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Business BI

  1. 1. Library Instruction Business 101 Prof. Nicholas C Jackson Librarian
  2. 2. Goals for the Class Finding relevant and  Create and develop a authoritative sources works cited page. through the Library’s  Using MS Word to website on you’re topic. begin a draft of a work cited page. Thou shall not Google or use Wikipedia!
  3. 3. Thinking about your topic
  4. 4. Research & Databases• Business Research- Business Databases: – ABI/Inform Complete – Business Source Premier – Wall Street Journal – Hoover’s – LexisNexis Academic • General Database- • Proquest Research Library
  5. 5. Searching the Database• Boolean Logic: This is an algebraic concept, but dont let that scare you away. Boolean connectors are all about sets. There are three little words that are used as Boolean connectors. – And: is a connector that requires both words to be present in each record in the results. Use AND to narrow your search. – Or: is a connector that allows either word to be present in each record in the results. Use OR to expand your search. – Not: is a connector that requires the first word be present in each record in the results, but only if the record does not contain the second word Think of each keyword as having a "set" of results that are connected with it. These sets can be combined to produce a different "set" of results. You can also exclude certain "sets" from your results by using a Boolean connector.
  6. 6. E-mailing Articles & Citations When you find an article you even think you want, email to yourself.  Click on Email  Choose the Citation Format/MLA  Enter your Email and enter a subject  Click Send Open you’re e-mail, whether it is Gmail, Yahoo, Bergen, etc and make sure it is in you’re inbox (check the spam folder if the article does not show up in the inbox)
  7. 7. Copying & Pasting CitationFinding the Citation Pasting the Citation into MS Word – Click on Print – Before pasting you’re – Click on Citation Format citation, set the correct setting for you’re work cited • Choose MLA page – Click on Print • Move “Hanging Indent” a – Click Cancel Half an Inch – Under Reference List you • Change the font to Times will see the citation. New Roman Highlight and copy citation • Change the font to 12p • Change the margins to double-spaced
  8. 8. Find Books & Media ​• Searching by your topic:• – Find Books/Reserves/Media • It’s first searching by keyword (broad) • You can narrow the results by Subject • You can modify your search to find DVDs, e-books, books on CD, etc.
  9. 9. GIVE CREDIT & DO NOT PLAGIARIZE• Citing Your Sources…• – Click on Citation Guides on the left-hand side of the Library’s Home Page. You will see… – How to cite In-Text, How to do a Reference List, & A sample paper cited in APA style.
  10. 10. More…• Further Assistance: • Nicholas Jackson• – – Library 1 on 1 – Ask a Question – Phone: 201-447-7889