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Homophobia powerpoint

  1. 1. { Homophobia By Sam, Nick, Tamara (10D), Maggie and Johnny (9D)
  2. 2.  Our chosen topic is discrimination – more specifically, homophobia. In this presentation, we will explain some potential causes of homophobia, and how it may result in conflict. We will also elaborate on our 6 key questions, in hopes to inform and interest you on this topic. Introduction
  3. 3.  Homophobia: An extreme or irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people. Definition
  4. 4.  What is the state of homophobia in Hong Kong?  What are some of the possible causes of homophobia?  Where is homophobia the most prevalent a matter?  How does homophobia cause violence and conflict?  How are people or organizations working to prevent homophobia?  How does homophobia affect us? Our 6 key questions
  5. 5.  Although there is no official list or ranking as to where homophobia is the most prevalent, there are a few countries where it is extremely bad. In Jamaica, for example, there are no anti- discriminatory laws protecting LGBT civilians. In fact, male homosexual sexual activities can send you to prison for as much as a decade. In Russia, although homosexuality is no longer illegal, same-sex marriage is still not recognized and, like Jamaica, there are no anti- discriminatory laws. Prevalence
  6. 6.  We are actually exposed to homophobia a lot more than we realize. You can see proof of this on NoHomophobes.com , a site that shows how many people tweet phrases using homophobic slurs. Many of us subconsciously will say something is “So gay,” just because we hear so many people saying that all the time. Also in music, especially rap, many lyrics contain homophobic slurs. On the contrary, take the song “Same love,” by rapper Macklemore; a song in favor of equality and rights for all. How are we affected?
  7. 7.  The problem with homophobia is it can be bullying the LGBT people. Not only verbal, but homophobia can be physical abuse. Homophobia leads to bullying, isolation and even depression. In some very bad cases, homophobia can lead to suicide, because people feel as if the negativity towards them will never go away. But what is the problem?
  8. 8.  Although homophobia does exist in Hong Kong, with time, the population of homosexuals in HK will grow, and eventually it will become an even bigger matter to treat everyone equally. Homophobia isn’t as large an issue in Hong Kong, as here we are often influenced by other western cultures, and in this case, ones that are more open to the LGBT community. Homophobia in HK
  9. 9.  Homosexuality is legal in Hong Kong, as the government awareness has increased. Luckily, there are no laws punishing homosexuals or their behavior, as opposed to some countries with much stricter and harsher boundaries in place. However, gay marriage has not been legalized in HK, but the government does offer protection to homosexuals against discrimination. Homophobia in HK
  10. 10.  “Students who describe themselves as LGBT are 5 times more likely to miss school because of feeling unsafe. 28% are forced to drop out.”  “75% of people committing hate crimes are under age 30, and one-third are under age 18.”  :Some of the most pervasive anti-gay/LGBT violence occurs within schools.” Statistics
  11. 11.  There is a lot of conflict and violence as a result of homophobia. Many people with strong homophobic views do not express their emotions appropriately. Also, a lot of LGBT teens encounter strong physical and verbal bullying as a result of their sexuality. Homophobic conflict
  12. 12.  There are many organizations that are trying to support the LGBT community and block out homophobia, such as PFLAG (Parents, friends and family of lesbians and gays). There is another organization called GLAAD (Gay and lesbian alliance against defamation), that supports the LGBT community in the media. Organizations
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