Effective public speaking


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Effective public speaking

  1. 1. Effective Public Speaking Oral Presentation: Comparing 2 different business
  2. 2. Founder of the shop Name: Chan Mei Mei Age : 60 years old Chan Mei Mei and her sister start this business. According to Chan Mei Mei, her whole family was doing tailoring so she decide to have a shop to continue her life and her family business in her own way.
  3. 3. -Located Pudu area -Back Alley Shop -Mostly visited by old customers cause it was a small and unnoticeable shop.
  4. 4. Chan Mei Mei Chan Mei Mei’s sister Employees They have only three employees. Part time tailor
  5. 5. Customers Malay people Bangladesh people Indian people Vietnam people Indonesian Chinese people
  6. 6. Keen Hing Enterprise
  7. 7. Founder of the shop Name : Keen Hing Age: Unknown A man that was travel from Tang Shan to Malaysia. To survive and interested in chinese traditional medicine so he started this business since 1966. Now was inherited by his son.
  8. 8. Location Some where around here
  9. 9. Product Seaweed Dried Seafood Chinese traditional medicine
  10. 10. Analysis Of Tailoring Business Sister’s Tailoring Shop
  11. 11. Sister’s Tailoring Shop • Provide tailoring services (main service). • Selling threads, strings, buttons, fabrics , rubber, etc. (mostly sewing materials)
  12. 12. Two types of Tailoring Businesses • General Tailoring – Daily wears • Specialty Tailoring – Wedding dresses, gowns, etc.
  13. 13. Competitors of Sister’s Tailoring Shop • No competitors. – Does not compete with others – Even if there’s competitions from the other shops, they do not bother them. – This tailoring shop only focuses on their customers that they currently having for over 20 years.
  14. 14. Nature of Business • Monopoly – No competitors (only 1 tailor shop in the street) – Price Maker: Decides the price product to be sold. • But for some reason to fix their price according to the market price.
  15. 15. Challenges & Obstacles • Provide good quality and durable products. • Keep learning and improving their sewing skills. • Justify the product prices according to the market prices.
  16. 16. Strategies • Keep self-update on the current preferences. • Letting people aware of their business – Spreading via old customers – Complete satisfaction of current customers
  17. 17. Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medical Shop Keen Hing Enterpreise
  18. 18. Nature of business at Keen Hing Enterprise • Competitive - few sellers, each of whom has little or no control over the market price - have competitors
  19. 19. Challenges and obstacles • Provide good services and goods - to gain more customers • Compete with competitors • Maintain the business
  20. 20. Competitors of Keen Hing Enterprise • 2 competitors around Petaling Street • But 1 of the competitors had closed down • Left 1 competitor.
  21. 21. Strategies • Letting people aware of their business - spreading through old customers - let the customer know what you do best • Sell products that the competition doesn’t have - take in new products that suits the market • Price - Although the price is set by the owner himself - lower than the competitor’s price
  22. 22. Future Plan Future plan? Nah…I just want my business to keep on. I am too old for doing these future plan. I will inherit my business to my son and let him do those expansion things. I am ready to retire anyway. Future plan? Nope… Maybe we will just expand our shop size. Branches? Nah… One shop is busy enough for me. I am satisfy in my business now.
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