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Kick ass analysis

  1. 1. • This is the opening shot of the trailer. I will be focusing mainly on the composition of the shot and the Mise en scene.• This is an establishing shot, which clearly shows that the movie is set in new york. New york icons such as the Empire state building have been included in this shot to help show this. The way that the building is exposed and isn’t hidden by anything on camera helps the audience to recognize the iconic building easily.• The character has been placed in the center of the frame to show importance in the shot. The viewers eyes naturally draw to the center of the shot, which is where they will see the character. The way he has been placed, but facing away from screen adds mystery to the shot.
  2. 2. • With this mid shot I will be focusing on the composition and the way the camera has been placed.• The mid shot helps the audience to identify the character easily. The audience can see what the character is wearing, this can help them to identify the characters job role, class status or fashion style. This information can allow us to gain a quick understanding of the character.• The character has been placed in the center of the shot to show the character as the most important part of the frame.• The way the camera has been placed so that the audience is facing the character, makes the audience feel like there apart of the conversation. The way he’s looking away from the camera to our right gives us the idea that he’s talking to someone else, he says “Why hasn’t anyone tried to be a superhero?”.• From the previous shot, we were faced with a character we didnt’t know the face of. From what the character says in this scene we can tell that he’s puzzled with why no one has attempted to be a superhero. We put the two scenes together and we can assume that he’s the one on top of the building. From these shots the audience can put a story together, whether or not its true we don’t know until we watch the film, this just helps to build on mystery.
  3. 3. • In this shot I will be focusing on the Mise en scene of the two characters in the this shot.• The natural light from the window makes the scene look ore natural and less staged. This helps to make the scene look like a typical meet up in a shop.• There both wearing casual clothes just like the character in the previous shot. We can identify them as being school boys by putting together there young looking age and the clothes there wearing. A t-shirt wearing a jacket over the top, which we can associate with what a student would wear normally. The fact that two of the three characters shown are wearing glasses, can give the audience to make the assumption that there nerds from the stereotype in society.• The character on the left is reading a comic book magazine. Also to his left we can see a comic book stand, this can help the audience to identify the type of shop there in. Comic books are also labeled in society as being read by nerds, which also gives the audience the chance to match this with the glasses to label the three characters as nerds.
  4. 4. • Within this shot I will be focusing on the Mise en scene and the composition of the shot.• In this shot we can now verify that the character is a student. This is marked by the rucksack he is carrying on his back, which we can only see the straps of. The director didnt’t need to show all of the bag as we can identify it just by the straps.• The school bus on the left hand side of him has stopped by the side of the road, the doors have been left open even though no one is on the bus. We can assume that he has just come from the bus, but isnt in a rush. The fact that no one from the bus is in the shot, we can assume they all rushed into school, however the main character has kept a slow pace.• We can see behind him in the top right hand side a student is running towards the school. With this is mind we can see that he is late and is worried about it. We can compare this to the main character who looks quite laid back with a “I don’t care” look on his face.
  5. 5. • With this shot I will be focusing on how the director has used light effects and colour within the shot to make the mask look important.• The colour within the shot plays a big part is making something stand out more than the rest. In almost the entire left side part of the frame we are presented with the main characters brown hair. This may have been chosen to give the frame a darkness part to it, which would make the remainder within the frame look lighter. In the right hand side of the frame we can see him holding the superhero mask. The bright colours help it to stand out against the rest of the shot, this draws the viewers eye straight to the mask, this gives it a sense of possession and importance over the frame and the viewers eye.• The way the light has hit the mask and his hands within the shot also allows the mask take the viewers eye and importance from the remaining parts of the frame. The light has been placed so it shines directly above the mask and places light emphasis on the eyes. The eyes on a superheros mask reveal the characters identity so being the most important part of the costume. This could be what the light tries to reveal, the importance of what he is holding in front of him.
  6. 6. • In this mid-shot I will be focusing on the how the colours are arranged to see what effect they have on the features we see within the frame.• The frame itself appears to be quite dark, the surrounding border line of the frame appears darker than the rest of the shot. This has the effect of bringing out the center where the brightest colours have been use.• The colours within the shot are mainly grey, brown and black, which allow the shot to appear dark and gloomy. The brightest colours in this shot are blue and yellow, which have been focused in the center. The reason for this isn’t by coincidence, the viewers eye is naturally drawn to the center when confronted with an image or shot. The bright colours work with this idea and have been placed in the middle to keep the attention there and to produce a focal point.• The dark colours have been placed around the focal point to keep a strong separation between dark and light colours to keep the attention within the center. The dark colours on the outer edges of the frame act as an barrier in keeping in all the attention into the middle of the frame.
  7. 7. • In this shot I will be looking at the type of shot used and the characters actions within the shot and the effect they have on the audience.• The director has used a mid shot/Close up of the main character showing him in his casual clothes, but he’s taking them off to reveal his Kick Ass outfit underneath. This reveals his identity to the audience as there eyes are positioned towards the center the first thing therell see is his Kick Ass outfit.• Within this shot the character appears to be walking at a fast pace towards where the camera is positioned. The fact he isn’t slowing down in the scene makes him appear to be more fearless.• Within the mid-shot we can see his hands running along his side are raising up towards his torso. This could be a sign that he is preparing to fight, the way the camera stands for somebody or somewhere, makes the audience feel that hes coming for them, adding to the tension.• The shot makes the audience feel more involved with the character, that he’s noticed them and is coming for them. If a long shot was used I feel that there would be a long pause before he would be close enough for the camera to react, however when he’s this close the audience has no time to react.
  8. 8. • I am going to look at the shot used and the effect that it has on the audience and the people within the shot itself.• The shot used is a long shot. This shot helps the director to show the entire object or collection of objects, the shot also helps to relate the object with its surrounding.• In this shot we can see Kick Ass rescuing a guy who has ben attacked by thugs. Within the long shot there is a lot going on, however the long shot is perfect at capturing the action whilst keeping everything firmly in place.• In the foreground we can see the three thugs trying to get to the helpless guy lying on the floor, however in there way, Kick Ass trys to fend them off. The long shot allows us to see all three thugs surrounding him, which allows the audience to get a 3D perspective of the action, which makes the scene feel more realistic.• In the middle we can see Kick Ass holding a baton of some sort trying to warn off the thugs. Hi hasn’t been placed in the center for the direct purpose of not making him to be the focus of the shot. However he is just to the left hand side of the focus, which draws our eye to him next.• In the background we can see the helpless victim lying on the floor, while we can only assume he was beaten down there he is now being rescued by Kick Ass. The director has decided to place the victim into the middle of the shot. This may be to show that the victim is more important than Kick Ass, that the attention is focused on the victim as we should feel sorry for him. This may also resemble a message that Kick Ass solemnly seeks out to help people, and does so best by putting himself in danger to rescue him. He puts them first in front of him, he risks his life for theirs, which makes them more important than him from his perspective. This is what has been emphasized with this shot.• The long shot also has the effect of making the audience seem like there further away from the scene. This sends out a message to the audience that they should be scared and so the director has placed them out of harms way. The long shot has the effect of making the audience feel like there watching from a distance, possibly within a crowd or as a lonely person walking by.
  9. 9. • Within this shot I am going to focus on the shot itself and the effect it has on the audience. I will also be looking a the use of light in this frame and what effect it has on the way the character is presented.• This is a close up shot. The purpose of this shot is too present the characters emotions to the audience. A close up shot is a good shot to use to show emotion easily without any actions. Facial features are clearly seen and we can determine what emotional state there in.• Within this close up shot we can clearly distinguish Kick Ass wearing his mask. We cant see his entire face, however his eyes are looking directly at the camera. We can tell a lot about a person through there eyes.• We can see by looking solely at his eyes that he fearless, the direct look at the camera almost looks frightening, that he’s ready to take the world on. In the scene he directly says to the camera “I’m Kick Ass”. He’s making a statement to the world who he is, his superhero name. He looks confident, which is important to gain trust from fans that he can save them. The close up helps the audience to see that he’s determined and fearless. Even though he may be slightly frightened when facing these villains he cant show fear to the camera where the audience lie.• The way the light has been put on his face can indicate several new ideas about his personality. The light has been placed on the left hand side of his face, however the right side of his face has been left in darkness. The first idea may indicate a dual personality in the character, the light may represent his soft side of his personality and the darkness may represent his fearless side. The director can use light to show this in a character in one shot without giving away too much in the trailer.• The second idea may be that the light side of his face represents his normal life as a student that he leads, a life where there is no pain for him, but fun and love with his family and friends. The dark side may represent his life as a super hero, a dangerous duty that involves fear and the chance of pain and potentially death.• The close up shot works well with the light in the way that with a close up shot we can clearly see the light and darkness on his face. If a mid shot was used we may not be able to clearly see the light and darkness on his face, therefore making no observation or interpretations.
  10. 10. • In this shot I will be focusing on the Mise en scene and looking in particular at the lighting and what effect that has on the people within the shot and the ideas that can be generated by the audience.• This is a long shot of a café that the main character and his girlfriend are seen sitting in. The use of light in this shot is quite effective in making a judgment on the characters within the shot.• Within the center of the shot we see the main character and his girlfriend talking on the café table. They have been placed directly under a light source, this creates the feeling of a calm peaceful atmosphere, an equilibrium state has been created.• On the left, however we can see a young guy with who appears to be a bouncer on the opposing side of him. The two guys have been placed in a dark corner with no light upon them. The dark that shrouds them almost creates a disturbing aurora amongst the remaining people in the room. This creates a somewhat disequilibrium corner to the shot. The rest of the shot is held in some form of light that makes the dark corner stand out easier in the shot.• The audience may feel uneasy by the area that is in the dark, maybe that’s why the director has decided to place the camera away from them, an indictor to the audience that there dangerous. The way the dark has been kept around the two characters may indicate to the audience that there dangerous and should be avoided.
  11. 11. • Within this shot Im going to focus on the shot used and the way that the shot accompanies what Katie is saying.• An over the shoulder shot has been used when Katie is talking to Dave, she says “I really could use help from a guy like him”. The camera has been placed behind the back of Dave, which gives the impression that the audience is with Dave and is listening in with him to what Katie is saying. The shot allows the audience to be apart of the conversation, it will make the experience seem realistic to the audience as if they were there.• The fact that we are looking directly at Katie allows the audience to establish an emotional attachment to her as we are listening in to what she is saying, however we are also taking what she says into account and perceiving it as if she was telling us directly.
  12. 12. • Within this shot Im also going to focus on the shot used and the way that the shot accompanies what Dave is saying. I will be looking at how the shot presents to the audience how Dave responds to what Katie said to him.• An over the shoulder shot is also used here to show Daves response to what Katie said to him, Dave responds “Really?”. We can see with this response that he looks excited by the fact that she needs someone like Kick Ass in her life. We can tell by Daves reaction he likes Katie, he knows that he’s in with the chance to date her. The shot allows us to see his excited reaction clearly, the shot is good at capturing emotions an presenting them quickly to the audience.• The shot gives us a clear view of Dave from Katie’s near perspective of him. We can see that he has continuous gaze into her eyes, theres no break in the contact now its been established.
  13. 13. • In this shot I will be looking at what effect the two-shot has between the two characters in the shot.• Within this Two-shot we can see that the two characters are focused on something. The shot allows us to clearly see what the two characters are doing together and in this case their watching something, in this case the news report on Kick Ass.• We can clearly see the lack of emotion on both of their faces, the two shot allows us to make comparisons between the two characters in terms of emotions and actions. Their lack of emotion shows there lack of interest in the subject of Kick Ass, this is accompanied by what the father says “He should call himself ass kick instead”. The two shot works well in showing how the characters interact with each other and how they react to what each other says.
  14. 14. • Within this shot I will be focusing on how the shot is used to present a scene to the audience.• This shot is called an establishing shot and is used to set a scene usually used at the beginning of a film. This shot is presented to the audience about halfway through the trailer. The shot helps to move the audience on to the next scene, however to prevent the audience from getting confused its important to set out the scene to them so they know where hey are exactly just like in a movie.• This shot presents to the audience a view of the skyscrapers w can only associate with New York. Its important that the director includes an establislishing shot of a scene that the audience will instantly recognize if he is trying to get them to fully understand the trailer. Its not as important to choose a specific picture if the director has included dialogue that describes where the scene is set.• As the director has included a common photo that we can all associate with New York there was no need to included dialogue to describe where they were.
  15. 15. • Within this shot I will be looking at the camera shot used and what it tells us about the character in terms of status and emotion.• A mid shot has been used to present the character to the audience. We can see he’s looking up at something with a look of amazement, this helps add to the mystery as the audience will be wondering exactly where he’s looking up at.• The mid shot also presents what the character is wearing from the waist up. We can see he’s wearing a checkered shirt with a smart waistcoat over the top. We can automatically assume that he comes from a wealthy background because normally we wouldnt’t see a young guy go dressed in these clothes as casual wear. Because he’s been presented after the other characters we can compare them to how they dress themselves. The four characters we met in previous scenes are students of a similar age that wear casual clothes that you would typically wear being of a student. However with this young guy presented to the audience we can say he’s from a more higher up background, born into a family of wealth.• The way the shot has been arranged, we can see to the right of the young guy a man wearing what also seems to be a suit coming out from the same car. The other guy looks to be of a large build, who we can assume is there to protect the young guy as if he’s a target to people.• Behind the young guy we can see the frame of a car that takes up nearly half of the shot. From what we can see, the car looks expensive and polished. This can also present to the audience the characters status.
  16. 16. • In this shot I am going to focus on how this shot is able to capture both of the characters and helps present to us what they are doing at the same time.• This shot I reckon is a long shot purely because Red Mist is in focus and therefore the attention is drawn onto him. As we can see his entire body the shot remains a long shot. This allows the audience to see the characters entire figure and can relate them to their surroundings.• In this shot we see Red Mist in the background standing on top of a bin and we see Kick Ass almost next to the audience standing looking away. From Kick Ass’s slouched action we can assume he’s still waiting for Red Mist to show up and hasn’t noticed him yet.• From Red Mist’s actions he’s standing with his arms on his sides standing on a bin. This action I think Is an action used to present himself to Kick Ass and this is the shot before he does so. The arms on his sides I feel trys to present himself as superior or serious to Kick Ass, he’s desperately trying to present himself as higher than Kick Ass, by his stance and by the way he’s climbed onto a bin to elevate himself higher than Kick Ass.• The low angle also used puts the audience lower than Red Mist. This may have been done to make the audience fear Red Mist or to put the audience in Kick Ass’s shoes so we feel more bonded to him than Red Mist. Its almost like were standing with Kick Ass waiting for Red Mist too, were with Kick Ass every step of the way.
  17. 17. • In this shot I’m going to look at the effect created when the character is positioned in the center of the frame. I’m also going to look at the objects and the costume in the scene and how they give away her location and the reason for her being there.• In this long shot we can see that the character Hit Girl has been placed in the center of the frame to act as a focal point for the audience. As well as being synonymous with the action genre, this type of character reveal shot creates humor, as Hit Girl is subverting all audience expectations. Never before has such a cute and innocent character been represented in this way as the ultimate killing machine.• In this shot hit girl has been centered in the shot, in particular her chest where her heart lies, the very thing that keeps her alive. The significance of her importance is emphasized through this. She shows no fear.• Within the shot we can see some features to show where she is exactly. To her left we can see a boxing bag, this is used by the men she is here to kill. Contrasting with her small, slender frame. This binary opposition again, subverts our expectations. From this we can assume she has come here to sort out guys who have caused violence to her or someone.• To her right we can see a beer bottle placed on a table. This can also help the audience to relate the reason for her being there is to sort out some guys. Again, exaggerating the point that she is young and that this is no suitable place for a child.• Hit Girl is wearing her super hero outfit. Shes wearing a purple wig that may have been chosen to help the audience and villains to not take her seriously at first. The mask around her face has been used to protect her identity, this is a primary need for a super hero outfit. The colour purple, combined with the pink weapon belt and plaid mini skirt is a great example of irony, as this all connotes childlike innocence when Hit Girl is anything but innocent.
  18. 18. • In this shot I will be looking at how the shot used shows emotion within the characters and the effect the has on the audience.• This shot is a POV from Hit Girls perspective. The audience has been placed in Hit Girls eyes to show exactly what she sees. This shot is good at capturing emotion on the villains faces and even Kick Ass. The three characters here are all shown to be looking directly into the cameras eyes, in reality Hit Girls eyes. The audience looking from her perspective can tell that she is feared by them, the look of worry and fear in their facial expressions. The way the villains take their attention of Kick Ass and look directly at her shows how she is feared.• This is the first scene where Kick Ass meats Hit Girl. Even though he’s supposed to be the hero in this scene even he is scared of her. This shows that she is dominant to him and whatever happens from now the audience will know that she is in control.• The director has used a high angle to show the villains and Kick Ass looking up at her. This emphasizes the idea that she is more dominant and important than they are. The audience will also feel like they are now in control as they seem like there feared from their view as the villains are looking directly into the audience’s eyes, a connection has been established, the attention of the viewer has been caught.
  19. 19. • In this shot I will be focusing on the characters position and actions and what effect this has upon the audience.• In this mid shot we can see that Big Daddy has been positioned in the center with his mouth directly in the middle. The fact he’s in the middle gives him dominance over the shot, but the fact that his lips are in the middle may show that something to do with speech in this scene is important.• The fact he purses his lips closed with his finger indicates he’s telling the audience to be quiet, this is also shown by his direct gaze into the audience’s eyes that he’s communicating with the audience. We can tell that he doesn’t want anyone knowing of his existence even as a superhero, that he wants to be more of a hero in the shadows. It suggests he has a secret, which the audience knows.
  20. 20. • In this shot I will be looking at the camera angle used and what effect that has on the audience and what we can tell about this shot and how the speech also helps to tell the audience why he’s looking the way he is.• The director has used a high angle to show Kick Ass in this shot. This may have been used to show Kick Ass in a vulnerable state, that he is compromising or feeling worried about his decision about being a super hero. To back this up he says in the shot “Im way over my head about this”, this instantly tells the audience that he feels that this is to much for him. His facial expression presents worry and doubt, we could tell even without sound he has doubts about his decision.• The non-diegetic sound at this point has turned to a dark mysterious sound to help emphasize the fact that he’s feeling regret about being a superhero.• The camera angle used puts the audience in the view that make them look like there looking down talking to him too. This will make them feel more apart of the scene, they will also understand more about his feelings and emotions at this point.• The way we are shown to stand up alongside Hit Girl and Big Daddy puts the audience with them. This is a way to get the audience to agree and follow alongside anything that they say to Kick Ass.
  21. 21. • In this shot I will be looking at the camera angle used and the effect that has on the buildings status and the way the audience view it.• The director has used a low angle to present the building to the audience. A low angle view makes something look more superior to the audience, this is exactly what has been done here, the director wants the audience to feel less important and that the building represents high status and power.• The low angle also captures buildings that are next to the tower. They are smaller than the building in the center, which shows they are less important. The tower also dominates its surroundings.• We will associate a building as tall as this with a large firm or company or owned by someone who holds a great deal of wealth to their name.
  22. 22. • In this shot I will be focusing on how the director has captured emotion in this shot without having to show much of the characters body or actions.• In this close up shot we see the villain leader, Frank looking into what looks to be a bright light. We can see that he looks annoyed and shocked by what he is seeing. The slight frown on his face gives the impression he’s puzzled by what he seems to be looking at. The close up shot allows the audience to see clearly Frank’s emotional at this point in time, the shot is good for clearly displaying these details seen within his facial expressions.• The fact that he’s suspended in the darkness and sat down suggests he’s looking out of a car window. Knowing that he’s outside, the more likely explanation for the bright light and the shock is maybe one of his buildings are on fire. The light looks to be brighter than an ordinary street light as its directly in his face not above.
  23. 23. • In this shot I will be focusing on the Mise en scene and in particular the lighting and props. I will look at how the lighting helps to make him look sinister but courageous and how the props help to enhance the genre.• This shot emphasizes the action element to this movie. From the title Kick Ass we know the movie will display some elements of action, violence and weapons and this shot backs that up entirely. The props in the background include a large array of weapons hanging up on the wall, we associate weapons with violence and action. The way the weapons arent focused on the camera allows them not to be the center of focus, however we still notice them, as they fill the entire frame. Kick Ass is also seen with a bandolier of rounds around his neck, which shows that he is actively using a weapon of some sort. The director has decided not to include his whole body to add mystery to the shot, the audience can only imagine if hes holding a weapon in his hand or not. Being in a room full of weapons we can only assume he is.• His facial expression display a fierce, angry Kick Ass with his eye on one target that we cannot see, again enhances mystery to the shot.• The director has decided to place a strong light source that looks similar to a flashlight, a car light onto his face. That again is something the audience wouldnt’t be too sure about. The light can emphasize the idea he’s become a super hero for the good and not the bad, he’s doing it to help people instead for greed and reputation. The light also allows him to be the focus of the shot, in particular his face is the focus of the shot. From the neck down he’s suspended in the dark, however from the neck up he’s in light.
  24. 24. • In this tagline I am going to look in particular at the choice of words and the effect they have on the audience.• The director has decided to add a tagline stating “This Year” just after halfway of the trailer. This is included after the main plot has been put forward to put the audience out their misery of when it will show. The words “This Year” present to the audience that their isnt a long wait for the film to be released, its happening this year. The capital letters enhance the fact that they should be excited by this.• The fact they don’t say in particular when in the year it will released keeps mystery locked in the trailer, they have to watch the remainder to find out. This is a good way to keep the audience on their toes and interested.
  25. 25. • In this shot I will be discussing about the icon of a young girl holding a gun and the impact that it has on the audience.• The mid shot shows Hit Girl but as her self not her super hero character. The effect of seeing a young girl holding a gun is quite comical due to the fact that it doesnt’t cross with the audience’s expectation of how a young girl should behave. Instead of being cute and innocent shes wielding a weapon that can potentially kill somebody. This completely baffles the idea of a young girl being innocent, destroys that idea of innocence at a young age.
  26. 26. • In this over the shoulder shot I will be focusing on the mirror and the ideas it gives the audience about the character looking into it.• The mirror could be used to put forward the idea of Big Daddy being only one of two personalitys that the father possesses. A father by day, a super hero by night.• The over the shoulder shot displays Big Daddy placing his mask upon his face. Displayed in this shot we see two visuals of Big Daddy, one of him in reality and one of him as a reflection. The fact that theres two of him may represent several things. The first one being that he takes the role of two people in his life, a super hero and a father. The second being that he takes on two personalitys to suit his roles. The first being a loving , caring father to look after his daughter and also the role of a super hero who’s courageous and brave.
  27. 27. • In this shot I will be focusing on how taglines are used to remind the audience exactly what they were watching and why presetting them at the end of a trailer is important. I will be focusing on the tagline that displays the title of the film.• Within this tagline that they have included at the end of the trailer, mentions the name of the movie the trailer is previewing “Kick Ass” in big capital letters. The point of this is too remind the audience of the trailer that they are watching incase they have forgotten after the trailer.• The use of placing it in big capital letters is to ensure that it doesnt’t get missed. The fact that it covers the entire frame, ensures that the audience have no where else to look.• Sometimes effects are added to the text to help it stand out to the audience more effectively to ensure that it doesnt’t get missed by anyone. In this case a shadow effect has been added to the text with the effect of making it appear to be more 3D. This makes it look like its coming out at you from the screen, this overrides the viewers perception field and forces the viewer to recognize its presence.
  28. 28. • In this shot I will be focusing on how taglines are used to remind the audience exactly what they were watching and why presetting them at the end of a trailer is important. I will be focusing on the tagline that displays the date the film is released.• Within this tagline that they have included after previous tagline displays to the audience the month that the movie I released. This is a good way to start building hype within the audience upon the release of the film. By stating the release month of the film, this will start getting the audience excited and therefore hype and buzz ill be created. This has the intention of boosting sales on the day of release, which is what the trailer aims to do in the first place.• The text uses the same effect as the previous tagline inhibited. A shadow effect has been placed upon the text to help make the text stand out to the audience. The audience will gain the feeling that the text is jumping out at them, which will ensure that they don’t miss the text.• During the middle of the trailer, a tagline was included that stated the film was out this year, but didnt’t specify when. The fact they have mentioned when now, at the end of the trailer puts the audience out their misery. This technique ensures that the audience have to watch the entire trailer through before they can find out the date of release. Even though the month was mentioned, the date still remains a mystery, this ensures that hype and buzz builds up outside of the trailer amongst the audience. This usually means that the audience will end up looking on the internet for the date of release, which builds up hype and buzz within the internet world.
  29. 29. • In this tagline I will be focusing on the way that the director has decided to involve Facebook and the reason for this.• Facebook is one of the worlds mostly used social networking site. Facebook currently owns over 1 billion active users. The fact that most new smart phones have Facebook integrated into them, the new iPhone 5 is a good example of this. Considering that apple have sold more than 105 million IPhone 4S, this is expected to double or even triple for the IPhone 5 in the course of 2012-2013. This gives you an idea of users that can access Facebook in seconds using their iPhone.• The director has decided to include Facebook as a way to reach out to the vast number of users that regularly use Facebook. Facebook is mainly used by young adults and teenagers as a way of communicating easily. The film itself is also aimed for a younger adult audience. The aim is to get the attention of these young adults to become a fan of the Kick Ass fan page as a way to boost hype and buzz before the film is released. This should boost the total tickets sold therefore overall boosting the profit gained for the companys involved.