Fortune’s fancy chapter 1-6


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Fortune’s fancy chapter 1-6

  1. 1. Fortune’s Fancy- Chapter 1 part 6 Ick, I think Everything there are disgusts bugs. me.My Hey, lady? Whygirlfriend is is this lot allnot looking empty?at mybrother A Legacy by Nicbemused and simself Nicki Bemused with possible commentary by Other Characters
  2. 2. Fortunately for Bastien, he didn’t need to worry aboutanyone at the housing office losing his suitcase orplacing him in the wrong residence. Brenda and Bryandelivered him right to the dorm.
  3. 3. Bastien thought it looked like a pretty cool place to be,and Chloe had already called to say that she’d be therethe next day. She hadn’t been able to leave with themand had had to take the bus.
  4. 4. Fortunately Chloe hadn’t had any luggage or placementissues either. She had only arrived just in time to rush offto class, though, so Bastien didn’t get to welcome heruntil they all got back.
  5. 5. Even then, they both felt like they needed to get started on their term papersimmediately. Who knew that college would be so much work?“Hey, Bastien?“Yeah?”“Legs or Breasts?”“What are you writing?!”“Paper on eating habits of the typical Freshman Male for my Frosh Studies class.”
  6. 6. “Hey Bryan?”“Yeah?”“Legs or Breasts?”“What are you reading?!”“Anatomy, Psychology, and Art in the Early Simtalian Renaissance.”“Go ask one of your Floosers.”
  7. 7. Of course, none of them did tooooooo muchstudying. Brenda indulged a bit of giddy with thebubble blower.
  8. 8. While Bryan picked his nightly observances back up.“Hey, Perv, point that thing at the sky!”“Sorry Professor DeCoucher, it, er, um… the telescope… is pointedtoward the sky.”
  9. 9. Bastien and Chloe, of course, preferred to relax together.“It’s so nice to have a door with a lock on it. Now we don’t have toworry about your parents walking in.”“Choe? Not the time to discuss my parent.”
  10. 10. Chloe only theoretically had a room anyway. Intruth, they never spent a night apart.
  11. 11. “You know, I learned a lot about metaphors in my Freshman Lit class last year. Like, foodcan be a good metaphor. I could say, ‘Boy, Chloe, you and Bastien sure have been makinga lot of mac-n-cheese together and he’d be really devastated if you decided to make mac-n-cheese with Bryan again.’ and you’d totally know what I meant. And then I could say, ‘Iheard that if a person were to fall into a vat of mac-n-cheese while it was cooking thatthey’d be instantly burned over 90% of their body and probably die a long painful death.And you’d understand that too.”“If you want to throw Bryan in to test that theory, I’ll help. Otherwise I’m not interested.”
  12. 12. When not threatening her brother’s girlfriend withCheesy Death, Brenda was enjoying every bit of hersophomore year. She’d found that Pete was a greatdancer, in more ways than one.
  13. 13. Not that that stopped her from “dancing” with anyof the other dormies.
  14. 14. On the whole, she was quite pleased with her entiresocial life. Contrary to her brother’s opinion, theyweren’t Floosers, they just found her attractive and whatwas more natural than that?
  15. 15. After all, the dormies chased Bryan out of the dorm just to say hi to him when he wason his way to class, so it isn’t like the people he attracted were pillars of intellect.“Didja know there was a girl behind you waving?”“Whatever, she’ll wait. Dime a dozen, those girls.”“I cannot believe I went out with him. Was I on drugs?”
  16. 16. “All right, Bastien, we ‘hoo’d in the photobooth. Satisfied?”“I think I like our bed better.”“Good. I banged my knees to Strangetown and back and I think wehit the pic button because there’s a picture of my back in the pic slot.”
  17. 17. Chloe, of course, remained conscious of herscholarship and made sure she kept her grades up.At least she enjoyed all the studying.
  18. 18. Brenda, on the other hand, did not and soonrealized that she’d fallen behind on her grades again.“Lady! Time for finals already?”
  19. 19. While she studied, the other three, who were well up to speedin their classes, spent time playing pool.“Babe, you can handle my stick any time.”“I’ve already handled your stick. I found it skinny and likely tobe used by anyone who wanted to sink balls into pockets.”“Guys? In the room here. Can we not have this conversation?”
  20. 20. By the time exams rolled around, Brenda was ready, but some of thepoor dormies weren’t. Poor things.“Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance!”“That’s what I’m worried about. I’ll have another chance, andanother and another for ever and ever and ever.”
  21. 21. Some of the dormies dealt with their feelings of eternal fatalism byindulging in gladiatorial combat.“Hah! You whiner. If you die, you’ll never have to take another exam!And I’ll never have to listen to you whine about it ever again! Takethat!” They were not good at handling their emotions.
  22. 22. Brenda had had enough.“That’s it. When we get back from Blake’s party we are going to sitdown and have a discussion. I am fed up with dealing with all theirbad vibes! All this negative energy is unbalancing my chi!”
  23. 23. “Everyone ready?”“Yep, mom, we’re all ready to watch.”“All right, Leif, help him blow out his candles. All together now!”“Happy Birthhhhhhdayyyyyyyy dear Blakey! Happy Birttttdayyyy to…”
  24. 24. “Cake?”“No Cake for Blake. Tickles instead.”“Otay.”You could certainly see the family resemblance.
  25. 25. True to her word, Brenda gathered them all together after they got back.“So. We’ve had a fun time, and made lots of friends, but I’m kind of getting sick of thefighting all the time and I find dormie stasis to be depressing. I think we should move.”“It’s too loud to study sometimes, too.”“I’ll do whatever Chloe wants.”“Bry?”
  26. 26. “Lets move. We can get a place on Greek row and build alegacy Greek house that will carry our names forever.”So they called up student housing and canceled theirreservations for next year.
  27. 27. And at the start of the next year, Beta Beta Beta Chi was born. The property wassituated on the edge of the current Greek Row, but Brenda knew that eventually thearea would develop and they’d be in a prime spot next to the other two foundationalGreek houses.When asked by the student paper what made their house so special, Brendaanswered, “It’s coed!”
  28. 28. While Bastien and Chloe celebrated their new Greek house, thenewest, bestest, brightest campus fixture (or, well, it would besomeday). Brenda went inside.“Could you please get a room? Or find a room? Or something?”
  29. 29. “Hi Papa! No, the house is great. It’s a little older than I expected,and it’ll take some time to furnish, but it’s got great potential forexpansion later. The upstairs is pretty bare, but we don’t need it forright now, so there’s nothing to worry about. Yeah, Bastien and Chloeare already feeling the love. I’ll send some pics, and some sketches ofthe inside! Bye Papa!”
  30. 30. Dear Papa,Here are the pictures I promised. This is the ground floor with threebedrooms, one bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen. That’s uson the deck, posing for you.
  31. 31. This is the second floor. I told you it was bare, but there are doorsout to the front balcony, which is nice, and some day maybe the housecommittee can add walls and stuff for more rooms. There is also avery nice back porch that you can’t see in this picture, and a nice lotthat is great for doing yoga!
  32. 32. Here is a picture of all of us on the front porch. Ignore Bastien andChloe. They would not stop it long enough for me to set the timer onthe camera and then get back to the porch and take the picture. Theyhave no sense of propriety. Bryan was being all standoffish, so I justtook the pic.
  33. 33. Here is the main living area. I know it seems sparse, but it is better for movingaround. That way we can have several friends over without there being aproblem. The fridge is kind of old, but it still works great! I promise we won’tparty too much and will study hard!Love,Brenda and Bryan, Bastien, and Chloe
  34. 34. Of course, the definitions of partying too much and“studying hard” are different for everyone.
  35. 35. And the exact topics of study may be left up to one’simagination and interpretation. Besides all workand no play makes Brenda a dull girl.
  36. 36. Soon their toga parties were the talk of the campus! They were wellknown for always having never ending “punch” tons of pizza, andgood music. And nobody was particular uptight about PDAs or whatwas going on where and they all liked a good joke. Everyone wantedan invitation.
  37. 37. Some people, of course, got more private sorts ofinvitations.
  38. 38. When Brenda realized, half way through her Junior year, thatone of those more private invitations had left her a veryspecial sort of date gift, she was very surprised. She hadn’tbeen sick or anything and she’d always been so careful to useprotection. Apparently nothing was 100%. Oh dear.
  39. 39. “Hey Papa.”“Uh huh. I’m glad you and mom are having a good time teaching Blake how towalk and talk. I’m sure he’s brilliant.”“Oh. Nothing much. But I have something to tell you.”“Well it’s kind of big news. Nothing really bad though, don’t worry.”“Well, you see, um, you know how you always wanted grandkids someday? Well, Ithink you are going to get them sooner than you thought.”
  40. 40. “Um, no, I’m not engaged.”“No, Bastien and Chloe aren’t engaged either.”“No, neither is Bryan.”“I’m pregnant.”“Well, you know how sometimes a man and a woman don’t really love eachother they still mightfind one another attractive?”“No, Papa, I’m sorry, I’m not being sarcastic.”“I’m going to stay here and finish. The baby is due part way through my senior year and Chloeand Bastien said they’d help out so I can graduate on time. I’ll just have to work a little harder.”
  41. 41. Despite her pregnancy, Brenda remained popular with the boys oncampus. The flirting was fun and it helped her feel attractive, despitethe belly she was now toting, and the weight gain, and stretch marks,but she didn’t have the time to devote to it that she used to have.She consoled herself by reasoning that nesting was natural and thebaby needed her to feel balanced and full of good energy.
  42. 42. The other three were not quite as understanding as they hadpromised, though, and the parties continued. Brenda sometimes hadtrouble getting to sleep at night because of the noise and she wishedshe could be out there with them, but she was too tired.
  43. 43. Truth be told the partying was taking it’s toll on Chloe as well. Shedidn’t want to say anything to Bastien or Bryan because she wasafraid they would think she was a party pooper, but the late nightswere really making her exhausted.
  44. 44. And she was worried she might have picked upsome kind of frat-plague from moldy pizzas and badpineapple juice. She couldn’t wait for the year to beover so she could sleep.
  45. 45. Brenda was glad when exams came as well. Finally she had a fewmoments to stand outside and enjoy the damp night air withoutworrying about keeping up and keeping healthy at the same time.Pregnancy seemed so long!
  46. 46. “Oh!” Brenda suddenly realized that it had been along time. She was in her third trimester!
  47. 47. Now that her exams were over, Brenda even hadenough time and energy to have a date or two.
  48. 48. Chloe had taken the long way home from her junior year classes that night.She really was worried that she had something horrible and even herprofessor had commented that she was looking pale and asked if she wastaking care of herself. When she sat back down, one of her classmates hadsnickered and said it looked like she had been well taken care of instead andlooked at her stomach. Why would he… “Oh! Oh, Lady! What will Bastiensay? What if he hates me?”
  49. 49. “I don’t know, Bastien. I don’t think I want to go. Too many people there. I’d rather wejust be by ourselves right now.”Bastien was starting to worry. Chloe had been feeling tired and sick for weeks andshe’d been very very quiet all week and hadn’t wanted to ‘hoo. She’d even waited tochange until he left the room or changed in the bathroom. What was wrong with her?She should know he wouldn’t push if she didn’t want it, even if he saw her naked bodyand wanted her badly. Hmmmm, her body…. Sooo hot… Such nice abs... But. Oh. Hethought back. Ohhhhhhhh.
  50. 50. “Dude. Bro. High Five! Congrats on the superswimmers! When do you wantus to vote her out?”“Thanks. Wait. What?”“Well, it’ll be kind of awkward for you to bring other chicks around if she’s stillliving here, and you won’t want to tell her, so Brenda or I should.”“I’m not going to bring other chicks around. I’m going to marry Chloe.”
  51. 51. “So, this is nice. I didn’t know you could cook like this.”“Uh huh. Listen, Chloe.”“Oh, Lady.”“No. Like, I really love you and I like going out with you, but…”“Bastien.” Chloe tried not to cry. “If you are going to break up with me, would youplease hurry so I can leave with dignity?”
  52. 52. “No! That isn’t it at all. I knew I was going to mess this up. Here giveme a second. OK.” Bastien finally wiggled around enough to get thering out of his pocket.“Chloe, I love you and I like going out with you, but I think I’d lovebeing married to you. Will you marry me?”
  53. 53. Chloe couldn’t believe he was asking her! She hadn’t even said anything, so he mustjust love her and want to marry her! “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! I love you so much!There’s something you should know, though. I’m pregnant.”“I guess it’ll be a short engagement, then. I’ll have to call my parents so we can getthings set up quickly.”
  54. 54. There was a slight delay in Bastien’s plans to call his parents, but laterthat night he was on the phone with Leif.“So, Papa, how would you like to come down for the weekend?”“Well, yes, there’s kind of a particular event that you would beattending.”
  55. 55. “Good. Tell mom to bring her best dress. Chloe and I are getting married!”“We got engaged tonight, but I’d always planned on marrying her, and wemight as well do it sooner rather than later, right? And she agrees, so we’regoing to do it this weekend. Oh, and she’s pregnant. Bye Papa. See youFriday!”
  56. 56. And so Bastien’s parents rushed around, hired a last minute babysitterfor Blake, and flew down.“Oh, I can’t believe my babies are old enough to get married and oldenough to have babies themselves!. I feel so old.” Alex was nottaking it well.
  57. 57. But Bastien and Chloe were clearly overjoyed, so caughtup in each-other that the barely noticed theirsurroundings as they made their vows and becamehusband and wife.
  58. 58. In fact, they became so caught up in each-other that they kept kissing far longer thannecessary and the beautiful sunset turned to purple night skies.“Bastien, perhaps you should retire to your chamber if you have such need of your bride.”“They already did that, Papa, it’s why they had to get married.”Bastien stopped kissing his wife and glared his brother to silence. “We did not ‘have’ toget married! We wanted to get married, we just had a short engagement because of thebaby. Now, lets go eat cake.”
  59. 59. Alex had managed to acquire a wedding cake for her son and his wife,despite the short notice, but it was so pretty Bastien was almostafraid to cut it.“Do you think it’s edible?”“You can help me taste it and we’ll see.”
  60. 60. Bastien fed his new wife a small bite of cake, making sure he didn’tdrop any on her dress or get any on her face. “Well?”“Yum. Perfectly edible. Delicious in fact.”“All right! Everyone dig in!”
  61. 61. And so they did. The entire family stayed up late catching up oneveryone’s lives and talking about their current plans and their plansfor the future. Alex and Leif had paid the sitter to stay overnight andfor the next day as well so that they could stay at a hotel and notmake the long drive back late at night. They had time to talk andlaugh and eat with their older children.
  62. 62. My risky odds? 5%TFB? Not allowed.Sigh.Next up:Mysterious man.Unforeseen plot developments.Married college students.Babies at Uni. Oh my.