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NicheTech Computer Solutions is providing live project training Ahmedabad. Nichetech is a web development company which is also providing PHP Project Training Ahmedabad. PHP Training Ahmedabad , PHP Course Ahmedabad , PHP Classes Ahmedabad.

PHP Live Project Training Ahmedabad :

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PHP Live Training Ahmedabad, PHP Course Ahmedabad, PHP Classes Ahmedabad

  1. 1. Prepared By, Prepared by, NicheTech :
  2. 2. • Basically database is used for store the user information from online submission, And basically when we are used the php language at that time MYSQL is used as back- end. So let start how MYSQL work will php. • MySql is open source database, it allowed us to store the data enter by the user or it will also allowed us to insert the data by default using the admin panel, so in future if it is becomes necessary to update the data we can perform the necessary operation. • MySql supports standard SQL, so we can retrieve the data using where condition, order by condition etc and able to work on the database table. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  3. 3. • We have already installed the XAMPP so we have to just start the services in that and your MySql will work well into your system. • Now to work on the MySql, open the browser and write http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, then the browser will show the below screen. • So from here you can create your own database for your application. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  4. 4. • Prepared by, NicheTech :
  5. 5. • In the previous screenshot I have created one database named Prepared by,Nichetech Com.Sol.Pvt.Ltd ( and then click on the create button. • Prepared by, NicheTech :
  6. 6. • So when the user click on the create button the previous screen will shown to you, from here you can create the database table. • Here I have created the table named “Prepared by,Nichetech Com.Sol.Pvt.Ltd (”, which contain the 4 rows into this table. • Click on the GO button Prepared by, NicheTech :
  7. 7. • After specify the name of the table in phpmyadmin database, now it times to create the table structure means give the name to particular column with the data type like integer, varchar etc. • Using mysql you can also able to perform the auto increment functionality, allow null or not into the column and so many more operation are there, you can perform using mysql, we can discuss much more about mysql in latter. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  8. 8. • Now in the below screenshot I have specify the 4 column name with datatype and size of that particular column. • Click on the Save button. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  9. 9. • When user click on the save button the above screen will display which shows that your table is created successfully. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  10. 10. •Now after creating the table if you’re interested to store the default value into that particular table click on to the insert tab. •From here you store the value into database table. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  11. 11. • Click on the Go Button. • When user click on the GO button, the data will inserted into the particular table, so the below screenshot shows how the value will store using the structure tab. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  12. 12. • If you are interested to check that how many record are there into particular database table just click on the browse tab and you are able to see how many record are present. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  13. 13. • So now if you are interested to edit the structure of your database table just click on to the structure tab and select the particular column which you are interested to modify. • Using the below screen shot I have shown to you how to update the name of the column Prepared by, NicheTech :
  14. 14. • This is how you can update the table’s column name and save it for the future use. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  15. 15. • Prepared by, NicheTech :
  16. 16. • Now you have better idea how to create the database, how to create the tables into the database, how to insert the default value, update the database column etc. • Now if you are interested to take the backup of your database for safety. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  17. 17. • Now if you are interested to take the backup of your database for safety. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  18. 18. Zipped file will be generated on your desktop when you click on the GO button. So this is how you can take the backup of your database. Prepared by, NicheTech :
  19. 19. Prepared by, NicheTech :