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Authentic learning project
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Authentic learning project


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Created by Nicole Ahlberg and Carla Clark …

Created by Nicole Ahlberg and Carla Clark
ELRN 750
November 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Students will learn to create and share ideas through the social networking site (Edmodo). They will use the information they gather and create a concept map to expand on the knowledge gained. Developed by: Nicole Ahlberg and Carla Clark ELRN 750 November 23, 2013
  • 2. RI.5.2: Determine the theme of the story  W.5.6: Use technology to interact and collaborate with others  SL.5.1.a: Students will come to classroom discussions prepared and be able to explore ideas  L.5.1: Demonstrate command of the English grammar and usage in writing or speaking  L.5.2: Demonstrate command of conventions when writing 
  • 3. 2.a: Collaborate and publish with peers  2.b: Communicate ideas effectively  5.a: Safe technology uses  5.b: Produce with a positive attitude 
  • 4. Textbook – Reading Street “Leonardo’s Horse” by Jean Fritz  Computers  Websites:  ◦ ◦
  • 5. Read a main selection in language arts  Post the author’s main idea on  Respond to two other classmates’ posts  Create a concept map using  Post concept map to  Peer review of concept map 
  • 6.  Students: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Read “Leonardo’s Horse” by Jean Fritz Determine main idea of selected reading Post the main idea of the story online Use Assessment: ◦ Assessed based on appropriate response ◦ Completion points via assessment plan
  • 7.  Students: ◦ Post appropriate response to two peers ◦ Use appropriate internet etiquette  Assessment: ◦ Completion points via assessment plan ◦ Teacher checklist/class list
  • 8.  Students: ◦ Create concept map using ◦ Include main idea and three to five supporting details ◦ Post finished Popplet on for peer review  Assessment: ◦ Completion points via assessment plan ◦ Appropriate main idea and supporting details
  • 9. Through this assignment students will learn proper Internet usage. They will practice appropriate use of Internet etiquette which is an important life skill. Students will also learn necessary social networking practices and be able to post ideas appropriately. In addition, students will learn to respond to others in an acceptable manner.
  • 10.   Employees in today’s society are expected to work together collaboratively on a range of projects in a variety of different work settings. In addition, the collaborative work does not necessarily need to be done in person thanks to the advances in technology. This activity allows students to practice collaborating with their peers in an online setting to enhance their writing skills. This will be accomplished as they respond to written posts created by their peers.
  • 11.   Today’s work force is required to possess a basic technological skill set to perform their jobs successfully. It is especially important for employees to understand the appropriate way in which to utilize this technology. Through this activity students will be able to respond to a variety of posts made by their peers in a safe online environment. They will also practice proper etiquette including the proper usage of English language, being respectful to others, and sharing ideas using complete thoughts.
  • 12.   In the last decade the use of social networking as a means of communication has exploded. The vast majority of employers and employees must employ the use of some sort of social media to perform their job responsibilities. The activity the students will be engaging in will allow them to practice using a social networking site in a safe and protected learning environment. Through posting on the Edmodo site students will be given an opportunity to practice these important skills.
  • 13.   Today’s workforce communicates beyond face to face encounters with one another. Employers expect their employees to be able to utilize and have a strong understanding of a variety of communication resources. In this activity students will be expected to practice their written communication skills as they post their main idea topic to the Edmodo class group. They will also be required to assist peers in the editing process of their concept map along with responding to peer posts.
  • 14. Students will be required to share written communication online with their peers. They will also respond appropriately to posts. In addition, a concept map will be created to demonstrate student knowledge of main idea and supporting details. Finally, students will engage in a peer editing exercise.
  • 15. Students will create a concept map using which will demonstrate their understanding of the main idea of the story. Students will also include three to five details that support the main idea of the story.
  • 16.  Teachers ◦ Materials  Reading Street curriculum  Computer  Assessment rubric ◦ Technologies     Computer access Internet access  Students ◦ Materials  Reading Street textbook  Laptop computer ◦ Technologies     Computer access Internet access
  • 17.  Content ◦ Main idea ◦ Conventions ◦ Internet etiquette  Pedagogical Approach ◦ Peer Review  Use electronic tools  Evaluate work of others ◦ Strong Writing Assignments  Ensures comprehension of reading assignment  Demonstrates knowledge of main idea and supporting details
  • 18. 1. 2. 3. 4. Students will be working independently on this activity. Students will read the assigned literature assignment, Leonardo’s Horse on page 360-379 in the Reading Street textbook. After reading the assignment students will post to the website explaining the main idea of the reading selection. Students will respond to at least two other peers commenting on their main idea posting.
  • 19. 4. 5. 6. 7. Students will create a concept map using the website Students will include the main idea of the reading selection with three to five supporting facts. Students will post their to the site to share with their peers. Students will evaluate one other peer’s concept map and respond to it.
  • 20. Constructed Response Main Idea Posting – Peer Response – 30/30 Concept Map Creation – 30/30 20/20 Peer Review – 5/5 Free of Errors 5/5 Appropriate Internet Etiquette Total 10/10 100/100