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What's node.js all about

What's node.js all about






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    What's node.js all about What's node.js all about Presentation Transcript

    • What Is Node.JS All About @niallohiggins niallo@frozenridge.co
    • Node Is JavaScript Uses V8 - Fast dynamic JIT (beats Python, Ruby) JavaScript is not the DOM: - First class functions - Lambdas - Closures - Dynamic - Multi-paradigm OO (shallow hierarchies)
    • Node is Async “When something happens, let me know” - Callbacks - Events - Streams doSomeIO(function(err, result) { console.log(“IO complete: %s”, result) }) foo.on(‘roboDance’, function(ev) { console.log(“robot is dancing”) })
    • Node is Async Everywhere Async is not new “Async Everywhere” is new Entire stdlib is async Entire module ecosystem is async Compare to Twisted, EventMachine, etc
    • Node is Async Everywhere Good for I/O with low overhead Good for network software Good for hardware (NodeBots) Can be hard to read and handle errors (opinion) Terrible for CPU (e.g. SSL a weakness)
    • Node is Systems Glue LibUV is the core of node Cross-platform Async C library Node is JavaScript bindings for libuv: Timers, Filesystem, Network, Processes, etc JavaScript easier to write than C!
    • Node is Modules Node Package Manager (NPM) Local By Default (unlike Python virtual env) Very easy to use & publish modules Great ecosystem of modules IMHO - Single best thing about Node
    • Node is Modules Interesting uses of NPM modules: LevelDB Plug new features into your database! level-replicate, map-reduce, jsonquery- engine … VoxelJS Plug new features into your virtual world!
    • Node is New Lot’s of interesting ideas, experimentation Some great, some not so great Hard to handle errors (hint: use domains!) Hard to debug, monitor (no JMX) Things improving, but keep this in mind...
    • Node is New Questions about scale / performance? Others have been there: - Voxer talks (debugging, dtrace) - Mozilla blog posts - Walmart Labs - LinkedIn - Many more
    • Node is Fun! Easy to write, use & share code JavaScript fun once you learn it Lots of interesting ideas Makes front-end browser code fun too
    • Thanks & Shameless Plug My company FrozenRidge.co helps with JS/Node, MongoDB, DevOps and Continuous Deployment. We make StriderCD.com - Open Source Continuous Deployment Platform in Node.js niallo@frozenridge.co @niallohiggins on Twitter