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  • 1. Students rehearse shows opening song "Tradition"They rehearse Monday thru Friday from 7-10 PM
  • 2. Director, Pamyla Steihl, isconstantly on the move.She never stops to take abreak as she helps each castmember perfect their role
  • 3. Student playing the "fiddler" stays abovethe audience during the performance,creating a rooftop effect
  • 4. Students can work on homework,run lines, or take time to relaxwhen others are rehearsing ascene they are not in.
  • 5. Director Steihl passionatelyacts out how a scene shouldbe performed. It is amazinghow her contagious energydrives the actors to geartowards excellence.
  • 6. The raw talent of these DUperformers is truly breathtaking;the emotions are real andcaptivating.
  • 7. Actors will repeat the samedance step over and overuntil they have mastered it.
  • 8. During the song"Tradition" , thegroup of maleswho play the fathersrehearse theirgroupsindividual partin the song.
  • 9. One of the mothers sings her linesin the song "Tradition". Over and overthe same verse is practiced. It isincredible to see these performersdetermination to perfect eachelement of a song.
  • 10. In the same song, choreography variesdepending on a performers role; whenperformed together it creates awonderful performance.
  • 11. Students follow along this actressas she leads them through eachstep of the choreography, notonly does she learn hermoves as a mother butlearns each studentsmoves so she can helpthem learn their dances.
  • 12. The "daughters" pretend tobe carrying a baby. They are actingout a part in the song where theyimagine becoming mothers one dayafter their wedding day.
  • 13. As they rehearse, studentsmention how they would likefor more DU students toattend their show and seethe outcome of all of theirhard work.
  • 14. Music sheets for the song "Tradition".Students must be able to read musicto understand what notes to hit andwhat pauses to take in a song.
  • 15. Rehearsal is held at the Byrontheatre. The Byron theatre is aflexible theatre that can bechanged into different setups.The performance will also be held here, at the Byron.
  • 16. Fiddler on the Roofis one of many incredibleperformances that is puton at the Newman Center.
  • 17. One of the most beautifulbuildings on campus. TheNewman Center is home tomany incredibly talented DUstudents. It showcasesamazing talent and more DUstudents should make an effortto attend.