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Sailing, Yacht Charter and Private Cruises in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago.

More info on http://www.burmaboating.com

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Burma Boating Brochure

  1. 1. Burma Sailing Holidays in 5-Night Luxury Adventure in the Mergui Archipelago Private Cruises Group Tours
  2. 2. www.BurmaBoating.com Freepier Ltd. 9B, Amtel Building 148 Des Voeux Road Central Central, Hong Kong Website: www.burmaboating.com Email: info@burmaboating.com Phone: +66 2 1070 445 Skype: BurmaBoating Image copyrights: Corinna Bremer, Grischa Rüschendorf
  3. 3. BURMA BOATING CONTENTS CONTENTS What We Do ................................................................................................................. 4 The Yacht ..................................................................................................................... 5 The Mergui Archipelago ............................................................................................... 8 Nature and Activities .................................................................................................. 10 Itinerary ....................................................................................................................... 12 Getting There ............................................................................................................. 13 Yacht Charter ............................................................................................................. 14 SY Meta IV 3
  4. 4. BURMA BOATING WHAT WE DO Sailing to Lonely Islands... Expect white sand, crystal clear waters and unspoilt nature - all for yourself At Burma Boating, we organise sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar) We have a classic wooden, twomaster sailing yacht with an experienced crew to take care of your every desire. You can do the sailing yourself or we can do it for you. Chill out on empty beaches, drink in hand. Or perhaps you prefer racing with the dolphins? It’s your choice. 4 And it’s easy with Burma Boating. We are a group of passionate sailors who were spellbound when we first sailed into Myanmar’s perfect waters. We discovered endless horizons, pristine islands, and freespirited people. Right there and then, we decided to share these wonders.
  5. 5. BURMA BOATING THE YACHT Welcome on Board A classic yacht, an unforgettable experience Our yacht, Meta IV, was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gifted the vessel her beautiful shape and robust hull. She is made entirely of Thai teak, one of the best woods for building classic boats. Meta IV was constructed in 1998 as a private yacht for a Swiss businessman who made his fortune in hotels. In 2010 the Austrian skipper Herbert Mayrhauser found her at a pier in Phuket and immediately fell in love. After two years of intensive restoration work and refitting, Meta IV began her new life as a luxury charter vessel in the fall of 2012. Meta IV measures 85 feet in length or 25 meters. That's even longer than the Santa Maria, the boat that Christopher Columbus sailed into history when he discovered the Americas. In fact, with all her space, 5 you could almost forget you were holidaying on a yacht. The sheer size, and the facilities on board, make for a holiday getaway that your family or friends won‘t forget. It's your trip of a lifetime. And the crew of Meta IV will do everything possible to make it an amazing experience. Man the wheel, navigate the waters, or simply relax and snooze in the sun. The decision is yours.
  6. 6. BURMA BOATING THE YACHT Cabins and Quarters 1-Anchor Locker 2-Head/Shower 3Crew Quarters 4-Double Stateroom 5Dining Area 6-Galley 7-Workshop & Sail Loft 8-Triple Stateroom 9-Lazaret Meta IV has four guest cabins, each fully air conditioned with ensuite bathrooms and electric toilets. Two of the cabins boast queen-size beds, while the other two feature twin beds. And behind the cockpit there is the triple stateroom. The entire aft of the boat is shaded and fitted with multiple dining spaces and sunbathing areas. The boat‘s centre 6 is dominated by the generous galley and saloon dining area. But chances are that you'll be enjoying most of your meals outside in the sun or in Myanmar's mild evenings.
  7. 7. BURMA BOATING THE YACHT Crew and Specifications Herbert was born in Austria and is Meta IV's captain. He has been working as a professional skipper for more than 30 years in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and South East Asia. During this time he has logged over 300,000 nautical miles. Koon is the ray of sunshine on board Meta IV and is in charge of guest services. She'll bring cocktails to your hammock and is also an excellent chef, specialising in European and South East Asian cuisine. Be warned: you will probably gain a kilo or two during your holiday.  Equipment - RIB dinghy boat with 30 HP Yamaha outboard engine - Hydraulic steering Wagner T-13-35 - Electric anchor windlass - Life jackets - Radar - GPS chart plotter - Wind instruments - Depth sounder - Autopilot - VHF radio - Stereo - TV flat screen - Water maker Aquatechnology 200 litres per hour - Dishwasher - BBQ Technical Specifications - Rig: Bermuda - Type: Ketch - Design: Thomas Colvin, USA - Year built: 1998 - LOA: 25.30m / 85 feet - Draft: 2.83m - Beam: 5.7m - Displacement: 65t - Engine: 15.7 Litre Cummins N-855-M 195 KW - Generator: Kohler 7 KW - Electricity: 12V / 24V / 220V - Total sail area: 317 sqm Won is a native Thai who has been working as a professional sailor for the past 5 years. In 2010 he joined Meta IV. He loves the oceans, everything about boating, and you are most likely to see him with a rope in his hand. 7
  8. 8. BURMA BOATING SAILING AREA 800 Islands, Just For You somewhat less elusive. If you are interested, we can take you to Moken villages where you will be able to enjoy Moken food, buy fresh cuttlefish, and watch men building dugout canoes the way they have been made for tens of thousands of years. Myanmar is home to more than 100 ethnicities from the SinoTibetan, Tai, Virtually unknown to the outside foreigners in the late 1990s. With world, the Mergui Archipelago is and Austroasiatic ethnolinguistic three of the 800 islands sparsely located in Myanmar's (Burma's) groups and you will see an array of populated and only a few dozen remote south and is a group of 800 visitors to the entire area each month, starkly differing features amongst the deserted islands that lie at the people you’ll meet. the Mergui Archipelago remains one heart of our sailing area. of the planet’s most unspoilt Sailing Conditions Think white beaches lined with destinations. Under full sails, keeling over, the palm trees and dense jungle. Think wind and sun in your face, salt on Meet the Sea Gypsies swimming in azure waters amongst your lips, and no land in sight. The traditional inhabitants of the colourful reef fish, spotting corals, Or, a leisurely cruise to the next Mergui Archipelago are the Moken, a and collecting one-of-a-kind beach, feet up on the helm, drink to people who live off, and on, the sea. seashells. Now, picture eagles Sometimes called "sea gypsies", this hand, and watching the dolphins soar circling above, gibbons and monitor and dive. ethnic minority group leads a lizards eyeing you from the thickets, Whether you’re an experienced traditional, semi-nomadic lifestyle, while a sundowner is being mixed for dominated by diving for sea sailor, or are on board a ship for the you on board the yacht.  first time, you will love Myanmar’s cucumbers, fishing and bartering. And best of all: You have this Mergui Archipelago, an area so Until the recent changes in entire experience to yourself. You can Myanmar’s government, the versatile and boundless that you can sail for days on end and meet not a relationship between the Moken and beach hop for weeks on end or go on soul but the odd fisherman in a the central authorities was marked by multi-day blue-water passages. Or dugout canoe. both, of course. The Mergui tensions. Just across from the Thai border, Archipelago lies in tropical waters Recently, however, things have the archipelago only opened to started to improve and the Moken are and temperatures are consistently 8
  9. 9. BURMA BOATING SAILING AREA warm and pleasant, with average highs ranging between 28-33°C (84-92°F) and average lows between 20-24°C (69-76°F). Sailing is possible throughout the While some areas of the archipelago have not been entirely charted and explored, the region provides safe sailing, with few underwater obstacles or dangerous reefs. year but there are major differences between the seasons. The best time for sailing in the Mergui is between November and July. Conditions during December to February are perfect, with warm, sunny weather, a steady 20 knots of wind, and calm seas. March and April have less wind, which is why they are the best time for diving and snorkelling with clear waters. From May to July there are strong, onshore winds and a larger swell. There are occasional hurricanes in the Mergui from May to June, and again from October to December. The rainy season is from July to November. Even when winds are strong and swells are sizeable, the numerous large islands provide hundreds of protected anchorages for any season, as well as “hurricane holes” for stormy days. The entire island group is replete with good and safe anchorages in sandy or muddy grounds. And in case we encounter a day without wind, there is much to explore in the water and on land to keep us busy. Plus, the yacht’s engine runs up to 8 knots ... Beyond Mergui Of course, there is more to explore in the area than the Mergui Archipelago alone. The island group belongs to Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region, the country’s southernmost province. Its coastline provides endless vistas and sites for you to explore, whether for an afternoon or for several 9 days. The towns of Kawthaung and Myeik are the southern and northern gateways to the island group, respectively. If you enter Myanmar from Thailand, you will have time to walk around sleepy Kawthaung with its Buddhist temples, colonialera back streets and bustling markets, while we handle Myanmar immigration procedures for you. The Mergui Archipelago is located along the northern end of the Malay Peninsula and in the part of the Indian Ocean that is known as the Andaman Sea – in itself an immensely diverse region ranging from India to Myanmar, and from Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore and Indonesia. The opportunities are endless and we are happy to take you as far as you want to go.  Mergui Archipelago Myanmar Thailand
  10. 10. BURMA BOATING NATURE AND ACTIVITIES A Tropical Paradise Explore tropical forests, hike through valleys and up hills, walk along kilometers of beach with the only foot prints those behind you, kayak through enchanted mangroves, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, and go fishing: you’ve got it all. The Mergui Archipelago is teeming with wildlife. On Land Due to government neglect and the region’s long isolation, its 800 plus islands have remained virtually untouched. They are mostly composed of limestone and granite, and vary in size from tiny to islands larger than Singapore. Most of them (we have yet to find one that isn’t) are covered in thick jungle growth, which drops into azure waters, interrupted only by beaches, rocky headlands, tidal rivers, and mangrove forests. Lampi, the largest of the islands, is part national park and home to some of the planet’s oldest mangrove forests. Animals on the islands include gibbons, pythons, civet cats, huge monitor lizards and the rabbitsized mouse deer. Hornbills are a common sight, while kites and whitebellied sea eagles circle above every island as kingfishers dart around eerily quiet mangrove forests. Frigate birds, pacific reef egrets, green imperial pigeons, and emerald doves are just some of the birds native to this diverse archipelago. surgeonfish, puffer fish abound, and, with some luck, you can spot the world’s largest fish, the planktoneating whale shark. Further out west, where the continental shelf drops off into the deep sea, a range of underwater mountains called the Burma Banks are a thrilling diving area for the experienced. We provide you with snorkelling equipment, which is available for free. Snorkelling and Diving The whole area is an underwater paradise. Extensive coral reef landscapes provide a home to sea creatures: sea turtles, lionfish, cardinalfish, rays, triggerfish, Fishing Stock up on your food supplies with the best produce possible: fresh fish directly from the sea! Cast for tuna, barracuda, mahi mahi, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel or snapper 10
  11. 11. BURMA BOATING NATURE & ACTIVITIES while sailing or when close to shore. Or go for the truly big guys and try your luck catching marlin and sailfish. Either bring your own rods or just use ours! Most of the local fishing boats in the area catch squid and cuttlefish, and if you want, we can always buy directly from them. UNESCO World Heritage Site? UNESCO examined the Mergui Archipelago as a potential World Heritage Site for its biodiversity, and the organisation‘s report concludes: “While the biodiversity is largely unknown, the intact vegetation on such an array of islands, with associated marine habitats and spectacular geomorphology, is likely to be of high global biodiversity significance. The biodiversity values of this set of forested continental islands, and the limited protection afforded such coastal islands elsewhere in the region, indicates that they are likely to be of global priority and form a potentially important trans-boundary World Heritage inscription.“ Let's hope for the best – but also: Be there before the area becomes too famous! In the last two years, Myanmar (or Burma) has undergone tremendous changes. Few countries are making greater headlines these days than Myanmar. Until recently one of the world’s most isolated nations, under an Orwellian military dictatorship, the country’s leadership has suddenly – and to everybody’s surprise – decided to open up to the West, to liberalise its political system, move towards more pluralism, and to invite in foreign investment. These days, the world leaders of politics and business are queuing up to talk to the country’s decision makers, or to gain an early foothold in an untapped market of almost 50 million people. Most armed conflicts between the central government’s army and various ethnic groups that formerly ravaged the country have stopped and Myanmar is now witnessing a degree of peace and stability it hasn’t experienced in decades. Myanmar is still a very poor nation after decades of mismanagement, sanctions and stagnation. But what was once the richest economy in South East Asia – with still vast natural resources – looks like it might be on its way back to former glory. Tourism is certainly flourishing and never have so many foreigners visited the former British colony as these days. We are aiming to play our part towards opening up this wonderful country by carefully making accessible one of the regions that has so far been almost totally neglected. 11
  12. 12. BURMA BOATING ITINERARY Five Nights in Heaven Day 2 Early the next morning we will arrive at Lampi Island, the largest in the region. We will brunch on board and visit a village of Moken sea nomads. This is one of the highlights of our tour and we‘ll most likely spend a few hours here to play with the children, who take us by the hand and show us their little village school and the mangrove forest. Later we buy some squid from the fishermen for dinner before (c) Google Maps Already traveling in Myanmar? Spent a week or two visiting temples and villages? Myanmar is a beautiful adventure in itself, but the holiday truly comes into its own when you can spend time at the end of your travels relaxing and enjoying the empty beaches – not to mention your own personal yacht. Day 1 We'll meet you at the airport in Kawthaung (Myanmar) or in Ranong on the Thai side of the border and you'll be on board in no time. Relax on deck with a welcome drink while we glide toward the Mergui! As soon as we leave the busy river behind us, we‘ll be alone with the wild and beautiful nature of the Mergui. At the end of the day we‘ll sit on the beach of Hasting Island, drink cocktails and gaze at the stars. There‘s not a single light within view. We can hear the monkeys shout and play in the jungle. Day 4 We pick up the east winds and speed towards the Mid Group. We could spend a whole week exploring its small islands, hidden coves and beaches, so we choose the prettiest: Frost and Potter Islands, famous for their spectacular huge fig trees, right beside the beach. Day 5 We spend most of the day on the water, only stopping for a dip in the open ocean! Some get busy sailing, others lie on deck and watch the dolphins jump. It‘s our last evening and in the afternoon we head towards Zadetkyi Island, where we find a gorgeous bay. One more time we barbecue at the beach. It won‘t be easy to leave! Day 6 We set sail in the early morning, back towards Kawthaung. We arrive by noon, just in time for our connecting flights. We‘re sure we‘ll see you again! sailing northwest to the gorgeous Clara Island. The water is exceptionally clear here! Day 3 It’s a beautiful cruise to Pila Island and we will try our luck fishing for tuna. Once there, we barbecue on the long, long beach and go for a jungle walk along a little creek. Before a relaxed sundowner, we cool down by snorkelling in the azure water. 800 islands and each one is a paradise! 12
  13. 13. BURMA BOATING GETTING THERE A Well-Connected Paradise 45m from Myeik 1h 20m from Yangon Kawthaung 1h 30m from Bangkok Ranong 4h from Phuket All our regular 5-day trips depart in Kawthaung in Myanmar’s south, just across the border from Thailand. Flying to Ranong There are daily flights from Bangkok to Ranong by Nok Air and Happy Air. Ranong Airport is well served by local taxi drivers but we can also pick you up, of course. across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung on the Burmese side, which takes just a few minutes. We will help you with the immigration procedures before boarding the yacht. Arriving via Phuket Another option is to fly to Phuket International Airport, a convenient and well-connected hub. From there, it’s a scenic 4-hour car ride to Ranong, the Thai border town. We’d be more than happy to help you organise transportation or even meet you at the airport. Once you are in Ranong, we will take a longtail boat Flying to Kawthaung If you are arriving from within Myanmar, you can fly directly to Kawthaung Airport, which is connected to various domestic airports with flights by Air Mandalay and Myanma Airways. Here, too, we are happy to assist you and help you get organised. 13
  14. 14. BURMA BOATING YACHT CHARTER Yacht Charter: Planning a Private Cruise Looking for a group holiday with total flexibility? Charter our yacht Meta IV for up to 10 people and plan your own sailing trip in Myanmar, Thailand or even Malaysia. This option is ideal if you are a sailor and want to skipper the boat yourself, or if you are travelling with a bigger group and want the freedom to plan your own tour. Our sales team will he happy to assist you. We recommend these ports of departure: your journey, especially if you want to combine your yachting holiday with a trip through the country. Kawthaung and the Thai border town of Ranong just across the river - mark the southern entry point into the Mergui Archipelago. There's a domestic airport in Kawthaung. We recommend this as a starting point for all trips ranging from 4 to 7 days. most stunning diving locations in the world with its crystal-clear waters. We recommend this tour if you plan to travel for 7-10 days. Yacht Haven Marina (Thailand) In the north of Phuket, Thailand, Yacht Haven Marina is just 10 minutes away from the international airport, so you'll be able to board your yacht in no time at all. Yacht Haven is the ideal starting point if you want to explore both the natural wonders of Thailand and the adventures of a virtually undiscovered Myanmar. Our yacht will take you to the stunning, rocky cliffs and hidden islands off the Phuket coast. We'll visit famous the Phi Phi Island and, after a few days, continue our tour with an exciting 22hour, day-and-night journey up to Myanmar. Ideal for trips ranging from 10 to 14 days. Kawthaung (Myanmar) Kawthaung is located right on the Chalong Bay (Thailand) Chalong Bay is in the south of Thailand's Phuket Island, about an hour's drive from Phuket airport with its many international connections. southern tip of Myanmar near the Thai border. A golden temple overlooks this bustling little trading town, which makes a great start for Langkawi (Malaysia) Langkawi in the Malaysian state of Kedah is a beautiful area with over a hundred pristine islands and wonderful waters. Start your trip from here if you have plenty of time and want to see a From here, it's a pleasant 22-hour sail great collection of Asia‘s most to the Mergui Archipelago. If you beautiful islands and sailing areas. If want, you can spend your first night you want, we can also start our tours on the Similan Islands, one of the to Thailand and Myanmar from here. 14