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Topsec technology   portfolio
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Topsec technology portfolio


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Overview of the Topsec Technology Portfolio of services

Overview of the Topsec Technology Portfolio of services

Published in: Technology

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  • 1.
    • Topsec Technology was founded in 2001 and is part of the Top Security Group , the largest Irish owned security company which was founded in 1979 and employs over 2,500 people at its operations throughout Ireland and overseas.
    • Over 30 Years in Business
    • Topsec Technology are the leading provider of
    • Cloud Services in Ireland with over
    • 100k business users
    • Large Government and Semi-State presence
    • Growing Reseller and overseas distribution network
    Topsec Technology
  • 2. Topsec Technology Cloud Solutions Overview Blockmai l Emergency Email Image Analysis Archiving Endpoint Security Secure Internet Content Filtering On-line Backup FileXchange
  • 3. The Cloud is here Well Topsec have been providing Secure Managed Solutions for the last 10 years before the Cloud even had a name   Business is moving to the Cloud so why not use a trusted, experienced, secure partner to ensure you get the economies of scale the Cloud can deliver whilst being sure that your Business and its Data are Securely Protected by a partner who knows this environment Topsec Technology Cloud Solutions Overview
  • 4.
    • The Topsec Portfolio of Services includes:
    • Blockmail – the leading B2B Cloud Email Protection suite including
      • Content Filtering
      • Image Analysis
      • Emergency Email
    • Archiving – Email Archiving as a Service
    • Endpoint Security – Security as a Service
    • Secure Internet – Web Filtering as a Service
    • On-Line Backup – On-Line Backup as a Service
    • FileXchange – On-Line Solution for Secure Large File Exchange
    • All these Solutions are delivered without the need for Appliances or the need to deploy and manage new Software
    Topsec Technology Cloud Solutions Overview
  • 5. Cloud-based Services Blockmail Cloud Services
  • 6. Blockmail Infrastructure
  • 7. Blockmail Administration
  • 8. Blockmail Administration
  • 9. Blockmail Administration
  • 10. Blockmail Administration
  • 11. FileXchange Service
  • 12.
    • As documents are incorporating greater use of graphics and other sources of rich content, average sizes of emails are rising.
    • This increase in email size has a direct and negative impact on email servers and networks. Very large files should never be sent by email. Not only will they impact on your own resources, but it is also very likely that the recipient mail servers will refuse to accept them even if they do manage to transit.
    • Organisations can find themselves using a wide variety of alternative means of transferring data, which can be expensive, and more critically, leave them open to a range of data security vulnerabilities.
    • Typically, large data transfer can present issues where;
      • Marketing departments are sending brochures to printers
      • Planning departments are sending CAD drawings
      • Field engineers or home workers are trying to send data in to the office
    FileXchange Service The Problem:
  • 13.
    • The benefits of using the Topsec Technology FileXchange service include:
    • Reduction in throttling of bandwidth
    • Reduced load on mail servers
    • Guaranteed fast, efficient and safe delivery of content with a trusted partner
    • Simple and intuitive for end-users
    • Data Protection – Data never leaves the E.U.
    • Audit and Traceability
    • DLP
    • Helps users avoid courier and postage costs
    • For more information please refer to our FileXchange PDF
    FileXchange Service The Solution:
  • 14. Email Archiving
  • 15. Email Archiving
  • 16. Email Archiving
  • 17. Secure Internet
  • 18. Secure Internet
  • 19. Secure Internet
  • 20. Secure Internet
  • 21. Endpoint Security
  • 22.
    • Reduced Hardware and Software requirements
    • Optimised and more productive technical resources
    • Reduces in-house bandwidth usage and requirements
    • Proactive anti-malware protection for endpoints, email and the web
    • Data Leakage Prevention
    • Easy installation / configuration
    • Simple web management consoles
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Knowledgeable 24 x 7 support desk with an average service with Topsec of 7 years
    • Capex to Opex Benefits
    Why Do This? Time and Money!
  • 23.
    • Contact me – Niall Mackey either via:
    • email: [email_address] or;
    • Phone: +353872530705
    So What Now?