IsobarCreate32 SF Opening / Kickoff
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IsobarCreate32 SF Opening / Kickoff



This file is the opening / kick-off to IsobarCreate32 in San Francisco on November 30th & December 1st at APPNATION III. ...

This file is the opening / kick-off to IsobarCreate32 in San Francisco on November 30th & December 1st at APPNATION III.

Couple of folks asked me for it, so here it is with my presenter notes (and lots of spelling errors).

This file is pretty specific to the rules and judging for IsobarCreate hackathons with a bit of NFC background / POV from a talk I gave a couple of weeks ago in NYC.

To all who came, participated and supported, thank you again!



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    IsobarCreate32 SF Opening / Kickoff IsobarCreate32 SF Opening / Kickoff Presentation Transcript

    • IsobarCreate: 32 appnation II I san f rancis co nov 1 - dec 30, 20 11
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 2welcome and thank you for coming.we appreciate the time.let’s have some fun.
    • HI MICHAEL FROM ISOBARisobar is a global agency with over 3,000 people across 30 plus countriesgoogle us and you’ll see what we do - cranes, lasers, training products, hotel parties, etcwe believe in “creatives & creators”
    • ISOBARCREATE ACCELERATOR FORMATisobar create is our accelerator or “hackathon” format.for us it’s not a stunt, it’s an extension of what we do everyday.and it’s at the core of what we believe.“bringing people and brands together like never before”
    • WHY? IMPORTANTwhy is it important to create and have hackathons?
    • Title Line One Secondary title line stretch 6provides opportunity to use different opportunity to stretch and extend ideas.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line fail 7it’s a very safe place to fail.your day job probably doesn’t reward you for this...we are looking for some glorious failures.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line fail like never before 8that’s when we can transcend the everyday...and just maybe, maybe change everything.
    • REAL IMPORTANTfor our work, making real things is important.
    • 10making things real is the key to generating understanding of your idea...this is why rapid prototyping is so important.tell someone and they may understand your idea, show them part of your idea and their brain fills in the possibilitiesfor it.
    • ISOBARCREATE48 BOSTONisobar create48 nfc hackathon in boston during futureM with google &’s a quick recap of what went down...
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 12 Source:
    • ISOBARCREATE32 SAN FRANCISCOhere we go again
    • fail why nfc? 14why nfc again?we were going to do something else... but still don’t see a lot of consumer-centric nfc innovation.we think it’s a very important space... with massive potential.
    • TANGIBLE DESIGN INTANGIBLE DESIGNwhat makes nfc so important?it marks a return to tangible design - what do i mean by that?digital obliterates form.for the past 30 yrs we have been moving away from tangible design in the name of efficiency... and that’s the root ofa lot of consumer tension.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line no directions needed 16tangible design - easily understood - purpose is need for a code here.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 17the desktop metaphor at the core of the digital revolution is not tangible.requires taxonomies on top of taxonomies be learned.
    • Title Line OneSecondary title line fighting our way back ever since18
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 19jeff han made us all understand multi touch...and mr jobs brought it to us
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 20and... TANGIBLE DESIGN is why less than 10% of americans have ever scanned one of these...even once!qr codes are intangible design... and i think tangible design technology, like nfc, will wipe out hope for massconsumer adoption of qr codes w/in the next 24 months
    • NFC THE RETURN OF TANGIBLE DESIGNthe technology is here...we are very close to a huge return to tangible design.
    • Title Line One computer / machine Secondary title line vision near field communication 2 tangible design technologies 22IMO - a two separate technologies will drive this in the near term...(and obliterate the need for qrcodes in the next 24 months)
    • WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GETforget what they are called. what’s important is what they vision - WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.nfc - WHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GET.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 25you have probably seen it in google goggles.the machine knows what you are looking at (even if you don’t).would you ever scan a code if you could just do this? nope.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 26 Source: have been working on this a lot at isobar for a variety of projects.its has other uses at retail vision is more effective & versatile than any bar code & cheaper than any radio tag
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 28it took 45 kids in a room to tell how stupid we were...NFC is not just about commerce... it’s’s kinda funny how excited being stupid made us and how it made us rethink a lot of things... like....
    • RETHINK NOWrethink now
    • 30people say there are no nfc phones...these stickers are currently less than a dollar.imagine stickers from brands that work with their app.don’t wait for phones, turn the technology inside out - embed readers & use branded tags!
    • RETHINK GAMINGrethink gaming
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 32 Source: birds and fruit ninja from rovio have nfc level up now.unlock it through NFC tags in outdoor posters...or pay levels forward with consumers.gaming might be one of the biggest areas of untapped nfc potential.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 34 Source: you touch is what you get...touch something with music, get music - n9 nfc “touch” pairing to headset.instant media access from just touching...this could be huge for out of home transit, etc.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 36 Source: NFC key.Benefit of BMW Ownership outside the car - Membership has it’s privileges.huge brand loyalty potential.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line 38everyone wants to skip checkout - no more linesand everyone wants to get around cc companies - merchants, consumers even wallet with prepaid option is just begining - iphone5 with itunes NFC coming soon.
    • nfc + = total footprint 40boarding passes, transit cards, taxi payment, fuel payment...combined with your adidas micoach / pedometer can provide a very broad & deep picture of your life...radical transparency has the ability to change consumer behavior.
    • Title Line One Secondary title line personal data & vanity metrics are seamlessly captured delivering a new level of transparency 42it’s not the communication between devices that is going to change’s the collection of these desperate data sets together for the first time unlocking new possibilities & understanding.
    • OK WHY 32?this isobar create is 32 hours.... why?it needed to be during the week because of APPNATION III...during the week you need flex time... but have enough time to do something that could change everything.
    • DO WHAT YOU NEED TO TO MAKE SOMETHING GREATdo what you need to...
    • BUT FLEX WORK IN SHIFTSbut there are no points for staying in your seat the whole time...
    • get some sleep 46i say this every-time...
    • END 12.1 03:29:59:9code lock is tomorrow...and we will go directly into judges presentations.
    • paula samir nick jason nfc  world nokia google founders  den yoon damien michael samsung ebay-­‐paypal isobar49
    • • business / brand impact - (e.g., does it improve sales, effect attitudes toward business, etc.?) • consumer impact - (e.g., how will it fundamentally change the way consumers think / behave?) • commercial viability - (e.g., why do you think it has the opportunity to succeed and be profitable?) • “like never before” factor - (e.g., is it something completely new that will have a dramatic impact?)51
    • • 5 minute presentation to the judges - slides and someone explaining • screen shots and grabs - stills and/or video • live emulation - be prepared to show live proof of concept • answers - to the 4 judging criteria • stamina - to stick around after the judging to see if you won53
    • WINNERS 12.1 05:45:00
    • • 1st nfc-enabled mobile handsets &1st Place IsobarCreate trophy • 2nd $250 gift cards & 2nd Place IsobarCreate trophy • 3rd $150 gift cards & 3rd Place IsobarCreate trophy56
    • yuval zukerman isobar mobile michael nicholas isobar 58going to hands over to yuval from isobar mobile.he will take you, in-depth, through the dev environment, tools, tags, handsets, readers, etc you have available to youover next 32 hours.
    • BRINGING PEOPLE AND BRANDS TOGETHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE @isob ar isobar.c om mi ch ael. nichola s@isobar.c omthanks again for coming!good luck!