Wild Horses Film Project (Womensphere); Launch Event Sept 1


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Wild Horses Film Project (Womensphere); Launch Event Sept 1

  1. 1. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Overview L.I.V.E. World Productions’ special documentary “The Wild Horses” aims to explore and document the world and conservation of the wild horses that inhabit the Eastern Barrier Islands of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina. We will provide a unique window into the wild horses’ way of life, and the care and conservation efforts that sustain them. We will also explore the historical origin, legends, and myths surrounding these majestic horses, whose stories are part of the history of America’s first settlers. On Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland, the film will provide a window into these wild horses’ way of life, including how they survive a winter, and what impact they have on their adopted environment. We will also explore the mystery and legends of how they came to live on Assateague. In Virginia, the Chincoteague Fire Department, along with the “Salt Water Cowboys,” will take us on a journey from the birth of a new season of foal - to the famous annual “pony crossing” of the Assateague Channel in July – to the pony penning auction and carnival in Chincoteague. On Cumberland Island in Georgia, we will document how the wild horses live amongst ruins from the18th and 19th Century, including the Dungeness ruins built by Thomas Carnegie in 1884. In North Carolina, on Shackleford Island, we will show the horses’ unique and rich historical relationship with the people who know and care for them, including early American settlers like Sir Walter Raleigh. Our Goals  To share unique knowledge about the lives, history, human relationships, and conservation efforts around the wild horses of the Eastern Barrier Islands of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina.  To show the horses “in the wild” and document their relationship with nature and with people.  To explore the horses’ history and mythology as part of the histories of these states and of the country.
  2. 2. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Themes & Outline INTRODUCTION Interview Plan for Film  Exploring Origins: How did they get there?  About The Present: How do the survive? Assateague, Maryland  Envisioning Tomorrow: What is their future? • Park Rangers  Impact: What is their impact on the environment? • Immunocontraceptive Ranger ACT I • Dr. Gianno Hayes, Author, • Beginning of life: Showing the birth of a foal Chincoteague and Assateague Islands • History of the Eastern Barrier Islands • Dr Keiper, Author, The Assateague Ponies – Colonial times – The myth of the horses and legends of origin – Wild horses genetics Chincoteague, Virginia – Hurricanes & weather that changed the islands • Chincoteague Fire Department Chief ACT II • Water Cowboys with good stories • Horses in the wild: Exploring and showing horses in their • Horse Veterinarian habitat, including eating habits, mating, their relationships • Chincoteague historian with people, and their adaptation to changes in the • People who have bought a horse at auction environment • People planning to buy a horse at auction • Environmental and economic concerns – Population control – Over grazing of island habitat Shackleford Banks, North Carolina • Pony crossing and pony penning: The wild horses are rounded up • Historian • Saltwater Cowboys • Park Rangers – Who they are • Dr. Rubenstein, Princeton University, – Stories of past penning Horse Behavior Specialist – Stories from past owners • Friends of Shackleford Banks • The annual horse crossing of Assateague • Author, Spanish Galleon • Auctioning wild horses for conservation ACT III Cumberland, Georgia • A kid gets a new horse • Historian • Recap the current status of wild horses across all islands • Park Rangers • Recap reflections on their future and survival 2
  3. 3. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Production Schedule Date Location Interview Plan April Princeton, NJ Interview with Dr. Dan Rubenstein Horse Social Behavior Specialist at Princeton University May 2-4 Assateague Island We will follow Dr. Ron Keiper a National Seashore, Horse Behavior specialist, as he Maryland shows us how the horses live, eat, their social behaviors, the herd hierarchy, and various aspects of wild horses’ lives. June Shackelford Banks, Carolyn Mason, President of the 3 Days North Carolina Friends of Shackleford Banks, will discus her landmark paper on the historical origins of the Banker horses as well as how her organization helps these horses survive and maintain a healthy population. July Chincoteague This is the famous Annual 5 Days National Wildlife Refuge, Wild Pony penning. A 2 camera Virginia film shoot will capture the penning, the crossing, the auction, the cross back over, and interviews with the saltwater cowboys, the auctioneer, the Pony Commissioner, and participants in the whole process. August Cumberland Island Park rangers and the local 3 Days Georgia historian will be interviewed. September – Post – Production / Editing October ﴾New York City﴿ November Launch the Documentary via Screenings & DVD ﴾New York City﴿ 3
  4. 4. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Sponsorship Benefits Company or Organization Representatives as SPEAKER at Film Screenings and University Branding & Recognition on Website, Blog, Screenings Across America Online Media & Social Media Campaigns Recognition as Sponsor of the Documentary Branding & Recognition on Emails and in Film Screenings, DVD, and Online Video Newsletter Campaigns Invitation to Exclusive VIP Networking Events Recognition on Nationwide With Fellow Sponsors PR Releases & Press Interviews Recognition as Sponsor of the Documentary Integration of Company Logo & Brand During Screenings at National and in event VIDEO and PHOTO coverage International Conferences and Film Festivals Opportunity to Showcase Company or Organization Branding During Film Screenings Banner Ads on Womensphere and L.I.V.E. and University Screenings Across America World Productions’ Newsletters, Website Audience: Reach & Impressions • Our Community reach: ~7,000 women leaders & professionals • Our Community Partners’ added reach: ~20,000 leaders & professionals across industries • Our Campus Reach: Partnerships with students organizations in 75 leading universities around the world • Event attendees at our Global Summits: • ~ 900-1000+ participants for each Global Summits • ~ 2700-3000+ participants in all three Global Summits • ~ 2000+ annual participants in Womensphere Institute forums • Projected total branding impressions for Partners from Womensphere platforms, web, blog, online media, social media, and PR campaigns for each Global Summit: Estimated 1 million impressions over a period of 1 year. 4
  6. 6. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Documentary will feature experts such as… Dr. Daniel I. Rubenstein Princeton University Chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Director, Program in African Studies Professor of Zoology Daniel Rubenstein is a leading expert in the fields of animal behavior, evolutionary ecology and sociobiology, with particular interest in equid behavior and conservation. He studies how environmental variation and individual differences shape social behavior, social structure, and the dynamics of populations. He has special interests in all species of wild horses, zebras, and asses, and has done field work on them throughout the world. In Kenya he also works with pastoral communities to develop a data gathering scout program as well as curricular modules for local schools to raise awareness about the plight of the endangered Grevy’s zebra. He has recently extended his work to measuring the effects of environmental change, including the changes wrought by management and by global warming, on behavior. Areas of Expertise Conservation Biology, ecology, sustainable development 6
  7. 7. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Documentary will feature experts such as… Carolyn Mason President & Chairman Friends of Shackleford Horses Friends of Shackleford Horses is an organization that was founded with support from the general public as a result of concern for the future existence of these horses, and the determination to preserve a culturally important and historically significant asset, in genetically viable numbers. All persons with the Foundation, including the Board of Directors, work groups, attorneys, accountants, advisors, and Webmaster are unpaid volunteers. It is the objective of the organization that History on Hooves, in the form of the wild horses as living legends, will remain an integral part of the cultural heritage and history of Carteret County and the State of North Carolina. 7
  8. 8. L.I.V.E. World Productions THE WILD HORSES A Special OF THE EASTERN BARRIER ISLANDS Documentary Documentary will feature experts such as… Dr. Ronald Richard Keiper Dean, Science Department, Valencia Community College ﴾Orlando, FL﴿ Education B.S. Muhlenberg College, 1963 Major: Biology M.S. University of Massachusetts, 1966 Major: Wildlife Biology Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, 1968 Major: Zoology ﴾Animal Behavior﴿ Teaching Experience Pennsylvania State University: Assistant Professor of Zoology ﴾1968-1973﴿, Associate Professor of Zoology ﴾1973-1982﴿ and Distinguished Professor of Biology ﴾1990-1996﴿ Selected Honors and Awards 1990 Named Distinguished Professor of Biology - Penn State University 1988 Awarded the C.I. Noll Award for Outstanding Teaching by the College of Science 1986 One of six faculty nationwide cited by the American Association of Higher Education and the Carnegie Foundation for Making a difference in higher education 1984-85 Awarded a full-year Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship from the Joint U.S. - Federal Republic of Germany Fulbright Commission 1979 Amoco Award for Distinguished Teaching, Pennsylvania State University 1978 Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, Pennsylvania State University Selected Publications 1993 Rutberg, A.T. and Keiper, R.R. Proximate Causes of Natal Dispersal in Feral Ponies: Some Sex Differences. Animal Behaviour 46: 969-975. 1992 Keiper, R. and Receveur, H. Social interactions of free-ranging Przewalski horses in semi-reserves in the Netherlands. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 33: 303-318. 1992 Kirkpatrick, J.F., Liu, I.M., Turner, Jr., J.S., Naugle, R., and Keiper, R. Long-term effects of porcine zonae pellucidae immunocontraception on ovarian function in feral horses. J. Reprod. Fert. 94: 437-444. 1991 Rudman, R. and Keiper, R.R. The Body Condition of Feral Ponies on Assateague Island. Equine Vet. J. 23 ﴾6﴿: 453-456. 1988 Keiper, R.R. Social Interactions of the Przewalski Horse Herd at the Munich Zoo. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 21: 89-97. 8
  9. 9. L.I.V.E. World Productions Our Team Analisa Balares Aidan Madigan-Curtis Cass O’Meara Chairman & CEO Chief of Staff; Chair, Strategy, Chief Creative Officer, Operations, & Marketing Team Film & Video Productions Nichole Wright Diane Burstein Tyrone Thomas Vice President Director of Event Operations Chief Technology Officer Business Development Tina Adolfsson Camilla Colegrave Laura Nute Vice President Vice President Vice President Business Development Business Development Business Development Kristine Baker Svetlana Ni Rory Edwards Lead Program Manager Lead Program Manager Lead Associate Womensphere Institute Global Summits Branding & Marketing Kesi Gibson Donna DiDomenico Paula Naggaga Lead Associate Lead Associate Associate Community Partners Speaker Community Marketing ﴾Web﴿ Lauren Leonforte Menna Cunningham Lauren Balog Lead Associate Associate Associate Corporate Partners Speaker Community Marketing ﴾Media & PR﴿ Esther Kim Allison Maranuk Stephanie Abrantes Associate Lead Associate Senior Multimedia Designer Corporate Partners University Partners Our Advisory Board Dr. Calestous Juma Lynda Applegate Faculty & Director, Science, Dr. Eva Paus Chair, Entrepreneurial Technology & Globalization Faculty & Director, Management Department Project, Kennedy School of Center for Global Initiatives Harvard Business School Government, Harvard University Mount Holyoke College William Goodloe Monica Mandelli Mary Davis President Managing Director CEO Sponsors for Educational Goldman Sachs Davis Consulting Group Opportunity ﴾SEO﴿ Kim Slicklein Jane Wesman Alison Levine CEO & Founder President Founder & Chairman Enclave Rising Jane Wesman Public Relations Climb High Foundation Ronna Sieh Tania Dimitrova Nigel Howard President Head, Health Care Research Vice President, Private Equity RRS Advisors Credit Suisse RLJ Partners 9
  10. 10. L.I.V.E. World Productions Lead Filmmaker & Editor for Wild Horses Project Cass O’Meara Chief Creative Officer, Video & Film Productions Womensphere Cass O’Meara has over 10 years of experience editing for TV, film, and commercials. Cass is currently working with her primary client, Showtime Networks. At Showtime, she has edited promos, trailers, and added features for Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors, The L Word, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Californication and the final two seasons of Queer as Folk. Cass began her career in the entertainment industry as a Production Assistant on the New York sets of Quiz Show, directed by Robert Redford; Amateur, directed by Hal Hartley; and Dottie Gets Spanked, directed by Todd Haynes, to name a few. She started her post- production career as an Assistant Editor on the TV show Lauren Hutton and… She has also worked with and assisted legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysels. Prior to starting her own company, Cass worked for over four years on commercial editing at The Well NY and Arc Light Editorial, cutting ads for clients like Cingular, the US Navy, Eddie Bauer, and McDonalds. Cass has also spent much time writing screenplays, short stories, and a television pilot, which has attracted attention at Showtime Networks. She has also written and directed three short films, and most recently four inspirational PSAs on the environment. Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Cass is a patron and supporter of the Global Fund for Women, PBS, NRDC and NPR. Cass has also “adopted” a village elementary school in the Philippines, where she has taught as a volunteer and continues to contribute educational materials. Most recently she organized and lead a team that took part in the annual “Adopt a Beach” clean up sponsored by The Ocean Conservancy, where they removed over 200 pounds of trash from the beach. Cass graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Elon University. She has taken filmmaking classes at NYU and writing classes with the Gotham Writers Workshop. Email: cass@womensphere.com Producer, Wild Horses Project Melody Reignier Producer Wild Horses Project Melody Regnier has written and produced award winning promotional videos for nearly 10 years in the film, television and commercial industries. As an Executive Producer at Showtime Networks, Melody steers the launch campaigns for the network’s popular originals series such as Californication, The L Word, Huff, The Tudors, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl among others. She began her career at Showtime Networks as a Production Assistant where she worked on the launch and development of several networks including The Movie Channel, Flix, Showtime Women, Sho Next, Beyond, and Sho Extreme. In addition to her work at Showtime, Melody has directed promotional campaigns for CBS Networks, and freelanced writing for other cable networks, including HBO and The Food Network. She has edited the web series “24 hours with Poetri” for Fuzion Entertainment; written scripts for commercial clients such as “Crest” with Tiki Editorial; and most recently collaborated with JackFruit, Inc. on several environmental PSAs. Prior to Showtime, Melody worked as a television buyer and account manager at Horizon Media Inc. in New York, directing the media campaigns of several entertainment and retail clients including The History Channel, A&E, and Geico. Melody graduated with a Degree in Economics from Clemson University in 1996. 10
  11. 11. L.I.V.E. World Productions Executive Producer Analisa Balares CEO, Womensphere Chair, The Womensphere Institute Email: analisa@womensphere.com Analisa Balares is a social entrepreneur and CEO of the media group and leadership network Womensphere. For over two decades, Analisa has been committed to women’s leadership development, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable development, and education. She has produced, directed, and co-produced over 100 conferences, summits, events, and media around these topics. Analisa Balares was recently selected by the New Leaders Council as one of its 40 Under 40 New Leaders Award winner in America in its annual 2009 selection process throughout the country. She was also recently selected by the Asia Society as a delegate to the Asia Society Leadership Summit in Malaysia taking place this November 2009. Analisa was recognized by CBS Radio/1010Wins as its Tomorrow’s Newsmaker Award Winner for Business, and by the Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League for its Women’s History Month 2009’s Women Achievers Award. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, and has spoken at Harvard Business School, Harvard College, Kennedy School of Government, Mount Holyoke, NYU, and UCLA. Analisa is formerly Global Marketing Manager for Microsoft's blogging and social networking service. In this role, she managed the global marketing launch of Windows Live Spaces in over 30 countries, and led the strategy and execution of Spaces projects around branding, partnerships, events, and online community development. She managed Spaces' internal partnerships with MSN Entertainment and XBox, and external partnerships with NGOs ﴾Global Fund for Women, Earth Day Network﴿, media companies ﴾ABC, Sundance Channel﴿, and independent music/film/TV festivals ﴾SXSW, MethodFest Film Festival, New York TV Festival﴿. Analisa launched her career as an analyst at the Goldman Sachs High Technology Investment Banking group, where she helped execute over $1.5 billion in IPOs and corporate financings for clients including open source software leader Red Hat, data infrastructure pioneer StorageNetworks, and communications leader Nokia. Her professional experience includes working for Milestone Capital as Director of Development & New Ventures, as well as summer work at Morgan Stanley's Energy Investment Banking Group, the World Trade Organization ﴾WTO﴿ in Geneva, Japan External Trade Organization ﴾JETRO﴿, and Mellon Bank. Analisa holds an MBA from Harvard Business School; a BA in Economics & Mathematics cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, the first and oldest institution for higher learning for women in the United States; and an International Baccalaureate diploma from Lester Pearson United World College of the Pacific. While at Harvard Business School, Analisa founded and co-led the non-profit Global Entrepreneurship Network ﴾GEN﴿, and served as Co-President of the HBS Entrepreneurship Club; Debate Coach and Co-Team Captain of the HBS Debate Team; Vice President of the HBS Leadership and Ethics Forum; and an organizer of several HBS conferences. In 1999, Analisa founded and co-chairs The Lyons Network, a leadership and career mentoring organization for young women. For a decade, through The Lyons Network, Analisa has led the organization of regional conferences on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship for young women in New England. Analisa’s work and impact started way back in her teens: She led a team of young leaders that received Philippine Shell Petroleum Company‘s Outstanding Junior Scientist Award for three consecutive years, for her team's innovative work on wastewater pollution treatment, recycling, and alternative energy production. At 16, she was elected Senate President of the 1st Philippine Youth Environment Congress, where she led drafting the Philippine Youth Environment and Sustainable Development Policy Proposal for the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She also served on the Steering Committee of Canada’s 1st International Conference on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child held in Vancouver, British Columbia. 11