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This is Make it Happen Consultancies 'Little Book' which tells you all about us.

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Marketing brochure[1]

  1. 1. our little book
  2. 2. take your passion and make it happen.developing business for a new generation...
  3. 3. whose value is itanyway?A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is really meaningful to thecompany.But is it just about the company?Understanding your own values and those of others involved in your business iskey to the impact that your business has on society, the growth it can achieveand the profit that it is able to make.Social and Ethical businesses are based on:Their own valuesThe values of the people involvedThe value of their contribution to society as a whole.
  4. 4. what are your business values?what are your own values?what is your businesses value tosociety?fillitfillin...
  5. 5. who do you involve in your business? fill it in...
  6. 6. together we can achieveso much more...One person with a passion can make an impact, can you imagine the strength oflots of people coming together with the same passion..?
  7. 7. that’s a force to bereckoned with!Stand up together and be counted!
  8. 8. don’t put all your eggs inone basketDeveloping profit is easy, developing sustainable profit isn’t.Spreading your risk by developing different ways of generating income leads to abalanced and sustainable business.The more profit you make, the bigger difference you can make.
  9. 9. how does your businessmake profit? trading commissioning funding fundraisingfill itin...
  10. 10. code of conduct How do you expect people to behave in your organisation? fill it in...
  11. 11. for every action there is areaction.....Ethics is about the moral code of conduct that your business undertakes.An ethically minded organisation should be accountable for its actions anddevelop trust and legitimacy within society.For every action we make there is a decision to be made.Are you comfortable with the decisions that you make?Are you happy with your moral code of conduct?Are you comfortable that the people in your business can make the rightdecisions based on ethics?
  12. 12. when it all began...Make it Happen Consultancy Ltd was established on the 10th April 2006 by itsfounders and current directors, Richard and Nicola Dickins. Both Richard andNicola have a career history that encompasses working for some of the biggestcharities in the UK, NHS Trusts and Private businesses.Throughout their careers and regardless of the sector they worked in it wasevident that social and ethical leadership became second place in a moneydominated society.They set up Make it Happen Consultancy to challenge the traditional businessmodel and build social and ethical leadership throughout business regardless ofthe sector in which it operates.
  13. 13. our make it happenbuilding blocks...Make it Happen Consultancy believes that the foundations on which to build asuccessful business model are:Profit - Essential for any business to ensure long term growth, independenceand sustainability.Social Impact - The direct and wider impact that the business has on societyand the value society places on your business.People – Engaging and building positive relationships and networks that poweryour business.Ethics – Providing the knowledge and understanding of ethics and the impact ofethical decision making on your business.These foundations are the essential building blocks for a long term sustainableand profitable business.
  14. 14. how we build...Make it Happen Consultancy build’s social and ethical leadership in businessthrough: Connecting leaders with their passion, values and beliefs, so they are confident about why and how they can make social change. Sharing knowledge and experience to help leaders develop skills, capacity, resources and plan for a sustainable and profitable business. Showing people how to value their values, account for their values and communicate their values to inspire others. Help people become ethical leaders for social change.Make it Happen Consultancy is a values led business that is passionate aboutsocial and ethical change. It provides consultants who are experts in their field;expertise gained through experience, knowledge and understanding.Our consultants inspire, motivate and make social change happen.
  15. 15. our servicesValuing Your Values Workshop – MIHC Model – thought provoking, chal-lenges perceptions of the sector, introduces social and ethical business. 1 hour(presentation only) or 2 hours (with discussion).Awareness Training (Profit, Social Impact, Ethics and People) - Half day learn-ing sessions, delivered to Management Boards/Senior Management Teams toprovide learning and discussion on each topic.Training for individuals supporting Social Enterprise – A programme of sixlearning modules that can be purchased as a package or individually. A licenceis purchased to use the MIHC model, tools and resources. Retainer can bepurchased for coaching, updates and further training.Modules:Essentials for supporting Social EnterpriseDiversification of IncomeMeasuring Social ImpactTransition and ChangeMarketing ValueGrowth & Scaling Up
  16. 16. more of our services...Research and Development Infrastructure re-alignmentFeasibility Studies Cost ControlEvidence of Need Income DiversificationMarket Research Managing financeProduct and Service pilotsGeographic and sector orientation Ethical Recruitment andProject specific Selection Skills analysisValues Intelligence Programme Job Description and PersonValues audit SpecificationValues internal and external research Advertising the roleValues Report Assessment Frameworks –Promoting values competency, ethics and values Selection processSocial Accounting Assessment DaysBenchmarkResearch impact Organisational CultureImpact management and accounting ManagementSocial Impact Reporting Culture auditsSROI Code of ethics Ethics managementBusiness & Strategic Planning Support with ethical decision makingBusiness planningProduct and service development Consultancy, Coaching andOrganisational change Mentoring
  17. 17. Make it Happen Consultancy 18 The Embankment Business Park Vale Road, Heaton Mersey Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3GN Tel: 0161 432 7744E-mail: www.