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Cre self improvement

  1. 1. Work 2 – 2 ValuesEver watch Slumdog Millionaire?Now I’m being stupid for asking this question.Of course you have, or at least some of you have. (Or even heard of it)It was about an Indian dude who seems to get the answers right for everything singlequestion asked in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” game.He won the game.He won the money.He was doubted, investigated because it is too good to be true that a kid who once lived in aslump is able to get the answers right.But the truth is, he will never win the game if he could not relate the series of events thathappened in his life to the questions given.There were 4 different answers for each question.The chance of winning is low if you are not at all educated.He won the game because he is able to comprehend the series of happenings in his life andrelate it to the game.Now you may be wondering, what does it has to do with Conversion Rate Experts?Trust me, it has everything to do with CRE.Before we get to that point, let me tell you a story about a kid.I’ll just name his story as “Slumdog Extraordinaire”This kid was born in a decent and healthy family, blessed with both parents and 2 siblings.This kid was gifted in his own way. (Everyone is gifted btw.)He was a good artist.He was particularly good at art (Drawing, Chinese Calligraphy, and Piano)In fact, he was great at using his left brain.Every childhood should be fun and beautiful.But it dint happen that way for him.At the age of 8, he lost his dad to lung cancer.
  2. 2. His life changed overnight.He was forced to quite drawing and piano due to financial reasons.Now his mom is both dad and mom.He was forced to mature (mind) earlier than other kids at his age because the environmenthe lived in forced him too.Money was tight.Life weren’t as good as he once lived.He lived in a wooden house where he constantly shares his space with insects, mouse,cockroaches and etc.He knew the only way to change his life is education, and he needs to excel at it.Fast forward to the age of 12, he worked his way up to the best class in his school.He excelled in government’s exam.That led him to the best Chinese high school in the entire state of Penang, and one of thetop 3 high school in Malaysia.He continued to be excel (At least maintain at top level) in his studies.Not the best student with best results.But the best student that were great at learning.At the age of 17, he stumbled upon Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People andit was life changing.He continued his personal development journey with Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power.Beautiful events started to happen in his life when he applied the knowledge learnt from thebook.BUT it was something new to the family. (Especially Chinese family)None of them seems to be able to accept what he said about life because he was perceivedas too young to be talking about life and teaching the elders about life.The environment was tense.But that doesn’t stop him from applying what he learned in his life.After graduated from high school, he continued his education in Internet Technology (IT) in alocal college.
  3. 3. He knew his passion is in business or more specifically internet marketing, and he would loveto go deep in this field.But somehow, his cousin brother persuaded him to get into IT field.It justified his desire too because he was into the early learning stage of direct responsemarketing.…And getting into IT allows him to develop the skills needed to build programs and etc.So he went on to pursue his education.He was broke, living with just £10 a week while others were living an enjoyable life.BUT he wasn’t broke in his heart, he wasn’t at all poor in his mind.He knew he was destined to be something big because he believed in himself.He graduated with great results.BUT reality bites in no time.His mom wasn’t able to pay for his education and living expenses when he was about tocontinue his education in Kuala Lumpur, one of the most expensive place to live in Malaysia.He knew it before his current education even ends.He was generating income online and he was able to pay for his living expenses and part ofthe education fees for the next 2 yrs of his life.He graduated with satisfactory results.And he was about to continue his life education and skill education in direct responsemarketing.That kid was me.YO dude, what does it has to do with CRE?The story was not intended to be a self pity or J-O-B begging tricks.NO WAY.Far from that.In fact, these stupid tricks almost never work.Now if CRE were to be just a normal company that hires ONLY the best people with the bestskills in the market, there are tons of them out there that are ready to take up the job at justabout any time.But CRE is more than that.
  4. 4. Workforce is an important element for CRE, and thus means that people that hold greatvalues in each areas of their life (Personal values, ethics and etc) are very important tosupport the company’s growth.They say SHOW, don’t just tell.22 years of life.2 deaths in the family.2 bike crash.2 years of living life and getting through with education without any form of support.2 years of continual learning in internet marketing and personal development.Great at using both side of the brain.2 sides of the world travelled. (East and west)Saw the values that both sides of the world holds.Been through the worst kind of life and the good life.I’ve practically been through a lot at the age of 22.…And STILL hustling.(Of course, there are tons of others that been through a lot too. And I have no intention ofsaying others did not.)So if you think these have nothing to do with CRE, think again.This is no way a self pity story, nor to whine, or even to impress you.These series of events highlighted my growth and showed the values that I hold.…And I think it is SUPER important if you want the right kind of people in the company.Only those who been through an amazingly tough life and STILL at the right path and STILLhustling, understands how precious holding a great personal values is.Only those who work their way up themselves understand what the odds are and what hardwork truly means.Only those who came from nowhere to being a person that hold great values understandwhat “Proactivity” is.Only those who focus on the destination goal will do whatever it takes to get there.Only those who were at the bottom before will be HUNGRY for more success.
  5. 5. Only those who have been through hell and heaven, and are able to comprehend everysingle events in their life and connects the dot, and are able to understand why it happen,how it happen, reflect AND finally learn from it……Worthy of being said that they are hard worker, and willing to do whatever ittakes to be successful in life.Slumdog extraordinaire?I’ll leave that to you to judge.So my life is the best proof of the kind of values that I hold.I’m a student of life and best at applying knowledge to change my life.I’m the living proof of nothing is impossible.My story is a mini “Slumdog Millionaire”I do not have every answer in life.But I’m able to comprehend the reasons why things happen in my life.And that’s what made me a perfect fit for CRE.Someone who are really passionate about life, work and place great importance on personalvalues.You can FAKE your resume.You can FAKE just about anything.But you can’t fake life.You can’t fake ways of living life.So if you are looking for a person that hold great personal values but knows nothing aboutconversion rate optimization, PLEASE ignore my application.If you are looking for a dude that knows everything about conversion rate optimization buthold no great personal values at all. PLEASE ignore my application.If you are looking for a super cool dude (And funny) that have been through a lot, hold greatpersonal values, and knows conversion rate optimization, I’m your guy.But hold on a minute.Did I say show, don’t tell in the sentence above?Yes I did.And that is what I did.
  6. 6. In fact, if you are here already, I assume that you have finish reading the 1st document.Those are the values that highlight my hard work, willingness to go over mile to completemy work in perfection and my willingness to learn.That in my opinion SHOULD be the standard baseline of all jobs applications.Your man,Nicholas
  7. 7. Still Looking?Cool!Because here comes the juicy part.Let’s talk more about resume.So go ahead and open my “normal resume” file.Now look at the skills section.You may notice that I posses both technical and marketing skills.However, my technical skills are minimal.I can read codes, but I don’t code. (That is not I wanted to do)My core skill is marketing.Now I may seem like a generalist.In fact, I’m a specialist.I specialize in strategic thinking, tactical creation, technology integration and data drivenanalysis.These are my core skills or fundamentals.Marketing skills are generally relies heavily on fundamentals.Once you get it mastered, it is not tough to master others.Now the skills that I’ve outlined are specific skills.I did not outline other skills that I don’t have or have no interest in doing.For example : PPC(Although I do read stuff about PPC pretty often.)By now you will probably be thinking: What makes you unique dude?I love to answer this question.Simple answer is I am good at using both brains.Some specializes in using right brain, the creativity part.Some specializes in using left brain, the analytical/logical part.
  8. 8. I use both of them.How come?Scroll up to the beginning of this document and read my story again.I excelled at art since I was young.Not tooting my own horn, but I was the best artists when it comes to drawing when I wasyoung.In fact, I was promoted to a higher level of drawing, sitting side to side and learn along withthose who are older than me (age wise)I do not own any of my drawings anymore unfortunately.(But the design side of me is still with me after all these years)I was a pianist.I was forced to quit due to financial restrictions.BUT fortunately the innovative part of me still exists.I have great eyes for awesome designs, and I know the difference between ugly, good andgreat.In fact, I am a bit more of right brainer than left brainer.Innovation is my core, the most of me.But that does not discount the analytical part of me.Which leads to my left brain.So how about your left brain?I did not consciously discover that I’m really good at using my left brain until I started coding.I discovered that I’m good at organizing stuff, thinking logically and data driven.When I first stumble upon the book Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik, it justifies myability when it comes to handling data even more.I’m good with numbers.In fact, I think I was trained because being in Chinese high school, we were being taught thatChinese are superb in mathematics. (Seriously, we all were taught that way)Look at the images below.Then do your own judgment about me.
  9. 9. Enough said.
  10. 10. Some JustificationI’m a fresh graduate from another country.It looks like a risk for every company in the west to hire a Chinese dude from other country.(Especially if CRE doesn’t have any company profile here in Malaysia)I don’t deny it, it is a fact.But I’m not just another dude from other country trying to get a job in an English company.I’m a fresh graduate from another country, with a twistI’m a unique fresh graduate from another country that have the kind of talent, skills, values,self taught knowledge in internet marketing, and young guy that are willing to learn andwilling to go over mile in everything I do.I did not stay in my country Malaysia my life and do not know anything that happen inEurope or America.I’ve been to 14 countries, east and west includes England.In fact, I knew where CRE is located.I’ve been to Regent Street more times that I can count of.I’ve been to Hong Kong and Paris once.Din’t want to sound too cocky, but I’m confident of my ability because of my personality andmy history.I lived in the east side of the world and have been to the west.I’m a fanatic when it comes to learning histories and culture.I’m a language wiz? (I have no idea if do you consider young dude that have mastered 3languages, 3 dialects and in the process of mastering French a language wiz.)I do not deny that I have no experience working with any MAJOR companies.But my self taught direct response fundamentals, willingness to learn, strategic mind andeffective use of life strategies ( made me unique.I’m not looking to get hired right away.I’m not looking for high salaries.I’m looking for a chance to be interviewed and to be questioned.
  11. 11. My PhilosophiesTake a look at my philosophies in my resume.You might be wondering: Yo man, it’s like you hold so much great values, it is just tootough to believe.It is.But there again, refer back to my history or story if you would like.If I do not hold those great values, I will never be where I want to be right now.There is just no way I can turn my life around.Think you can get the best education without hard work?Think you can get the best results without committing tons of time in it?Think you can get far without a core set of positive beliefs?Think you can achieve anything without the right attitude?Think again.Not easy.You knew it, I knew it.But don’t take my word for it.See what others said about me.PraiseAnalysis - No bullshits. Well done. Frankly, I think you did a report much betterthan I would expect any trainee would be capable of. Therefore your competencylooks really good.- Michael Teh, Founder of GMETechnicalNicholas Ho is a great friend who is always on the forefront with the latest marketingstrategies. His persistence and perseverance in trying to find the perfect marketingsolution and bringing the promised results created trust in people that he work with.– Wayne Liew, Founder of
  12. 12. This section of writings is a basic guideline for you to refer what I’ve said in my resume to mystories, my results, and my skills.Refer everything to what I’ve done or what you can about see I’ve done.In fact, the whole J-O-B application process was carefully researched, planned and organized.This is not just another J-O-B application. So what’s next?Step 1: Open the CaseStudies document and read it.Step 2: Go over the CREQuestion documentStep 3: Give me a direct call or email me. Talk to me. My contacts is in my resume.Note: Or facebook me. Nice guy.