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100331 stg marketing deck

  1. 1. common sense uncommonly applied®<br />
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE<br />STG is a strategic consulting boutique based in Europe, the UK, Asia Pacific and the USA<br />The consultancy was founded in 1992 and has been operating in the UK since 1995<br />Our consultants are drawn from a variety of sectors and from the ranks of top business executives with at least twenty-five years experience in different positions and companies across the world<br />
  3. 3. 10 OF THE MOST COMMON ISSUES WE WORK TO RESOLVE<br />Companies without any strategy or a strategy (which may be a good one) which resides only in the CEO’s head<br />Companies with a strategy which is either not communicated into the organisation and/or understood by the Board, management and employee teams<br />Strategies which are well-crafted but which don’t have the executive teams support or confidence<br />Too much data and not enough insight<br />Strategies which cannot be or are not measured<br />Business plans which are paraded as strategies<br />Strategies which are disconnected from investment and budgets<br />Strategies which are disconnected from remuneration structures<br />Strategies which are well crafted and communicated, but not monitored and/or reviewed and, lastly<br />Strategies which while well-crafted, well-communicated and well-supported are not well-executed, or executed at all – or which fail to achieve the strategic objectives<br />
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO<br /><ul><li>We believe that most if not all the elements of an organisation’s strategy lie within the organisation itself
  5. 5. While most organisations have the data, experience and market knowledge to create a strategy, they lack the process and discipline to collate the information and integrate the elements across the top management team and business as a whole
  6. 6. STG provides, through a robust and tested methodology, the process in which all the organisational experience, data and knowledge is extracted, debated and agreed
  7. 7. STG assists organisations in pulling these threads into a cohesive and logical strategy, understood and supported by the top team
  8. 8. Lastly, STG, through professional assessment tools, works with the organisation to measure and change the culture so that the likelihood of the strategy being successfully executed is greatly enhanced.</li></li></ul><li>WHO WE WORK WITH<br />Who we work with:<br /><ul><li>Small to medium size companies* or subsidiaries of large cap companies
  9. 9. Organisations across all sectors
  10. 10. Organisations in which the CEO is personally committed and involved in the strategic change process</li></ul>* typically, but not always, with turnovers >£100m pa and/or 500+ employees<br />
  11. 11. OUR PROCESS<br />Understand the needs of the organisation<br />Work with the top management team to clarify expectations and define the scope of the strategic plan<br />With the top management team, work through and obtain agreement on the following key steps:<br />Develop a vision of the organisation<br />Decide on the core business proposition for the organisation<br />Craft the strategy<br />Align the structure, processes and systems to the strategy<br />Identify and agree the critical changes required for the successful execution of the strategy<br />Build the core leadership team<br />Set up the measures<br />Communicate the strategy<br />Review the strategy<br />
  12. 12. OUR PROCESS<br />In the facilitation of the strategy, these decisions will be debated and agreed:<br />What is the current business<br />What will the future business environment look like<br />What strategic options are available to the organisation, and in particular, what is the organisation’s strategic anchor<br />What are the targets and performance measures over the strategy timeframe<br />What critical changes are required<br />Identify the gaps between where the organisation is now and where it wants to be at the end of the strategy period<br />What are the next steps – timing and personal responsibilities<br />What structures and processes best support the achievement of the strategy<br />What tactical moves are required with respect to the customers needs and wants<br />
  13. 13. WHAT OUR CLIENTS GET<br />A clear written-up strategy based on a common understanding, debated, agreed to create and serve your customer in order to make money<br />Analysis of your competitors’ moves and plans to anticipate and counter these<br />A strategic scorekeeping system to assist in execution management<br />A constructive culture and the application of leadership skills to empower your people to deliver the strategy<br />Clear operational “battle” plans that focus the Company’s energies on launching and re-launching products and/or services critical to the success of the strategy<br />A strategic intelligence system that allows you to monitor change<br />A common understanding of direction, what needs to be done, where investments need to be made and what markets need developing<br />A written-up clear strategy as a well-developed story of what the organisation will look like once its achieved its strategic positions<br />
  14. 14. STRATEGIC THINKING GROUP180 PiccadillyLondon, W1J 9HFUK<br /> <br />Telephone:       +44 (0) 20 7917 2867<br />stguk@strategicthinker.com<br />www.strategicthinker.com<br />