Fortune’s fancy chapter 2-2


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Fortune’s fancy chapter 2-2

  1. 1. Fortune’s Fancy- Chapter 2 part 2 A Legacy by Nicbemused and simself Nicki Bemused with possible commentary by Other Characters
  2. 2. Back under his own blankets, with Artemis guardinghim and Ajax guarding the house, Blake felt likemaybe they had been imagining things. Still, it feltgood to be home.
  3. 3. Brenda had taken advantage of her parents and the older kids being gone and had spent some timeout of the house. On one of her forays, she’d run into her old friend, Chris Adams.“Wow! It’s been a long time! What have you been up to?”“You know, married, a couple of kids. You?” Brenda thought Chris looked good.“Kind of a long story.”“Tell away, I’ve got time.” Pete was working some party and wouldn’t miss her.
  4. 4. “OK. If you are sure.” He paused while Brenda nodded. “Youknow the girl I was going out with? We didn’t make it and I cattedaround pretty badly after she and I broke up. Turns out I wasn’tas careful as I might have been.
  5. 5. “There was this girl, Alice, in my dorm. She was looking for a good timeand so was I, so we hooked up a couple of times. She got pregnant. Atfirst I didn’t believe her, neither of us were monogamous, but I took atest and it said I was the dad.”
  6. 6. “I wasn’t going to just ignore my kids, you know? So wemoved into family housing on campus, which is a realdump.”
  7. 7. “Alice had the kids, yeah, kids, three of them, Alec, Sherry, and Robin, half way throughmy senior year. Alice was only a Sophomore and they said that she could stay if she keptup with her classes, but she took the semester off while I crammed for orals. When Igraduated, I offered to stick around on campus and take care of the babies if she wantedto finish her degree or to take the babies with me when I moved back, but she wasn’tinterested. A couple of weeks after I moved back and got a job she showed up at myapartment with the babies and said she’d dropped out, so I found a bigger place and sheand the babies moved in. Sometimes I think she just wants to live free while I supporteveryone, but I don’t want to kick her out. The kids need their mother, you know?”
  8. 8. Brenda studied her old friend and then went with her impulse, “Ihad a baby my senior year, too, so he’s about the age of your kids,and my baby brother isn’t that much older. He’s turning 13 in acouple of days, why don’t you come to the party and bring yourkids? Maybe they’ll be friends too.”
  9. 9. And so, a few days later, Chris and his three children came to Blake’sparty, along with Tara and Lettie, and some other friends, and thefamily of course. Looking at the other kids, Blake realized that hewould soon have outgrown many of the things they liked to dotogether.
  10. 10. He hadn’t felt that much older, but now he did. Alot older. And bigger. And clumsier.
  11. 11. It was awkward looking down on all his best friends,knowing it would be a while before they caught up withhim.
  12. 12. Not that Cam would let him feel awkward for long.“You aren’t going to turn into a total tool now that you’re a teenager, are you?Because you’re still my best friend and it would suck if you aren’t fun any more.”“Hey, where’d you learn words like that?”“From you, doofus.”“Oh, yeah.” Blake guessed not everything was going to change.
  13. 13. Blake wasn’t the only one with a birthday, however.While he was having his personal crisis, Cyr was gettingolder too.
  14. 14. There were some advantages to being a teen.Brenda had invited some of her younger Greek sisters to the party includingone girl Blake thought was kind of hot. He didn’t really have the hang oftalking to girls yet, though, because she laughed at him and called him a kidwhen he said he didn’t know if he ever wanted to get married.
  15. 15. Fortunately Blake did know some other teens and he decided to makefriends with them now that they had things in common.“Yeah. I know a bunch of girls. I’m, like, some kind of pimp. Ha ha. Ha.”“Uh huh. You want I should introduce you to Emily?”“Yes!”
  16. 16. And so Blake did eventually meet some girls his own age and, in doing so, discoveredthat the beach was a great place to hang out. Everyone was really relaxed and casualand sometimes the girls took most of their clothes off.“So, Emily, I really like you shirt. It’s so… small.”“Thanks. I like your chest. It’s so… bare.”“Geez. Why don’t you two just kiss already. This is embarrassing to listen to.”
  17. 17. Blake thought this was an excellent idea, but he feltawkward about kissing a girl in front of another girl. Hewaited until Kima went away.
  18. 18. After all, he kind of liked Kima too. Even if they hadn’t spent much timetogether, Blake thought she was pretty and smart but he was intimidated byher. She was quick and a little snarky and he heard she’d been kissed a lot.He didn’t want her to think he was some inexperienced kid. Emily was muchmore approachable.
  19. 19. After talking with her for a long time at a party, though, he discovered that she was reallycool and stood up for her friends.“So then she told Jenny that she had really stupid hair and Jenny started to cry and I toldher that it didn’t matter what she thought, that Jenny liked her hair and I thought it wascute and before she took her boring trance-clone hair back to her trance-clone friendsshe should dye it so her boyfriend could tell her apart from all her other poser friends.”
  20. 20. After that Blake tried to meet up with her as much as possible. Sometimes he even convincedBrenda to take him down to the public pool where Kima had a summer job.“So, like, are you allowed to talk to people during your shift?”“Not really, but I can on break and at lunch. Are you going to stick around for my next breaktoo?”“Would you guys shut up? I’m trying to concentrate!”
  21. 21. Blake did stay around.“Come on! Dive in!”“You better get out of the way!” Blake crossed his fingers thathe wouldn’t bellyflop in front of her and dived in.
  22. 22. “Um. I really like your swimsuit. Um, you look good wet. I mean, in the water.I mean. Um. You swim really well.” Maybe he’d disappear. Right here out ofthe water. Maybe he’d miraculously learn to teleport all the way home.She smiled at him. “Thanks, I like you too.”Oh. Oh. That was all right then. Yes!
  23. 23. While Blake was learning about girls and practicing his smooth moves,Brenda was dealing with a very difficult pregnancy. She had terriblemorning sickness and, when that went away, exhaustion.
  24. 24. “Brenda, I have concerns of you. Are you certain the doctor says that you are well?”“Yes, Papa. She says that as long as I remember my limits and remember to get enough rest, the baby and I will befine.”“That is well and good, but I am thinking this should be the last child. You are having three already, four is beingenough.”Brenda could always tell when her father was worried, his accent got thicker. “I think you are probably right, Papa.”“Is good. We shall return to my beating you at chess. Is your move.”
  25. 25. “Hi little baby. I’m ready for you to come, but if you need to stay inthere longer, that’s OK too. You’re my last one, so I want you to bereally ready to come out when the time comes. Take the time youneed to grow healthy and strong. I’ll be OK in the mean time.”
  26. 26. Fortunately, Pete had been much more help with Cyr thanwith her other boys. From helping with Cyr’s birthday.
  27. 27. To doing the potty training, Pete had taken a lot of the burden of Cyr’s toddlertraining off of Brenda so that she could get the rest she needed with thepregnancy.“So help me Lady, Cyr, you are going to learn to go in the pot. You aren’t a babyany more and I’m not changing any more framming diapers!”
  28. 28. But Brenda still made time to spend with her boys to make sure they didn’t feel jealous ofthe new baby.“Luff Mommy. Daddy framming mean.”“Framming isn’t a nice word. We don’t say that word. And daddy isn’t mean, he just getsimpatient sometimes.”“Hee Hee. OK Mommy.”
  29. 29. She made sure to tuck in her older boys every night.“Night Mama.” Cam yawned and closed his eyes.“Night baby.”
  30. 30. “Had a bad dream, mama.”“It’s OK, baby, I’m here.”“’K.”
  31. 31. However, Brenda was very happy when little Callie arrived, healthy andhappy.“Hi Callie. I’m your mommy. Your daddy and grandma and grandpa andthree brothers and Uncle Blake and I are very happy to meet you. You’remy only little girl, so I hope we have lots in common.”
  32. 32. “Hi Princess. I’m your daddy. You are my little girl and you are going togrow up to be the Princess of the whole family. Your mommy has to workbut I love you and we will be spending lots and lots of time together.”Unfortunately, though Pete was very happy to have his daughter there,all this domesticity was making him restless.
  33. 33. “OK, kid. Tonight you and I are going to go out and you are going to meet some real womenand learn about being a man. It’s my responsibility as your brother-in-law to teach you somethings, since it seems like your father and brothers won’t.”“Sure, Pete. Where are we going?”“I hear the Roadhouse is rocking. We’ll go there.” Pete may have more than heard theRoadhouse was rocking. It was a risk taking the kid there, but somebody needed to teach himwhat was what. Hell, the kid hadn’t ever even had a drink.
  34. 34. “So, like, are there rules?”“Yeah. Relax, have fun, do what you want, mind your ownbusiness. They aren’t too picky here.”
  35. 35. “So, Avri, that’s my kid brother-in-law. Can you hook him up?”“He got ID?”“Good enough ID if you aren’t too picky.”“Sure Mr. Destin. No problem. He better be careful though, there’s an elementhere tonight, and he looks mighty green.”
  36. 36. “Hey, baby. Looks like the stars are out tonight, ‘causeyou sure have a heavenly body. Wanna dance?”
  37. 37. “Oh, Pete, you are soooo smooth.”“I’m even better in a hot-tub. Want to go out back again?”“Oh, Lady, Pete is hitting on some woman. What do I do?”“Bros before hos, dude.”“That’s what I thought. I should be a good brother and say something to Brenda.”“Dude, so not what that means.”
  38. 38. “Hello, my man. I’d like a strawberry Daiquiri.”“ID?”“Sure.” Blake handed over the ID that Pete had given him earlier in the evening.The bartender raised his eyebrows and looked over at Avri, who gave a thumbs up. Henodded and handed the ID back to Blake.
  39. 39. “Hit me again.”“That’s four. You sure?”“Yesh.”“So, what’s a kid like you doing drinking tonight?”“Oh, Pete tooked me out to have shome fun an’ be a man. Boy am I havin’ fun. I din’t see him hittin’ on somechick who in’t my shishter at all. Nope nope.”“Pretty heavy for a kid.”
  40. 40. “Boy, I luf Daq. Daq. Shtrawbury shtuff. Ish great!”“You OK, kid? You’re turning kind of green. Maybe it’s time to head to thebathroom?”“Yeah.” Blake slid off the stool, catching himself on the bar before he fell.“Gotta piss.”
  41. 41. Pete looked around and noticed that Blake had been missing for a while.“Blasted kid. Where’d he go? Sorry baby, I have to go look for my bro.”“No problem, Pete. Call me next time you slip the leash.”“Sure, baby.”
  42. 42. “Waddaya mean my lady’s a sexy piece? You trying to hit on my lady?”“Blasted kid.” Pete raised his voice. “Sorry, guys, you see he’s a baby,right? Kid’s had too much, time to go home.”“You better keep a leash on him, Pete, or not bring him back.”
  43. 43. “Come on, Blake, time to go.”“Doan wanna move. Theshe guys’ll punch my fashe and I’ll haffa fight and the poleesh will take mehome. Doan wanna go home with the poleesh. Uncle Bashtien’ll kill me of embarasshment.”“I promise the guys will let you go, right guys.” They nodded, starting to look amused. “Come on.”“OK. Thanks, Pete. You shaved me. I din’t see nuthin’. There’sh nuthin’ I need to tell Brends. Nopenope.”“Good. Let’s go, kid.”
  44. 44. “Your Uncle Blake is a good kid, Princess. He kept his mouthclosed and saved Daddy a lot of trouble. Daddy doesn’t thinkhe’s going to take Uncle Blake out again though, its toodangerous. Let’s get you a bottle.”
  45. 45. Fortunately, Blake wasn’t going to ask to be taken out again, either.His best friend was becoming a teen, so they would be able to doall the same things and Blake be back to having a “partner incrime”.“Woooo! Cam! Grow Cam grow!”
  46. 46. And grow Camden did.“Whoa. This is cool. I can see over the half-walls properlynow. How do I look? Is my hair good?”
  47. 47. Now that he was older, Cam was able to help with his littlesister.“I dunno, Callie. I’m not sure they should have left us alone.You’re a squirmy, slippery baby, what if I drop you?”
  48. 48. Cam wasn’t the only one getting older. His friends Robin, Sherry, and Alec were gettingready to go to high school too. Their father, Brenda’s old friend Chris, had been reluctantto invite people to his small house, but the kids had convinced him.“Ready, Sherry?”“Yep. Ready, Alec?”“Yep. Lets go!”
  49. 49. Alice as not thrilled to have Brenda at her kid’s party.“I’ve seen him looking at her and that woman is not going to steal myman or get in my way. I have a good situation here and I aim to keepit.“
  50. 50. Robin, Sherry, and Alec weren’t privy to their mother’s thought, however.They were busy being thrilled to be teen.Lettie was happy for her friends, but she couldn’t wait for her and Tara’sbirthday, it was almost here!
  51. 51. The birthday was only the first party the Payan-Adams kids had.Alec was glad his parents were so lenient with the rules, thoughhe wasn’t totally comfortable with how popular his sisters were.
  52. 52. Sherry in particular was popular with both boys and girls. Shewas cute and part of the popular group at school. Boys flockedto her and she wasn’t pushing them away. Robin was mostlypopular with the boys but for all the wrong reasons.
  53. 53. Alice, in the mean time, had ensured that Chris wasn’t going anywhere.“I can’t believe our birth-control failed again.”“Aw, Chris, our kids are so cute, won’t you love this one too?”
  54. 54. “Lettie? How are we going to get more toys if we don’t have a party?”“I don’t think we’re going to want toys any more. Cam and Blake only play with toys when they are playingwith Con or Cyr.”“Still. We should get a party. Blake had a party and Cam had a party, and Robin and Sherry and Alec had aparty. We should get a party, with lots and lots of people. Puhlease help me convince Daddy.”Lettie sighed. “I guess a party would be OK. Fine. We should tell Daddy that a birthday party will be a goodway to show off the house without looking all braggy.”“Wow! Yeah! That’s really smart, let’s do that!”
  55. 55. Fortunately the renovations on the house weredone before the girls’ birthday.
  56. 56. “Please Daddy! Please Daddy! Please? I’ll love you forever and ever and Grandma andGrandpa and everybody can come and see our new rooms and stuff!”“I suppose you are going to want to invite everyone you’ve ever met to the party, hmm?”“Yes Daddy!”“Fine, but you and your sister have to promise to help clean up after.”“OK, Daddy! Yay!”
  57. 57. And so, as the youngest of their peer group, the girls had thelargest teen (and family) party of the entire neighborhood.
  58. 58. The party was so large the girls had to have their cakes on the back patio.“Hurry up, Tara! I’m ready to blow out my candles.”“Just a second, I need to finish my wishing.”“Nope, you hurry, I’m blowing out my candles now!”
  59. 59. Lettie was right. There wasn’t time to dawdle. The patio wasextremely crowded and the guests were getting cold in thechilly night air.
  60. 60. So, first Lettie…
  61. 61. …and then Tara grew up into lovely teenage girls.“Blast. I’m going to have a terrible time keeping the boys away from you two.”“Don’t be a spoil sport, Cam. That’s Daddy’s job.”
  62. 62. The party was really rocking and everyone had awonderful time!
  63. 63. Some people, however, may have had a bit too much of Bastien’sbeer.
  64. 64. “I hope Brenda didn’t see that.”“I can’t BELIEVE Bryan let that girl kiss him! That is NOTOK!”
  65. 65. Unfortunately, the party was so loud that the police had to come by and askBastien to start shutting it down. Due to professional courtesy, they didn’tcite him, but Bastien sent everyone home anyway. He didn’t want to put hisfellow officers in an awkward position.
  66. 66. “So, girls, what do you think about being teenagers now?”“It was a great party, Daddy, thank you for letting us have it!”“You’re welcome. Have you thought about your plans or the future yet?”“I think we need to have some fun first.”“As long as you are careful. You’re both beautiful girls and there are lots of boys that will want to takeadvantage of that. You both need to watch out for yourselves and remember what I taught you.”“Don’t worry, Daddy, Blake and Cam will help watch out for us, too.”
  67. 67. The other teens seemed to share Tara’s idea. Blake threw anumber of parties at the Destin house and invited all hisfriends.
  68. 68. It was not all fun and games, however. Camden hadmusic lessons down at the conservatory in Old Town.
  69. 69. And Blake had a heavy course-load of classes at schoolthat required him to do a number of projects.
  70. 70. Though sometimes they tried to get out of their school work.“Boys, I have heard from your teachers today that you have, perhaps, not completed all of yourassigned work. I’m thinking I will just sit here and help you remember to get it all done.“Awww, Grandpapa!”“Papa!”“No, no, no complaints, It is clear you have need of help with this remembering.”
  71. 71. “Blake? I’m done! Can you please take me to the beach? Puhleeese?”“Show me your work and if you all are finished you may go.”“Yes Papa.”“Yes, Grandpapa.”
  72. 72. They always had fun at the beach and, as usual, it wasfull of teens and kids to hang out with. It was a greatplace to find their friends.
  73. 73. Blake was glad to see Emily there. He needed to talk with her.“So. Um. Em. Like, you’re a great girl and fun to hang out with and all but, um…”“You’re more into Kima. Yeah, I get it. I understand.”“I mean, I hope we can be friends and all.”“Sure, Blake. Whatever.”
  74. 74. While the kids did get to come along sometimes, they alsogot left at home while the teens got together. One of theirfavorite hangouts was, of course, the diner.
  75. 75. Sometimes all the family teens went as a group, butsometimes they just met their friends there and hung outwith people they weren’t related to.
  76. 76. However, the girls did like it when they met up with Blake, because thentheir father would let them stay out later than normal.“Please. Like you’re a good example.”“I know!”
  77. 77. All and all, however, the parents preferred the kidshung out at home, where they could keep an eye onany romantic entanglements.
  78. 78. Which was exactly why Lettie liked to meet up with Alec out in thecommunity. Tara sometimes complained about being forced to witnessLettie’s dates, but Bastien said they were too young to have serious alonedates. Lettie sometimes wondered if Tara was jealous.
  79. 79. Maybe that was why Tara kissed Alec. Or maybe she was reallyattracted with him and had gotten into Daddy’s beer. Or maybeshe was angry at Lettie for something, but she did kiss him, andright in front of her sister.
  80. 80. “Bite Alec, come on, go and bite him.”What was she thinking?“Tara! I can’t believe you actually kissed your sister’s boyfriend. That’s, like, sowrong!”“Hey! Come back here!
  81. 81. “So. Um. I’m not OK with you kissing my sister.”“She kissed me!”“But you kissed her back. You could have pushed her away and instead you shoved your tongue down herthroat.”“Geez, Lettie, it isn’t a big deal, I just did what any guy would. I was surprised and went with my instincts.”“Well then you have bad instincts! How would you feel if I were kissing other boys?”“I can’t believe you’re making a big deal of this! Chill out.”“Maybe WE need to chill out. If your instincts aren’t to not kiss other girls, I’m not interested in going out anymore. I’ll see you in school, don’t call me any more.”
  82. 82. “You know, Alec, I’m a peace loving guy. But I’m kind of considering if I’ll have more peace if you’re inthe hospital or not. Maybe you better stay away from my family right now and not hurt either of mycousins. You know?”“What, am I supposed to be impressed?”“Only if you’d rather not show up at school with a broken nose and two black eyes on Monday.”“Whatever dude. There are plenty of other girls out there, I’m not that interested in your crazy cousins.”
  83. 83. “No, she’s still not talking to me. Yeah, pretty pissed off. I don’t know. Hewas just there and Sherry was saying it was too bad Lettie was choosinghim over us and then I was kissing him. I mean, I always kinda thought hewas hot and he’s pretty popular at school, but… Yeah.”
  84. 84. “OK, girls, this has gone on long enough. You know your Uncle Bryan and I don’t exactlyget along and I really wish we hadn’t let our childhood resentments get in the way of ouradult relationship. So I’m going to help you get over this. The two of you may not leavethe house unless you are together and you may not have people over until you aregetting along again. I suggest you use this time to work through your problems. Someboy is not worth your relationship.”
  85. 85. The girls were not exactly happy with their father’s restrictions or with eachother, but they both agreed they didn’t want to be stuck at home for theforeseeable future.
  86. 86. Once they were out, however, it was hard to resist falling backinto old habits.“Did you see her? OML!”“I know!”
  87. 87. Soon they were comfortable with each other again and Lettie seemedto be over her anger at Tara, even though neither of them everapologized.
  88. 88. “Hey Lettie. I saw you and Tara are getting along again and I think you’rereally hot and I’m hot, and really the class king and queen should betogether, so I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me.”“No.”That boy better have honorable intentions toward my daughter.
  89. 89. Life went on, despite the teenage drama, and soon it wastime for Cyr’s birthday. They had a small party of mostlyfamily.
  90. 90. “Yay, Cyr! Happy birthday!”Aw, my baby boy is growing up.Thank goodness, no more baby boy piddles on the nursery carpet.
  91. 91. Cyr was happy to be growing up as well. He’d beenwatching the “big boys” for his whole life and he couldn’tWAIT to do all the things they could do.
  92. 92. He was especially thrilled to be able to play video games on his own.Blake used to hold Cyr on his lap at the computer and Cyr would say“BANG! BANG!” while the Gino brothers spit rocks at turtles. Andnow Cyr could make them spit rocks all on his own.
  93. 93. Not that being a big boy was all video games.“Do not be thinking I will read it for you. You must be sounding out the word.”“Papa, this recipe calls for brine soaked pickled herring. Do you know where I can get some?”“Papa, if a triangle is a right triangle and one of the angles is marked 30 degrees, how do I figureout the other 2 angles?”
  94. 94. Being done with homework was much more fun since Cam andBlake would take Cyr and Conrad to the park and Cam wouldplay with them.
  95. 95. While Blake barbequed hotdogs or hamburgers.
  96. 96. The beach was OK too. There were always other kids toplay with while Cam and Blake hung out with friends. Orwith girls. Ewwwwww.
  97. 97. Con, however, was starting to find girls more interesting than ewwww.He’d kind of had a funny feeling around one of his brother’s friends thatmaybe he’d understand soon. Blake and Came had made sure to invite abunch of kids from school, including Blake’s girlfriend, of course.
  98. 98. “Guys! Great party! Grab some cake!”
  99. 99. “Con! Kisses for the birthday boy!”Oh. OH! That’s what that feeling was! Sitting downmight be a good idea now.
  100. 100. While the teens were busy with their socializing, Petequietly snuck back and helped baby Callie with herbirthday.
  101. 101. “Hi, princess. You look a lot like your daddy, yes you do!”“Da!”“Yes, Daddy daddy daddy.”
  102. 102. “Daddy’s princess is going to sit on the potty throne, justlike a big girl and when she grows up, we’ll get her a realthrown to sit on for a real princess.”
  103. 103. “Bottle ucky. Pincess not like bottle.”“All right, Callie, give me a sec. I have to clean this up first and then I’ll get youa new bottle.”“Pincess want now!”“Little girl can wait!”
  104. 104. “There, see, that wasn’t too long, was it?”“Yum! Bottle! Pincess not more mad.”
  105. 105. “Not wike wabbit but mean mommy say no new toy.”“Some day, you’ll own all of this and tell mean mommy to go faraway and Daddy will buy you all the toys you want.”
  106. 106. “Pete? Will you put Callie to be for me please? It’s her bedtime.”“Just a few more minutes, we’re playing.”“Please would you just put her to bed? She’ll get off her routine and be cranky tomorrow.”“NOT SLEEEEEEPPPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!”“Don’t worry, Daddy will play with you.”
  107. 107. “I yikes bottle. Mean Mommy not take.”
  108. 108. With the flurry of training and playing, it was Callie’s birthdaybefore they knew it.“Lets blow out your candles, Princess. Make a wish.”
  109. 109. “Daddy, I don’t think I like this dress. It is green. I want PINK.”“Don’t worry Princess, I left a pink dress on your pink bed, in your new pink room.”“Pete, you don’t think that’s spoiling her a little too much, do you?”“Of course not. Every little girl is supposed to be the apple of Daddy’s eye.”
  110. 110. “THANK YOU DADDY! I LOVE IT!”
  111. 111. “Blake! Didja see my dress? Didja see my cake? I’m a big princess now!”“Yep, I did Callie, but don’t you think you’re getting a little old for the princessthing?”“NO!”“Geesh. All right, calm down. I think I know a girl who needs a birthday hug.”
  112. 112. “Why do you think the principal called us?”“I don’t know. Cyr never gets in trouble, and our Princess is only in first grade, shecouldn’t have done anything that wrong.”“I don’t know, Pete. Last time she was extorting pink sparkle pens from other girls inorder to let them join her clique. Maybe she’ll calm down once I can be at home more.”
  113. 113. “Mr. and Mrs. Destin, thank you for coming. Please follow meback to my office so we can talk.”“Uh oh, sounds like we’re in for some rough weather after all.”
  114. 114. “You too, little Miss Thang.”
  115. 115. “I don’t like the way she’s talking to our daughter.”“Hush. There’s obviously a problem and Callie seems tohave tried her patience.”
  116. 116. “Well I still don’t think it’s OK. If she wants to get respect from the kids she has togive it.”“Pete? What are you talking about? She’s the Headmistress, she’s not supposedto be warm and fuzzy. The kids are supposed to respect her.”“We are one of the foremost families in town. She should acknowledge that.”
  117. 117. “Callie, do you want to explain to your parents why they had to come down here?”“I don’t know. I didn’t do anything. The teacher hates me for no reason.”“Why don’t you tell them what you said to her.”“I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! SHE’S A BIG MEANIE! YOU’RE A BIG MEANIE!”
  118. 118. “I’m sorry, Headmistress, I don’t know what has gotten into her. If you could just tellus?”“First of all, Callie has not been doing her homework lately, so her teacher held her inat recess to have her do it. Rather than stay, Callie ran out of the room and, whenthe teacher caught her, she called her a lard-butt and tried to run off campus.”
  119. 119. “CALLIE DESTIN! What are you thinking? Not doing your homework? Notfollowing your teacher’s directions? Calling your teacher names? You are inbig trouble when we get home, missy. You’ll be lucky to leave the housebefore you learn to drive!”
  120. 120. “But Mommy!”“Brenda, lets not over react. She’s only a little girl after all, and I’m sureshe didn’t mean to run off or call her teacher names.”
  121. 121. “Now, Callie, tell the Headmistress that you are sorry and won’t do that again.”“HeadmistressI’msorryandwon’tdoitagain.”“There, you see.”“There will still be a punishment at home, young lady.”
  122. 122. “I am so sorry. Please let Callie’s teacher know that she will not be doing any of those things again andwill be doing her homework every night, especially since she will be restricted from the TV andgrounded. I apologize for her having taken up so much of your time today. Callie. Come on. We aregoing home and you are headed straight for your room!”“MOMMY!”“Now!”
  123. 123. “Daddy?”“Don’t worry princess. We’ll talk mommy around. You might have to stay in your room tonightthough.”Brenda was glad her show was greenlit and almost up and running. Her hours would be moreregular once she wasn’t working in the restaurant any more, and she could keep more of an eyeon Callie. She couldn’t figure out what had gotten into the girl when her brothers did so well.
  124. 124. The next day was her set warming. Everything was ready to go to start shootingnext week and Brenda wanted her family to see it before then. Alex,unfortunately, hadn’t felt well and had stayed home, but everyone else came.“So, mostly I’ll be standing here, cooking or talking to the camera…”
  125. 125. “What do you think?”“Looks good, sis.”“I believe it is a most inviting kitchen set. I am thinking your viewers willenjoy it greatly.”
  126. 126. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the party, so,happy, tired, and satisfied, Brenda closed up the studioand took her family home.
  127. 127. BRENDA! CALL 911!
  128. 128. Author’s Note:What is going on with all these kids? The teen yearsare tough!What’s up with Callie?Is Alex OK?Hey, it was faster than last time. :PI actually have most of the next section shot, I justneed a couple more scenes and I have an entireinterlude shot that will follow ch2 part3. So I guesswe’ll see if I get the next part done a bit faster.Thanks for reading!