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Welcome Email Best Practices, Silverpop
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Welcome Email Best Practices, Silverpop


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Using Welcome Emails to DriveIncreased Engagement and ROI
  • 2. Contents Why Welcome Emails? Elements of a Welcome Email Program Sample (Good & Bad) Welcome Emails & Best Practices Welcome Series REI 12-Part Welcome Series2
  • 3. Why Welcome Emails?
  • 4. List Churn and Inactives – The Good, Bad and So-So The bad news… A typical list will lose 1/3 of its members each year The good news…  Bounces + spam complaints + • Churn can be reduced unsubscribes = 2-4% / month • You control most of your destiny 25% to 80% of your list is • Some inactives can be reengaged inactive  Subscriber has not opened or clicked in specific time frame The so-so news… (e.g., 6, 12 months+) Most are lost4
  • 5. The Honeymoon is over! Research by marketing publisher MarketingSherpa shows email subscriber interest begins to disintegrate as soon as two weeks after the opt-in, as measured by the open rate. Within two months, the open rate typically falls 20% to 25%.5
  • 6. Why Recipients Unsubscribe -Too Frequent - Irrelevant Content/Offers6
  • 7. Welcome Email – eec Retail Research Study 72% of major online retailers send out welcome emails. 98% of retailers’ welcome email now contain a link to their shopping site 32% of welcome emails include a discount, reward or incentive 62% of welcome emails asked the subscriber to whitelist them 79% of retailers sent out HTML welcome emails  Most of the HTML welcome emails were HTML “lite,” making extensive use of HTML text 53% of welcome emails included links to the retailer’s privacy policy 58% of welcome emails were CAN-SPAM compliant in terms of including both a mailing address and unsubscribe method *Email Experience Council’s second annual Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study (2007)7
  • 8. Elements of a Welcome EmailProgram
  • 9. Subscriber Email Touch Progression Opt-in form DOI Confirmation Email Welcome Email or Series Regular Email Program9
  • 10. Engage and Delight…Every Step of the Way Dating  Build trust with transparency  Preferences on opt-in Engagement  Welcome programs  Bring the flowers Marriage  Deliver on expectations  Preference updates  Move to lifecycle, trigger and behavioral-based programs Divorce  Provide alternatives to unsubscribing10
  • 11. Goals and Purpose Goals: Purpose Speed up conversion Educate subscriber Minimize list churn Reward/Incent Strengthen brand Instill/reinforce trust perception Enable immediate “email Reduce inactivity experience” Provide administrative information11
  • 12. Timing The Good News The Bad News 61% of retailers deliver 19% take more than 24 their welcome emails hours to deliver their within 10 minutes of welcome emails, with sign up, with most of nearly a third of those those delivering within 3 taking more than a week minutes.* to deliver.* *Email Experience Council’s second annual Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study (2007)13
  • 13. From Name/Address From Names:  Use the same from name as regular emails  Simple, logical and trusted brand From Name/Address  Again, use same as regular emails  Avoid ugly, number-oriented if possible Good Examples:  Olive Garden []  MBNA America []  [] Questionable Example:  Penny at MarketingProfs []  Service@wedding.orders.com14
  • 14. Subject Lines Good/OK Not So Good Welcome to Fetchdog! Take Welcome 10% Off Your Next Order  No branding  Branded  No mention of email program  Immediate value proposition  No value proposition Welcome to - Take Thank you for signing up! 20% Off Today  Signing up for what?  Branded  No branding  Immediate value proposition Welcome to Email Savings!  Email program is branded  Implied value proposition15
  • 15. Welcome Content Checklist Email address added Resources, key links Add to address book “Your gift” incentive Privacy assurance and Unsubscribe link link Reinforce value Link/instructions on how proposition to change preferences Upsell How to get started Call to action/”offer” When the first email will arrive16
  • 16. Sample (Good & Bad) WelcomeEmails & Best Practices
  • 17. Confirmation Emails – Are Not “Welcome Emails” • Primary Purpose is to confirm subscription • They aren’t a subscriber yet • Pre-selling and reminding of value proposition is good, but should not take the place of welcome email; or distract from confirmation action18
  • 18. Net a Porter: 3-Step Sign-Up/Confirmation Process 1. Opt-in form with minimal (but key) information requested 2. Double opt-in confirmation email 3. Further information collected on confirmation page for additional targeting19
  • 19. Net-a-Porter: Double Opt-in Confirmation Email20
  • 20. Net a Porter: DOI Confirmation Page – Collect Additional Data21
  • 21. Welcome – 4-parts will followOverview Login immediatelyValueproposition Tips and community FAQ SupportResources contact
  • 22. MarketingProfs: Manages Expectations/Transparent23
  • 23. Key text navigation linksValuePropositionShopping link Administrative text links
  • 24. Sears: Works Pretty Well Even With Block ImagesHowever, mostcritical shoppinglink is image only– should also betext link25
  • 25. Toys-R-Us: Disaster With Images Blocked26
  • 26. Top ofemail
  • 27. Middle ofemail
  • 28. Bottom of email
  • 29.  Best Practices Followed:  Re-iterates benefits of signing up  Set expectations on when first email would be received (though vague)  Asked to be added to Address Book  Link to privacy policy  HTML to convey brand image  Sent within 24 hours of registering  Primary message is view- able in an images off environment
  • 30. Welcome Email – Betty Crocker  Confirmation/Welcome email received when registering for their website Cross promotes their newsletters in case you didn’t sign up when you registered for the website Great use of imagery Coupons Star Ratings Recipe Box  Best Practices Followed: Primary message is view-able in an images off environment  Email comes from Betty Crocker (From Address).  Includes personalization (first name)
  • 31. Good: Driving immediate engagement with Infinitiby providing key calls to action on the redbuttonsNeeds to Improve: The entire main body of the email is animage  Need a mix of text and HTML to optimize visibility in email clients and deliverability
  • 32. Welcome SeriesThink Series, Not Just a Single Welcome Email
  • 33. Welcome 1 - Overview35
  • 34. Welcome 2 – Getting Started36
  • 35. 1Preferences Reinforce reminder Benefits
  • 36. 2
  • 37. REI 12-Part Welcome Series(Courtesy
  • 38. 1
  • 39. 2
  • 40. 3
  • 41. 4
  • 42. 5
  • 43. 6
  • 44. 7
  • 45. 8
  • 46. 9
  • 47. 10
  • 48. 11
  • 49. 12
  • 50. Takeaways Take baby steps Test subject lines Redesign for preview pane and blocked images  Test layout, use of images, HTML Incorporate additional welcome content Monitor open, clicks and conversions for recipients of Welcome messages – impact on overall response rates Expand from a single welcome email to welcome program Continuously test53
  • 51. Q&A Follow Me Contact:  Twitter  Loren McDonald • @LorenMcDonald   Columnist • Media Post - Email Insider • MarketingProfs GetToThePoint • Many others…  Blogs • Silverpop – “Tales” • http://marketing- mcdonald.html54