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For ADV 492 New Media Drivers License

For ADV 492 New Media Drivers License



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West System Epoxy West System Epoxy Presentation Transcript

  • West System Epoxy Online Strategy Proposal
      Katelyn Nichols – New Media Drivers License
  • What is West System epoxy?
      West System epoxy is a versatile, 2-part, marine-grade epoxy that bonds and coats fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics and other composite materials to provide superior strength and moisture resistance.
      Their epoxy can be used on canoes, kayaks, iceboats, kitchen counters, fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, wooden boats, aircraft, household repairs, hockey sticks, wind turbine blades, and much, much more.
  • West System's epoxy has even been used in the many repairs to the original ceramic Sparty statue that was replaced in 2005 with the more Michigan weather resistant bronze.
  • , Current Online Social Media Used Currently, West System Epoxy has a Facebook page with 267 followers, a Twitter account with167 followers, dozens of instructional videos, both on YouTube and their website. Their website also contains a blog, how to use guides and videos, a link to their epoxy magazine online, and a project page that contains an extremely wide variety of projects (boat repair, boat building, land & air, etc) that include very detailed project descriptions. All of this is due in part to their fantastic web site designers, ingenex digital marketing.
  • Goals
        • Continue to build off of already solid social media base
        • Connect more on Twitter and Facebook and connect to other bloggers and try to gain more website traffic and increase search engine optimization
        • Use Google AdWords to create more site traffic and sales
  • Challenges
      • Hard to create buzz about an epoxy because it isn't a highly commercialized or glamorized product and it is evaluted solely on performance and reputation
      • Because it is sold in international markets, ad's would need to be translated into a wide variety of languages, and you have to make sure messages stay the same throughout the translation process
  • Strengths
    • Employee run business, started by two brothers who built and tested boats
    • Known to be one of the best marine-use epoxies on the market
    • Designed for boatbuilding and repair by experienced builders and formulators who know the engineering and the chemistry required for today's high-performance composite structures
  • s Evaluating Success Google AdWords conversion tracking will be used to see how much traffic the ad's are generating and what websites the users are coming from. Higher numbers of followers on Facebook and Twitter can be seen directly on the sites and the amount of traffic and comments on the company's blog can also be directly seen on the website
  • Budget Since the only advertisement being used is Google AdWords, the budget will be determined by how many clicks are performed and how many hours company employees spend developing social media.
  • Timeline West System's epoxy is used around the world and consequently is used year round. In the Northern parts of America, people go ice boating in the winter and thus epoxy is used on boats, the company's specialty and the epoxy's original use, year round in their home market as well. More emphasis should be put on advertising before the peak summer/spring season when people are most likely to notice any needed repairs before putting their boats back in the water.