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208325017 business-report-charity-drive

  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this project, we were asked to start a business to raise fund for a charity organization. The charity organization we chose was Society for the Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (PPKKC). The reason we chose this organization is because they provide an environment for disabled children, for their difficulties to be recognized and for them to be given equal status in society. Through this charity drive, we manage to raise a total amount of RM 1291.20 for the charity organization by collecting donations and selling products. All the profits from the charity drive will donate to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat. During the charity drive events, there were competitors but we manage to find our method to hit the target. We did some promotion on our product to get quick sales. We also provide good services for our suppliers and customers. We used different kind of persuasive techniques to communicate with our suppliers and customers. Furthermore, we evaluated the duties and qualities required by a job and stated the outline of the objectives, tasks, and responsibilities of a job. In our team, we assigned the right job to the right person. Moreover, we also concerned about green measures for this project. Page | 2
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE We chosen to donate our profits to the Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (PPKKCTM) , Selangor, Malaysia. This is because PPKKCTM provides services to physically handicapped and disabled children. About a 100 children are disabled with various disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, micro cephalous, hydro cephalous, global delay, epilepsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, hyper activity, physical challenges, intellectual disabilities as well as speech, audio and visual impairments. The objectives of PPKKCTM is to provide an environment for the betterment of young disabled children, for their difficulties to be recognized and for them to be given equal status in the society. In this final project, we need to raise at least RM 2,000 for PPKKCTM. We target to sell 200 pieces of waffles, 120 pieces of brownies, 30 cups of Oreo milk shake, 5 pieces of chairs, 10 pieces dress and RM 500 from donation. Our objectives is to raise funds for PKKCTM by selling these products and also to create awareness to help these "special" children. Page | 3
  5. 5. YouTube link for Objectives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj_H16XCveg&feature=youtu.be Page | 4
  6. 6. TARGET MARKET In this charity drive, we mainly target on the students and stuffs in the campus. In the very early morning, many students and stuffs haven’t had their breakfast before they came to school. So, we decided to sell hot and freshly made waffles and brownies in the early morning. Besides that, women nowadays love to buy new fashion dresses. So, we also decided to buy some new fashion dresses to sell on that day to attract more students and stuffs. Moreover, there are many new intake students that may came from foreign country or outstation. They may want to buy a comfortable chair for their study table so that they are able to study comfortably. So, we then decided to sell some comfortable study chairs. We also find out that during the afternoon period, it was a hot and sunny day. So, we decided to sell some cool drink such as soft drinks and oreo milkshake. The spending powers of these people are good because most of them live in a nice background family and comfortable lifestyle. Page | 5
  7. 7. COMPETITION ANALYSIS The two main competitors of our business are Mr.Bean and Mori the Breast. Mori the Breast is selling different kinds of bread that able to eat in the morning. Mr.Bean selling cold soya bean that was a cold beverage that suits the hot and sunny noon. The strength of Mori the Breast’s products is many choices and unique while the vulnerabilities of them are they only have one kind of food selling only. Mr.Bean’s products is cool and refreshing while their vulnerabilities is their store location located at the corner, hard visible by students and stuffs. However customers do buy their products as their products are tasty and cool. Page | 6
  8. 8. PRODUCT AND PACKAGING Product We sell Taiwan waffles, Kindee Brownies, IOS systems chair, dresses and oreo milkshake. Taiwan Waffle: Ingredient was imported from Taiwan. It was different with ordinary waffle. It was chewy and crispy when it was hot. Kindee Brownies: It was a kind of chocolate cake that full with chocolate taste when dig in Page | 7
  9. 9. IOS system study chair: It was a black and comfortable study chair. It has a back support so that customer’s back won’t feel pain when sit on the chair for long period. Dresses: It was fashion and free size dresses. It was suitable to wear when in university or even in shopping mall. Page | 8
  10. 10. Oreo Milkshake: It was made by original ingredient. It was refreshing and nice to drink. Packaging Kindee Brownies was packaged with colorful plastic bag. It does attract customers as it was nicely decorated. youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmqd8pR8r0Y&feature=youtu.be Page | 9
  11. 11. Pricing Products Waffle Brownies Oreo Milk Shake Dress Study Chair Cost Price (RM) 1 0 1.3 30 0 Pricing Price (RM) 4 3 5 39.9 100 Price setting is one of the most difficult parts of the project as the price of the products will decide the numbers of customers to buy the products and the profits gained from the sales. The price of the products cannot be too high as if the pricing is too high, there will be no customer to buy the products and if the pricing is too low, we will not gain profits from the sales. So, for our products we had two sponsored products which are brownies and study chairs. For the pricing, from the table above, the price for each product is roughly 2 or 3 times the cost price of the product so that we can earn back our money and increase the profit and to cover our expenses. We had our pre-selling before the charity drive and the price for the waffle during the first day of pre-selling is RM 3.00, then we risen our price to RM 4.00 each as the sales during the first day of pre-selling is good. After our first day of our charity drive, our products did not meet our target and the sales is quite low, we decided to lower down our brownies’ price as the brownies had the least sales among the products from RM 5.00 to RM 3.00 to make the brownies easier to sell out. Page | 10
  12. 12. PROMOTION Before the charity drive, we had discussed and named our business "Bon Appetite" as we are selling products that we have to make and homemade. To promote our business, we also had designed our own logo. This logo was used in our Facebook page profile picture. We also printed out our logo into an A4 size paper and pasted it as a signboard at our shop. Besides that we also promoted our products through Facebook page. Facebook enables us to spread and promote our shop easily. As we got more than 40 likes for the page within a week. It is one of our main tools to promote our shop Page | 11
  13. 13. We also made posters and promoted our product through Facebook. We pasted our poster at our sign board of our shop too. So that people can able to see that we actually sells those products and wanted them to buy from us to help the charity. Our main marketing message would be "Please help the kids!". This will let the people know that we are helping the kids from PPKKCTM to raise funds. YouTube link for Promotions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmqd8pR8r0Y&feature=youtu.be Page | 12
  14. 14. SPONSORSHIP For this charity drive, we had approached sponsorships from different individuals and corporate entities. They are from our member’s parents and relatives and also the company of baking brownie – Kindee’s Dessert. First of all, we target our family members especially our parents for the sponsorship because it is more convenient for us since they stay close to us and they definitely will support us. In addition, we also asked donation from our relatives especially during Chinese New Year when they visiting us. Asking donation from relatives during Chinese New Year was a best time because mostly Chinese people will do charitable deed. In addition, the best part of asking donation from parents and relatives is we can get cashes. As for Kindee’s Dessert, they kindly sponsor us their products - five trays of brownies. We target them because it is a smaller company and it is more easier to request for sponsor compare to the big company. This is because small company we can just bring along our sponsorship letters and direct face to face discuss with the owner. As for big company, we need to wait for their response for few days because the requesting need to send to the management department. Here is the sponsorship we had. Page | 13
  15. 15. Eelyn Cheong Siew Ying Foundation in Natural & Built Environment School of Architecture, Building & Design Taylor’s University No. 1 Jalan Taylor's 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan. Mr./Ms./Mdm. Re: Requesting Product Sponsorship for Charity Drive Event We, the students from the School of Architecture, Taylor’s University, are currently involved in a fundraising event for our school project in February 2014. Therefore, we write this letter with the intention to invite your company to become our sponsor in this event. 2. Our plan is to raise a total of RM2000.00 via sales of your products. All profits earned during the event will be donated to the PPKKCTM (Pusat Penjagaan Kanak – Kanak Cacat Taman Megah), a charity provide services to physically handicapped and disabled children based in No. 2, Jalan SS24/10, Taman Megah, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia. 3. For your information, this charity was founded in 1997. The aim of the PPKKCTM is to provide an environment for disabled children, for their difficulties to be recognized and for them to be given equal status in society. PPKKCTM plans to move to a new premise in Taman SEA, which will house all the residents and staff members under one roof as the existing premise are not able to house the growing needs of the children in numbers. PPKKCTM plans to build a one-stop centre on the piece of land they acquired and will have five therapy rooms, education hall, workshops and more. The projects construction would cost an estimated RM5-6mil. 4. As you can see, PPKKCTM plays an important role in our society. Therefore, we would be delighted and it would mean a great deal to the shelter if you could assist us in any possible manner. 5. I look forward to hearing your reply about our request. You may reach me at 017-4123378. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Eelyn Cheong Siew Ying (Group member.) Page | 14
  16. 16. DISTRIBUTION The products we sell are waffles, brownies, dresses, chairs and oreo milk shake. For the flour to make waffles and chairs, we get sponsor from our group member, Nicholas Yap Wei Tyng’s father. As for dresses and oreo milk shake, we used the sponsor’s money to get the materials. Moreover, we also get the sponsorship of brownies from Kindee’s Desert. The owner of the Kindee’s Desert, Miss Shikin delivered the brownies to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus the day before charity drive. We meet at the Starbucks and collect the brownies. The day before the charity drive, we packed the brownies in a small plastic bag and tied with bendable wires. During the charity drive, around 7 o’clock in the morning, we prepared the waffle’s flour in our house. The sales production will bring to the sale location every morning (8 o’clock). It takes us about ten minutes to arrive our sale location from the house, which the distance is just a stone’s throw away. We delivered our product to customers using face to face service. The customers approached our booth and bought our products directly. The waffles were freshly made with waffles machine. As for dresses, we sell them at our booth and by online. Throughout the charity drive week, we took turns to get donation from people in the campus while the others stayed at the booth to sell the products. We get most of the donation from the people in bus stop. There more people buying our waffles during peak hours which were breakfast time. Page | 15
  17. 17. Green Measure During charity drive event, our main products are waffle and brownies, and we used paper bags and plastic bags to deliver our products. We also used disposable gloves to handle our food to keep the food hygiene. Although using plastic disposable gloves are not so environmental friendly but to keep the food hygiene, we must use it so that the customers feel safe while enjoying our product. For the packaging of the waffle, we used paper bag to put in the waffle and it is a more preferable choice rather than using the plastic bag as it is healthier as putting hot food in the plastic bag will release chemical substance that will harm our health. For the brownies, we used transparent plastic bags for packaging so that the customer can see through the plastic and know the product inside the plastic bag and plastic bags are printed with flowers motif. For the Oreo milk shake, we used the plastic cup instead of paper cup so that the customers can look through inside. Using plastic bags and plastic cups in fact are not so environmental friendly compared to paper bags and paper cups because plastics are not biodegradable like paper but we have to use plastic bags and cups so that the customers can look through and know what the products we are selling. Other than that, to reduce the product waste, we only prepare the sufficient amount of the waffle ingredients so that there will be no waste of food and we tried to sell all our waffle within the day so that the waffles we prepared are fresh. For the brownies, as it is already packaged and sealed, so the brownies did not have to sell it out on the same day as the brownies can be stored for several days. As for the Oreo milk shake, to prevent the product waste, the producing volume of the Oreo milk shake is very small which around 5 to 15 cups per day. Page | 16
  18. 18. Human Resource Planning Project Manager (Ensure that the shop runs smoothly and order products from suppliers) Eelyn Cheong Siew Ying Executives Accountant Sales Advertising (Communication and sells product to customers) (Controls financial issues and records transactions) (Promotes products through social media and create posters) Nicholas Yap Wei Tyng Chia Wee Min Wong Voon Yin Bon Appetite Organization Chart Page | 17
  19. 19. Referrences PPKKCTM - Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (Charity). 2014. PPKKCTM - Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (Charity). [online] Available at: http://www.ppkkctm.info/ [Accessed: 21 Feb 2014]. Page | 18
  20. 20. Evaluation of Result Profit and Loss Statement of Teen Driven for the period ended 24th November 2013 RM Revenue Sales (-)Less: Cost of Goods Waffles Oreo RM 919 140 26 166 753 Gross Profit (+)Add: Donation Revenue Sponsor Revenue 873 700 1573 2326 (-)Less: Expenses Packaging Decoration Electricity Transportation Net profit 65.8 20 152.2 100 338 1988 Page | 19
  21. 21. DAY 1st day (preselling) 2nd day (preselling) 3rd day (preselling) 4th day 5th day 6th day Quantity PRODUCTS Total Amount ( RM ) Total Sales ( RM ) 9 Waffle - RM 3.00 each 27 Our 28 Waffle - RM 4.00 each 112 112 1 5 49 5 19 15 24 27 30 1 Brownies - RM 5.00 each brownies - RM 5.00 each Waffle - RM 4.00 each Oreo - RM 5.00 each Brownies - RM 3.00 each Oreo - RM 5.00 each Waffle - RM 4.00 each Brownies - RM 3.00 each Waffle - RM 4.00 each Study Chair - RM 100.00 each 5 25 196 25 57 75 96 81 120 100 5 246 228 301 For the first day of our selling, which is pre- selling, we sold out 27 waffles at RM 3.00. After we sold out these 27 waffles, we found out that selling waffles at RM 3.00 did not make us many profits so we decided to raise the price of the waffle from RM 3.00 to RM4.00. For the second day which is also our pre- selling, we sold out 28 waffles and this prove that the price RM 4.00 for the waffle is affordable and we do sold out all of our products. Coming to the 4th day of our selling which is also the official selling day for our charity drive. As the table above shown, waffles had become our most profitable products which we sold 49 pieces on that day and for the following days, the waffles were still our best selling products. After 6 days of selling, the most profitable product is waffles which help us earned RM 372 around 1/ 3 of our sales. Next come down to the second profitable product which is brownies, RM 168, and lastly are oreo milk shake and study chair, both earned RM 100 profits each. Our sales increased and were quite stable when the charity drive is coming to an end. Page | 20
  22. 22. Appendix Receipt from ambank for issuing the cheque Page | 21
  23. 23. Page | 22
  24. 24. Receipt from house of ingredient for the packaging Page | 23
  25. 25. Receipt from aeon for waffle ingredient Page | 24
  26. 26. Receipt for our injection Page | 25
  27. 27. Receipt for our injection Page | 26
  28. 28. Receipt from Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah . Page | 27