increase efficiencies, you navigate the path forward withmaximise guest experience and certainty and peace of mind. P.1
  3. 3. Unrivalled Scientific Knowledge Our resources lead the way in We understand that things can go defining environmental standards. wrong in business. We can help Our technical expertise and your team to identify, prepare for, understanding of scientific principles and mitigate against events that positions EarthCheck at the forefront may expose your business to critical of certification and enables us to risk. Why? Because EarthCheck has provide the most knowledgeable benefited from some $260 million advice to the markets we serve. worth of scientific research.The planet deserves more than half measures
  4. 4. Culture of EfficiencyIn rapidly changing markets, you design and precinct planning,need a partner who can provide EarthCheck has a reputation fora framework for streamlining implementing comprehensive,efficiencies. From operational market-tested solutions thatperformance and compliance, to positively impact the triplecommunity engagement, structural bottom line. P.3
  5. 5. Building Sustainable Communities EarthCheck takes an holistic approach EarthCheck Programs include: to destinations, communities · Local Government Sustainable and enterprises, when delivering Pathways Program sustainability solutions. As we · International Sustainable move towards a carbon-constrained Communities Standard economy, communities will need · Sustainable Schools Training and practical advice and assistance to Education Program respond and deliver measurable · Green Building and Planning outcomes. We must look at the whole Design Guidelines and Standard picture to navigate the path forwards; · Sustainability Cluster and Capacity not just one piece of the puzzle . Building initiatives · National Parks Triple Bottom Line EarthCheck incorporates a suite of Reporting Tool planning, design and operational · Product Lifecycle Analysis standards that can help communities · Risk Management of interest better manage the effects of climate change, and produce the desired sustainability results.The planet deserves more than half measures
  6. 6. Defining the MarketBest business practice and sustainability robust, according to the principles of thego hand in hand. One focuses on United Nations Agenda 21;productivity, profitability and market No other has the development pedigreeshare; the other, resource efficiency, of EC3 Global, borne from the mosteliminating waste and safeguarding innovative and comprehensive collectionthe environment. of research into sustainable tourism;They are two sides of the same coin. No other has a multi-lingual team ofAlongside this harmony runs a world professionals dedicated to providingof accountability and scrutiny. Take any customer’s green credentials; what do With the right system of benchmarkingthey really mean? How good is good? and certification, sustainability is notHow does best practice get to be the the unwieldy, ambiguous subject itbest? And wherever an organisation is can appear to be. On the contrary,on its path to sustainability, how will it sustainability can be embraced byknow where it is going, unless it knows everyone, every day. From big businesswhere it’s been? to small enterprise, the simplest ofIt’s simple. You benchmark; the present initiatives can be woven systematicallyversus the past, this initiative versus that, into daily processes. The benefitsyour result versus theirs. become tangible and can be felt by customers and employees, as well asEffective benchmarking delivers clarity seen in the triple bottom line.and injects confidence. For more than adecade, EarthCheck science has provided We owe it to our communities, to ourthe only comprehensive, international world and to tomorrow’s generation tostandard for tourism sustainability. It be accountable for what we do. Withdefines certification and accreditation EarthCheck providing the one authenticschemes the world-over. In fact, more standard of comparable benchmarkingtravel and tourism organisations in and certification, all tourism businessesover 60 countries choose EarthCheck to can be on the same page with clarity onguide their sustainability initiatives and their achievements and with a sharedlegitimise their carbon claims than any sense of honesty about the impact ofother system. their operations.Why? Because quite simply, no other Keeping honest in today’s world has gotsystem comes close. to be a good thing.No other is internationally proven andaccepted as the most scientifically P.5
  7. 7. Knowledge and Innovation We specialise in environmental Our off-the-shelf and custom solutions benchmarking, certification and are used by communities, schools, management solutions. It’s our core Governments, business clusters, business. We’ve lived it and breathed it manufacturers and architects across the for two decades and counting. world. They’re comprehensive, facilitate internal capacity building, preserve EarthCheck connects with our clients independence and enable businesses each and every day. The software to proactively tackle the challenges of undergoes a continuous schedule of climate change. upgrades and verification, ensuring it remains abreast of advances in These are just a few of the many technology, legislation and consumer reasons that EarthCheck is the market demands. leader. Our unrivalled attention to the needs of our We’re the leading “We’re the only company able clients allows source for environmental to provide benchmarking data us to act as a certification spanning more than a decade.” transparent andin trusted partner in the travel business. We provide strategic services and tourism industry and are the only that leverage our knowledge across company able to provide benchmarking their asset base and infrastructure data spanning more than a decade. to provide innovative sustainability Our products have won government solutions. awards and assisted clients in all No matter the size, location or four corners of the world. Our people environment within which you operate, understand the challenges that EarthCheck is the most relevant and each market faces and can structure cost efficient tool for you. solutions to meet individual needs.The planet deserves more than half measures
  8. 8. Market LeadersThere is no substitute for a background EarthCheck continues to evolve andforged in science and a proven ability incorporate advances in both scientificto deliver. benchmarking and sustainability performance criteria. We’ve completedThe idea behind EarthCheck was over 20,000 benchmarks, thousandsconceived in 1992. That’s when 178 of on-site audits, and certified clientsHeads of State endorsed Agenda 21 at in more than 60 countries. Just as wethe Rio Earth Summit, regarding the demand continual improvement ofprinciples for Sustainable Development. our clients, so too do we continuouslyEarthCheck provides a framework challenge ourselves to improve.within which organisations can achieve Our clients count on us to keep abreastthe desired outcomes for sustainable of changes that will impact on howtourism. This is set out in the final they go about business and share ourreport of the World Summit for knowledge with them openly and withSustainable Development held in integrity. Many have been with us sinceJohannesburg in 2002. our earliest days of operation and ourOur program complies with the success is a mirror image of theirs.Mohonk Agreement, which outlines Our vast network includes many ofthe guidelines and principles for an the world’s largest travel and tourismInternational Sustainable Tourism companies and we service them in moreCertification Program. In fact, our than half a dozen languages.standards are considered market leading. PLAN GRUPO P.7
  9. 9. Partnership and Trust EarthCheck was founded on credible research teams in some of the world’s science, independent third party leading universities. In a time when verification and long term partnerships the fundamental rules of the playing with key stakeholders in the industry. field change, it’s good to know there’s someone you can turn to for credible Our approach is not one-off sales. advice. EarthCheck helps improve your We understand that lasting business triple bottom line results, manage risk, relationships only occur when you deliver and positions your brand competitively exemplary levels of customer service, in the environmental marketplace. technical robustness of product and relevance for the market. Call us to discuss your company’s requirements. We’ll show you how. Keeping in-step with changes to science and technology, we regularly upgrade our software with the assistance of academicThe planet deserves more than half measures
  10. 10. This EarthCheck document has been produced using Impactclimate paper, which is carbon neutral and produced from 100%recycled fibre. It is manufactured without chlorine bleaching andhas a high whiteness due to a special converting process developedfor secondary fibre.Our printer, Kudos Colour, uses only soy-based inks. Soy ink is ahelpful component in paper recycling, as it can be removed moreeasily from regular ink from paper during the de-inking process ofrecycling. The waste that is left from the soy is not hazardous andcan be easily treated through modern waste treatment processes.Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gasses from inkduring the printing process. This is typically 15-255 using regularmineral-oil-based inks and the lithographic printing process. Thesoy based inks and printing process used by Kudos reduces VOCemissions to under 3%. This level is considered to be lower thanthat likely to have any impact on the environment.Kudos Printing recycles all paper waste, aluminium printing plates(which are processed using recycled water) empty plastic inkcartridges and wash solvents.
  11. 11. EarthCheck Pty Ltd PO Box 12149 George StreetQueensland 4003. Australia The planet deserves more than half measures T: +61 7 3238 1900 W: