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Compilation file ( yap wei tyng 0314058 )

  1. 1. REPORT
  3. 3. TABLE CONTENT No. Title Page 1 Assignment brief 3-5 2 Brief Explanation 6 3 Researches : Places 7-12 4 Image and Captions 12-20 5 Compilation of updates 21-22 6 Mock up Layout 23-28 7 References 29
  4. 4. Brief Explanation Theme The theme that I had chosen was the coffee culture in Kuala Lumpur. Coffee culture in Kuala Lumpur was grown tremendously. Many people love drinking coffee in a coffee shop with their love one or friends. Coffee culture in Malaysia was influenced by few countries such as British, Italy and other western countries. Concept: Architecture Design Coffee shops around Kuala Lumpur were filled with the combination of Malaysia culture and Western culture. The architecture designs of the coffee shops are unique and it shows the Western culture and Malaysia culture in their design. Some coffee shops architecture design was based on Western culture such as The Bee. There was also some modern coffee shop architecture design such as Coffee Chemistry and unique concept designed coffee shop such as Garage 51’ . Through this A5 coffee table book, readers will able to explore the unique architecture design of each coffee shop. Readers able to experience different kind of coffee shop architecture design by just looking the pictures in this coffee table book. Through this book, readers also able to see how the customers enjoy themselves in these unique coffee shops with their coffee.
  5. 5. Place Interested There are many special and unique architecture designed coffee shops. However the coffee shops that interested me the most were Coffea Coffee, Coffee Chemistry, The Bee, Mon Bonlangerie and Garage 51’. These places contain different kind of architecture design and concept of coffee shops that shown different culture. Route Path: Coffea Coffee > Coffee Chemistry > The Bee > Mon Bonlangerie > Garage 51’ Researches Coffea Coffee Coffea Coffee is multi-award wining establishment, specialising in Specialty Coffee from seven top coffee beans producing farms around global include Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia and Costa Rica. They were known for their own roasting and blending styles. Their coffee art was also nice and beautifully made.
  6. 6. This coffee shop was a kiosk coffee shop. It was located in Sunway Pyramid. The definition of kiosk was a small structure, often open on one or more sides, used as a newsstand or booth. This coffee shop located between two shopping streets. Customers visit this coffee shop for some coffee break after doing lots of shopping in the mall. The reason why I was interested in this coffee shop was the design and the location of the shop. Although it was a kiosk coffee shop, it was also well-designed and provide customers a coffee shop environment to enjoy their coffee. Coffee Chemistry
  7. 7. It was the first café in Malaysia serving world’s finest coffee (Graffeo). This coffee shop located at First Subang Mall. They not only serve coffees but also Asian Western Fusion Foods. Coffee art of this coffee shop was fantastic and detail. The food taste delicious with unbelievable taste of it. The architecture design of this coffee shop was modern and beautiful. The layout of the shop was modern by the light setting and classic by the wall wood texture. It provided costumers a comfortable environment to enjoy their coffee and delicious foods.
  8. 8. The Bee “Welcome to The Bee, a neighbourhood food and drink hangout that proudly serves affordable fuss-free food, quality coffee and more, in the friendly and cosy corners of Petaling Jaya.” This coffee shop’s architecture design is base on old western style. It was classical and provide the customers the feeling of having coffee in the past time of westerns day. There are some old fashion furniture such as sofa and table for customers to experience more about the past of the western’s life.
  9. 9. Mon Bonlangeria This coffee shop located at Jalan Radin Bagus, Kuala Lumpur. It was near The Store shopping mall. So it was a really good and comfortable place to take a rest and relax after buying daily need items from the shopping mall. It was just a short distance between the shopping mall and this coffee shop. It only takes 5-7minutes to reach there. This shop was a classical designed coffee shop. It has a classical old clock near the entrance of the coffee shop. Due to the Chinese New Year, the clock was decorated with red cloth. The peace and classical of the shop allow the customers able to enjoy their coffee and also allows the old folks to enjoy reading newspaper without any rushing and noisy environment.
  10. 10. Garage 51’ The theme of this coffee shop was inspired by car workshop, hence the name Garage 51’ featuring rustic design. So we are able to spot lots of wood and container metal elements. Due to it is also located in PJS 11 where we can see many car workshops around. So customers can have a cup of coffee while waiting their car from servicing. This is the place where coffee was brewed and decorated with coffee art. The furniture in this coffee shop was unique. It wasn’t just plain wooden chair but it was made from empty barrels. It gives customers have a brand new experience when enters this coffee shop.
  11. 11. Image and Caption The exploration of the coffee shops starts with a fully filled coffee. First station will be Coffea Coffee in Sunway Pyramid. In this part, I start to walk around the shop as this is the first time I saw a kiosk coffee shop. I found out there was a television introducing their product. There also have lots of wooden tables and chairs for customers to have their coffee.
  12. 12. After exploring the coffee shop, I order my café latte from the crowded counter. The waiter and waitress are very polite and friendly. Afterward, I take my café latte to find a place to sit. I sat on the tall wooden table. The wooden furniture gave me the feeling that I am sitting in a classical coffee shop. Next stop will be Coffee Chemistry. It was located at First Subang Mall. When I enter into this coffee shop, I was attracted by the DIY light and the decoration of the ceiling. It was so beautiful and modern.
  13. 13. Besides the DIY light, the beautiful pattern wall also was very beautiful and it unifies the whole layout of the coffee shop because it was mostly decorated using round shape. Instead of normal tables and chairs, they also provide sofas and short tables for customers to enjoy their coffee. They have very nice skills in creating coffee art on the coffee. It was fantastic and detail artwork.
  14. 14. The third station will be The Bee. When I arrives this coffee shop, the outer part of the shop makes me though it was a modern design coffee shop. But when I enter into the shop, it was actually old western style coffee shop. The furniture are all old wooden table and chairs. There are also many old things such as sewing machines and racks. It enhanced the whole environment. Besides old wooden tables and chairs, there also old design sofas and tables.
  15. 15. The environment in this coffee shop was so calm. Customers enjoy drinking their coffee and spending their time in the coffee shop reading novels with no worries. Next station will be Mon Bonlangerie café. It was a very classical coffee shop. Before I enter the shop, I saw an old clock, it makes me feel more classical about this coffee shop. The dawn lighting also enhanced the shop classic feeling.
  16. 16. The reason I took these two photos is first was the drawing. In the drawing, it shows the old street in the past. When I look this drawing from far apart, it makes an illusion that it was a window. The next photo not only shows the lighting of the counter, it also shows those classical figures that were on the counter table. Both part of the shop increase the classical feeling of the whole coffee shop. This is some of the product of the coffee shop. Besides that, at right page photos, it shows how customers enjoy the food and coffee in the coffee shop.
  17. 17. The last station was Garage 51’. This is the coffee shop that I like the most. It is because it was base on rustic design concept and was inspired by car workshop. When I enter the coffee shop, I felt that I was one of the worker having a coffee break. All decorative items and even the machines looks like the barrels and items that should only appeared in workshop. It was so unique. It turns an empty barrel into a comfortable sofa. The kitchen was in a container! I never expected I will saw that.
  18. 18. After I finish order my meal, I can’t stop myself in observing the area. It was the feeling that I am having meal in a garage. The right-side page photos shows the coffee and dessert I ate and the customers’ joy and sharing experience with each other. Journey ends with an empty cup of coffee.
  19. 19. Compilation of Updates (Tutorial Sheets)
  20. 20. Mock Up Layout of the Graphical Book
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  22. 22. Final Product