Ivy worldwide - Six secrets to selling to SMB


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Ivy worldwide - Six secrets to selling to SMB

  1. 1. The Six Secrets to Selling to SMBs Ivy Worldwide SMB technology purchasing survey results August 2010info@ivyworldwide.com
  2. 2. SMB Secrets: #1Search still rules Which resources do you rely on for making business purchases?*• Like consumers, search engines 60% 49% 54% 52% 50% are SMB technology buyers’ Search engines 40% 35% 34% primary resource for Review sites 30% product/service discovery 20% Blogs/forums Traditonal media 10% Twitter/ Facebook• With search results in hand, 0% First choice Second Third Fourth SMBs lean heavily on word-of- mouth referral Source: Ivy Worldwide 2010 SMB technology purchasing survey (n=602) *Respondents able to submit multiple selections• Chief resources for word-of- mouth referral are blogs and forums (34%) and third-party reviews (35%) ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  3. 3. SMB Secrets: #2Third-party endorsement guides What considerations weigh most heavily when making purchasing decision-making decisions for your business ? Vendor 9%• Getting found in search engine Support 15% results merely builds the Price/TCO 33% consideration set Dual-utility Positive 18% Referral 25%• Price/TCO important, as always Source: Ivy Worldwide 2010 SMB technology purchasing survey (n=602)• Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) base their purchasing decisions on products or services that have utility in both business and personal contexts ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  4. 4. SMB Secrets: #3Social for SMB isn’t what Which resource do you rely on most for product information? you think it is 40% 34% 29% 30% 23% 20%• Surprisingly, traditional media 10% 9% 5% (9%) and Twitter/Facebook 0% (5%) are minimal factors in Blogs/forums Search Review sites Traditonal Twitter/ engines media Facebook purchasing decisions Source: Ivy Worldwide 2010 SMB technology purchasing survey (n=602)• Many suggest these resources lack the detail and timeliness necessary for making such decisions ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  5. 5. SMB Secrets: #4Business = personal =business• SMBs act like value-conscious consumers when buying technology…• Akin to consumer technology buyers in that price (33%) and third-party referral (25%) strongly influence their decisions• Setting them apart is preference for meeting business/personal dual-use potential ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  6. 6. SMB Secrets: #5 Which companies are effective inRoom for improvement? marketing to you as an SMB purchaser?* That’s putting it lightly… *Unaided response HP Microsoft• Most large companies miss the 19% 17% mark when marketing to SMBs Dell 14% Other 30% o Slightly more than 75% of SMBs Lenovo feel they’re not effectively No preference IBM 9% Apple marketed to by the companies 3% 3% 5% that target them Source: Ivy Worldwide 2010 SMB technology purchasing survey (n=602)• Only one software company was named in unaided responses ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  7. 7. SMB Secrets: #6Brick and mortar is busted• 70% tend to purchase online• Preference for tailored service: Retailers (17%) and resellers (14%) are preferred for support and convenience• Exceptions to online preference are desire for hands-on experience or need for especially quick acquisition ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  8. 8. Respondent overview• 95% have annual operating revenues of US$2M or less• 80% deliver services; 20% products• 53% have been in operation for 3 years or fewer• 54% work at home or otherwise virtually, while 40% work on-site*• 1 in 5 operate in multiple languages, including English• Respondents operate globally*: N. America (57%), Europe/Asia (27% ea.), S. America (7%), Africa (4%)• Average 12 FTEs and 3 or fewer contractors*Responses do not total 100% due to ability to submit multiple selections ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  9. 9. Methodology• Ivy Worldwide surveyed SMB owners and purchasers worldwide• Over 1000 responses were collected and analyzed for relevance to SMB purchase decision-makers• Of those, 602 qualifying responses were then analyzed regarding SMB purchasing habits• More than 96% of respondents have direct input into or final purchasing decision-making responsibility ©2010 Ivy Worldwide
  10. 10. info@ivyworldwide.com