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  1. 1. What is Learnmore? Learmore is a city based website aiding students with various areas of study and extracurricular activities. Due to its interactivity it is easy and interesting to use as it is divided into separate subtopics. The site is directed to aid new students with their studies through materials such as but not limited to tutorials, videos and learning materials.
  2. 2. Exams Pros Cons Funny and entertaining to  Need for exam essay samples with comments and grade read which aides variation in order to compare and distinguish between different concentration types of question and possible answers Gives lots of useful tips  Some tips are vague and more and methods to improve depth is needed i.e. Section study habits “Getting top marks in exams”  Repetitive of general knowledge Example of prize winning problem question  Need for regular updates
  3. 3. Newbies Pros Cons Useful tips for new  Some sections are a bit students or for those too bias and seem to be struggling with finding an more of a promotion i.e. individual studying method Twitter for Lawyers For those struggling with the new Law environment this is a great section for tips and tricks to settle in
  4. 4. Writing Pros Cons Those who seek help with  Repetitive from the Exam writing regarding law should section of the website visit this section as it helps not only with coursework  Not directed at all Law but with general writing regarding law students i.e. Guidance on Answering coursework Different option regarding question -> CPE/GDL writing -> Extracurricular activities i.e. competitions and blogs
  5. 5. Moots Pros Cons Very interactive and in  No student feedback on depth – use of videos and power points mooting which would be beneficial for newcomers Best structured and detailed section of the website  Different approaches Great as not only an regarding both civil and introduction to mooting but criminal cases are not also gives tips and tricks for present those who want to polish up their mooting skills
  6. 6. Research Pros Cons Good contents on using  Some may prefer reading a practitioner text, speed text rather than watching reading videos and presentations to acquire information Section is well developed and aids students with  The auditory companion to research the presentations is monotone and sometimes Helpful to students from all makes it hard to the Law Courses concentrate on the presentation itself
  7. 7. Careers Pros Cons Good information  Discussion of different regarding legal experience careers possible after a law degree, not just the Opportunities for solicitor or barrister paths extracurricular activities which are not directly related to the course
  8. 8. Conclusion More examples and information are needed and less repetition of material should be found within the site Overall the site goes in depth, is interactive and is appropriate to all Law Students Should be updated more recently and more student interaction should occur within the site