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Torch finding aid Torch finding aid Document Transcript

  • Guide to “The Torch” Collection May 2012 Sidney Silverman Library ArchiveDescriptive SummaryCreatorSidney Silverman Library ArchiveTitleGuide to “The Torch” CollectionDates1968-PresentQuantity204 newspapersAbstractThe Sidney Silverman Library Archive collection of “The Torch” contains copies of the studentnewspaper at BCC from 1968 to the present.LanguageEnglishRepositorySidney Silverman Library Archive.HistoryThe Torch isthe student newspaper of Bergen Community College. Bergen Community Collegewas founded in 1965. The student newspaper was first titled “The Monitor” until 1976 when it
  • became “The Bergen Monitor,” retitled “The Monitor” in 1993, then back to “The BergenMonitor” until 1995 when the newspapers name was changed to “The Torch.”“The Torch, the student newspaper of Bergen Community College, is actively seeking writers,reporters, editors, photographers, cartoonists, illustrators and designers. Any students interestedin working on the paper should stop by Room B-101 or call 201-493-5006 for more information.The paper also welcomes letters to the editor and opinion pieces by guest writers in the collegecommunity.” (http://www.bergen.edu/pages1/pages/880.aspx)Scope and Content NotesThe Sidney Silverman Library Archive collection of “The Torch” contains newspaper copiesfrom 1968 to present. The first copy of “The Torch” (“The Monitor”) the Sidney SilvermanLibrary Archives have is December 1968.There are some gaps of volumes and issues from theearly years, late 60’s and early 70’s. Nonetheless, of the volumes and issue the Archive contains,there are additional copies of many.Arrangement NoteThe Torch collection is organized chronological and arranged in the following series. I. 1968-1970s II. 1980s III. 1990s IV. 2000s-PresentName and Subject Tracings Advisor Names Duffy, Thomas J (January 1969-March 1976) Bordogna, Charles (November 1976-October 1979) Piccininno, Louis (December 1979-May 1982) Golub, Fred (November 1982-Feburary 1983, October-November 1986)
  • Vitacco, Ameila (December 1983-May 1984) Orlando (November 1985-Feburary 1986) Wheeler, Philip (February 1988-November 1989) Wamsley, Frank X (March 1992-December 1993) Markgraf, Tomko, Stiles, Bulter (March 1995-Summer 1995) Markgraf, Sarah (October 1995-December 1995) Nadeau, Harry W (February 1996-June 1997) Wightman, Steve (October 1997-May 1998) Gilroy, Marilyn (September 1998-April 1999) Kaufman &Choonoo (April 2001-Summer 2001) Choonoo, Ralph (November 2002-July 2007) Lauro, Pat Winters (September 2007-March 2008) Wheaton, Lew (January 2009-Present)Editor in Chief Names Bogle, Ron (June 1969) Butler &Felgner (March-May 1971) Varian &Gilmartin (September 1971-December 1971) Gilmartin& Mosier (December 1972-January 1973) Mosier & Stone (March 1973) Noack&Paccione (September 1973-February 1974) Vecchione, Tony (April 1975-November 1975) Parisi, Albert (March 1976-May 1977) Giannattasio, Joanne (October 1977-June 1978) Fischer, Jeff (October 1978-May 1979) Zigman, Barbara R. (October 1979) Fields, Donald L. (December 1979) Gonzales, A.J. (February 1980-May 1980) Newsome, Gary (September 1980-October 1980) Burke, Tim (November 1980) Cooke, Jerry (November 1980) Vincenzi, Lenora H (March 1981) Arp, Elizabeth (February 1982-May 1982) Hachey, Donna (November 1982) Faraj, Abraham (February-March 1983) Gotlieb, Robin (September 1983) Weigan, Rick (November-December 1983) McFadden, Susan (February 1984-May 1984) Dobias, Ken (October-December 1984) Kronowitch, Dara L (February 1985) Patel, Rudresh (May 1985) Fackina, A & Johnson, B (November 1985) Fackina, Arleen (November 1985)
  • Fackina& Patel (February 1986) Scalera, Lott, Vogel, & Simon (October 1986-November 1986) Scalera, Buddy (November 1986-February 1987) Walck, Nancy (September 1987-November 1987) Huhn, Laura (February-April 1988) Chmura, Brian (October 1988-April 1989) Flood, Stephen (October-November 1989) Clarke, Forbes, Ryniker, Morgan (October 1990) Magee, Casey (March 1992) Esposito, Mark (October 1992-May 1993) De Prospo, Anthony (October 1993-May 1996) Morales, Alex (October 1996-February 1997) Wightman, Steve (March 1997-May 1997) Breitman, Andrea (June 1997) Berkowitz, Mike (October-December 1997) Paneque, Jason (February 1998-May 1998) Earl, John (September 1998-April 1999) Bergenman, Allyson (April-Summer 2001) Charbonneau, Damien (November 2001) Orth& Molina (March 2002) Molina, Christopher (May 2002) Fundales, Gicelle (November 2002) Kotsev, N & Hernandez, L (January 2003-March 2003) Hernandez, Lee (December 2003) Bittar, M &Cakiades, A (December 2003-March 2004) Hughes, Darby (November 2004) Carraway, Tieasha (February 2005-January 2006) Campos, Louis (November/December 2006-July 2007) Ferranta, Amanda (September 2007-December 2007) Bartlett, Jill (February-March 2008) Park, Brian (September/October 2008) Veale, Cassandra (January 2009-April/May 2009) Munir, Huma (September 2009-December 2009) Shimron, Ayelet (February 2010-May 2010) Tesone, Carina (Septemtber 2010-December 2010) Romain, Perpetua (February 2011-December 2011) Czarnogursky, Jessica (February 2012-May 2012)Subjects Tuition Parking SGA Smoking
  • Budget Public Safety Broad Titles The Monitor (January 1969-March 1976, February-March 1993) The Bergen Monitor (November 1976-Summer 1995) The Torch (September 1995-Present)Detailed Description of the Records/Container List I. 1960s-1970s Summary: The Monitor issues from 1968 to 1979 II. 1980s Summary: The Monitor/Bergen Monitor issues from 1980 to 1989 III. 1990s Summary: The Bergen Monitor/ Torch issues from 1990 to 1999 IV. 2000s Summary: The Torch issues from 2000 to 2012