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Company profile toyota ( t.a)

  1. 1. TOYOTA MOTOR VIETNAM CO., LTDHeadquarter: Phuc Thang Ward, Phuc Yen District, Vinh Phuc ProvinceTel: (0211) 3 868100-12 Fax: (0211) 3 868117-18HANOI BRANCH8th Floor, Viglacera Tower, Me Tri, Tu Liem, HanoiTel: (84-4)3553 6878-98 Fax: (84-4)3553 6841-42HO CHI MINH CITY BRANCH9th Floor, Centrepoint Tower, No.106 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, HCMCTel: (84-8)3997 9300 Fax: (84-8)3997 9311TOYOTA SOUTH CENTRE32A Huu Nghi Road, Vietnam Singapore Industry of Park, Thuan An Ward, Binh Duong ProvinceTel: (84-650)3782 908 Fax: (84-650)3782 988 2010
  2. 2. TOYOTA AND VIETNAM MOVING FORWARD2 3 STABLE DEVELOPMENT IN VIETNAM INTRODUCTION Being one of the first automobile Joint Ventures appeared in Vietnam, the Toyota Motor Vietnam Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (TMV) is an automobile Join Venture founded on September, 1995. The Co., Ltd. (TMV) always makes efforts to be “Moving Forward” together with Vietnam. TMV has total investment capital was 89.6 million USD based on the capital contribution of Toyota Motor been incessantly provided high quality products and perfect customer services to bring the Corporation (70%), Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation - VEAM (20%) and highest satisfaction to our customers as well as practically to contribute to the development of KUO Singapore Pte.Ltd (10%). Vietnam automobile industry. Since then, TMV has incessantly developed both in sales, production scale and labor force. With the commitment to a long-term and stable development in Vietnam, we always try to Joining the automobile market since its initial days, up to now, the total sales of TMV has become a good citizen in the local community, to live and develop steadily and harmoniously reached more than 145,000 units and also steadily kept being the leading automobile manufacturer with the Vietnamese people and society with a lot of activities which positively contribute to the in Vietnam with the average production output more than 20,000 units per year (two shifts a nation in various areas such as: stimulating culture and art exchange, developing education and day). Compared to 11-employee number since the foundation, the current number of employees training, environment protection and traffic safety... of TMV has reached overreached over 1,400 and other 2,000 employees working in its official dealers and dealer’s branches nationwide. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION President : Mr. Akito Tachibana P PRO PRODUCTION TOYOTA AND BUSINESS AND Vice President : Mrs. Dang Phan Thu Huong MOTOR VIETNAM SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS
  3. 3. QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICES CUSTOMER CARE CUSTOMER FIRST TOYOTA VALUE HIGH QUALITY QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICES PRODUCT4 5 3 years / 100.000km Warranty Express Maintenance Service 4h Scratch Repair Service Express Body and Paint Repair Car Care Clinics course Toyota Golf Tournament Annual Thank you party for Toyota Service customers Toyota Value is strongly determined by combining the “Customer First” phylosophy with providing high quality products and customer services. Toyota has become the trust and the priority choice of When the customer services bring the ultimate satisfaction to customer, customer care is the bridge many Vietnamese consumers. This has be proved more clearly in the sales record in 2009 of 30.109 which strengthens the interaction and desire of customers for the Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV). A lot units, an increase of 23% compared with 2008. of annually-organized activities such as Courses of instructing automobile use and care, Test Drive Based on the “Kaizen Spirit” - Continuous improvement, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) is proud to be Program, Thank-you Parties, Toyota Golf Tournament, Toyota concert night… have helped us to a leading automobile manufacturer in customer services for many years in the local market. Unsatisfying tighten the relationship with customers. The Toyota VIP Customer Club for members who owns at with the achieved results, the Company still keeps researching and developing new services in order least two cars of Toyota brand is the evidence of customers’ trust and loyalty for TMV. to better satisfy the demands and expectations of customers. A great deal of optimized quality and productivity services have been born based on the principle of the Toyota Production System - TPS which helps the customers shorten the waiting time for their cars being serviced and minimize the cost such as: Express Maintenance, Express Body and Paint Repair Service, 4-hour Scratch Repair Service, etc. In addition, the 3-years/100,000km standard warranty policy also strengthens the trust of Vietnamese customers in the products of TMV. With the network of 23 dealers and their branches nationwide, we are deeply making efforts to gain the trust of customers. This trust for TMV is reflected through the statistic of customers using our services which is regularly increased by 15-20% per year. 3 YEARS / 100,000 KM WARRANTY EXPRESS MAINTENANCE SERVICE CUSTOMER SERVICES 4H SCRATCH REPAIR SERVICE Realize the slogan “Professional with Toyota Finance Service: Annual trip for members of Toyota Toyota concert night for EXPRESS BODY AND PAINT REPAIR SERVICE heart” at all TMV’s dealers nation-wide “Loan from Toyota, Toyota bought” VIP Customer Club customers
  4. 4. HIGH QUALITY MODEL LINE-UP HUMAN RESOURSES DEVELOPMENT LOCALLY-PRODUCED MODELS CAMRY VIOS ALTIS INNOVA6 7 The training courses for technicians TMV Southern Training Center TMV got many prizes in Asia Pacific Improving the spirit of team-work are frequently organized Skill Contest Recognizing that the characteristic of Vietnamese labor force is hard-working, intelligent, clear-headed and highly-adaptable to the innovation in working environment, since the establishment, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has considered the human resources development as one of the most important roles in the company’s strategy in which training is the key factor. Thus, TMV has focused on diversified training activities, from direct to indirect training, domestic and overseas training to cultivate knowledge, FORTUNER HIACE improve skills and speciality in working. Additionally, the employee rotation between departments and Japan 64% countries in Toyota network helps TMV’s employees to be multi-skills and more promoted. Thailand 9% Taiwan 7% Besides the training activities, we also try our best to build a modern, friendly and fair working environment IMPORTED MODELS Indonesia 6% for all employees for further development. Therefore, the TMV’s labor force is continuously increasing Singapore14% both in quantity and quality, becoming the strength and valuable asset of the company in the context Until 2009, there are 447 staffs of TMV of fast globalization. who have been trained in many countries over the world. By building training centers in the Northern and Southern Vietnam with modern learning and practicing equipments, organizing domestic and oversea training courses, participating in international and regional skill contests, we have encouraged our employees to develop their skills, enhance their ability of creativity and respect the spirit of team work. HILUX LAND CRUISER Toyota Skills Contest is organized annually Training courses to improve the working skills for Toyota’s employees
  5. 5. DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTION INCREASING LOCALIZATION AND EXPORT8 9 PAKISTAN VIETNAM TAIWAN Welding Shop Assembling Shop Increasing the localization rate by putting the The Stamping Shop put into operation INDIA THAILAND PHILIPINES first-ever Frame Production Line into operation since March 2003 contributing to (4 areas) since August 2008 increase the localization rate MALAYSIA VENEXUELA MALASIA Painting Shop Inspection Line Stamping Shop INDONESIA SOUTH AFRICA ACHENTINA The commitment to a steady development in Vietnam is realized by Toyota with investments in production technology in TMV. We are continuously making efforts to pursue the perfection, continuously improve equipment as well as invest and apply new technologies. Therefore, TMV always keeps the leading position in the Vietnamese automobile market and being the first automobile Positively contributing to the development of Vietnamese automobile and supporting industry is manufacturer having the complete production line with full 4 processes: Stamping - Welding - always the premier target of Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV). Being the automobile manufacturer Painting - Assembling. which has the highest localization rate in Vietnam (from 19% to 37% following the ASEAN’s value calculating method on each model), TMV also makes efforts to invite successfully the spare parts Following the production method of Toyota, the Kaizen spirit – Continuously Improvement is permeated manufacturers which belong to Toyota group investing in Vietnam as well as the pioneer in bringing in every R&D and manufacturing activities. In TMV, the Kaizen activities are always highly appreciated stamping technology to Vietnam. and achieving a great success especially in improving jig for welding line which helps to significantly reduce the number of jig increase the productivity and safety. This improvement of TMV is highly Not only focusing on automobile assembly which satisfies the local demands, since July 2004, by evaluated by Toyota Motor Corporation for the efficiency and application in Toyota’s production line taking the first-ever Toyota Spare parts Export Center in Vietnam into operation, TMV has opened a worldwide. new period for Vietnamese automobile industry – the period of Vietnam’s participation to the Toyota’s global production system. With the annual export turnover of US$20 million on average, the TMV’s products including antenna, exhausted gas recycle valves, acceleration pedals are exported to even 13 regions out of 10 countries. Up to now, the total export value of TMV is over US$110 million.
  6. 6. TOYOTA VIETNAM FOUNDATION - CONTRIBUTION TO HUMAN GROWTH POSITIVELY CONTRIBUTING TO THE SOCIETY Under the cooperation scale between Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV), Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in October 2005, the Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF) was founded with initial budget of US$4 million concentrating on enhancing community activities for the development of the culture and society, especially improving teaching quality and developing human resources in Vietnam. TOYOTA CLASSICS10 11 Monozukuri course Presenting annually the Tet’s gifts to the Donating the Multi-functioned Supporting for natural disaster’s Toyota Schoolday Toyota Scholarship for Vietnamese Toyota scholarship for Technycole Toyota Traffic Safety Education Toyota Concert Tour Class room to Hanoi Technology Young Music Talents and Evironment Students Program (TSEP) war in-valid families of Phuc Thang University victims TVF HAVE BEEN CARRIED OUT 4 MAIN ACTIVITIES INCLUDING: With the commitment “to become a good citizen and harmoniously developed in the local community”, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) always tries to contribute positively to the Vietnamese society. We have implemented diversified Under the approval of the Ministry of Education and Training, Toyota Vietnam Foundation has taken the activities on various areas, contributing more than US$13 million to the social contribution activities and more than Monozukuri Training Center at the Hanoi University of Technology into operation since 2006, deployed US$1.2 billion to the state’s budget. Monozukuri Course the training programs since September 2005 for the lecturers and students from universities and enterprises’ managers with the goal of sharing Toyota’s know how to get success in manufacturing and doing Besides the activities of Toyota Vietnam Foundation, TMV has also presented the expectation for a brighter future and businesses with the Vietnamese people. stable development in Vietnam by specific meaningful actions such as: implementing and expanding the Toyota 1997, Toyota Scholarship has been implemented for excellent students and science research groups from Technical Education Program – TTEP, being the sole sponsor for Vietnam Robot Contest (Robocon), annually organizing Toyota Scholarship Program the Toyota Classics – one of the most outstanding cultural events in year aiming at stimulating the international culture technical universities nationwide. And from 2009, the Toyota scholarship for Vietnamese Young Music exchange and promulgating classical music in Vietnam, positively supporting for the natural disaster’s victims, feeding Talents has been conducted. Vietnamese heroic mothers, visiting and giving gifts to war-invalid families, building schools and houses of gratitude Aims to support the Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra to improve its quality and performance in poor areas. Toyota Concert Tour level to meet the regional and international standards. The total amounts of proceeds are used for charitable purposes. Targets to educate and improve the traffic safety awareness of all first-grade pupils nationwide. The Toyota Traffic Safety program has been successful for the consecutive 4 years (2005-2008) with new teaching method: “Learning Education Program (TSEP) while playing” along with interesting learning materials. At present, TSEP is being deployed and concentrated toward the socialization direction and receiving the positive participation and appreciation from the Organizing successfully the Sole sponsor for The Vietnam Trans Viet Tour Toyota Training Education Biogas Project was introduced under Ministry of Education and Training as well as teachers, primary school educators and pupils. Toyota Classics from 1997 Robot Contest – Robocon Program (TTEP) the support of Toyota
  7. 7. GO GREEN JOINING HAND TO MAINTAIN GREEN ENVIRONMENT12 13 Specialized training courses to raise Establishing Go Green Club the awareness and educate the Go Green Fashion Show TMV’s members take part in the The first automobile manufacturer in Vietnam receiving Organizing Green Purchasing Investing to build the modern Fishes are kept in the community towards environment “Ecobag” campaign ISO 14001 Certificate on Environmental Management System Guidline Conference for suppliers Waste Water Treatment area after-treatment waste water tank protection - Natural Preservation Being started up since June 2008, Go Green Program has large scale and great meanings about environment protection. Under the cooperation between the Ministry of Education & Training and the General Department of Along with keeping steadily the leading position in business, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) always pursues the Environment Protection, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has developed Go Green Prgram to be the link which environmental friendly technology, raises the awareness of the company’s staff about environment protection, tightly connects the company’s environment protection activities with different environment protection activities and deploys a series of activities relating to environment for social community. With this direction, after the in Vietnam through organizations and voluntary groups. This program has 3 main targets: Education to raise the production was in stability, TMV has honorably become the first car manufacturer in Vietnam granted the ISO awareness, since then contribution to change the behaviors toward environment protection direction; Directly 14001 Certificate on Environmental Management System since May 1999. implement and support activities to improve and prevent environmental pollution in Vietnam; Supporting individuals and groups affected by environmental issues. With serious attention to environment protection in the whole living cycle of product especially waste water After being launched, the Go Green Program has attracted the enthusiastic participation from community treatment, solid waste processing and waste collecting, TMV has invested millions USD in constructing waste especially young generation with a lot of practical activities such as: establishing and supporting Go Green Club; water treatment factory with the power at 300m3/24h, achieving TCVN4945-2005 B Column following building and broadcasting the Go Green TV Series in VTV1; cooperating to implement the Go Green – Natural Vietnamese Standard (the water for agriculture irrigation and aquaculture). All poisonous wastes in the Preservation in national gardens and natural preservation areas, organizing Go Green Fashion Contests, supporting production process have been treated for destroy or reused following to the “no burry” policy of Toyota to implement many projects and campaigns like Eco-bags, Eco-Friendly school, Micro-scale electric generating by Biogas; Green Office, Eco-village, organizing “The festival for painting The Biggest Picture about Environment With the target of completing the self-contained “Green Cycle” from production to assembly, sales and and launching Green Ideas Contest ... services to customers, we have supported with both technique and finance in order to expand the application of ISO 14001 Certificate on Environmental Management System to our dealers as well as suppliers. Additionally, TMV also popularizes the Green Purchasing Guideline program to all its suppliers, guaranteeing that all details used in automobile assembly line do not include 4 toxic metals: lead, mercury, cadimi and chrome (6+) since 2008. Continue to refesh Go Green Supporting to implement the Supporting to build up the Receiving the Green Green Ideas Contest The Biggest Picture about TV series on air in VTV1 Eco-Friendly School Eco-village in Lao Cai province Office Certificate Environment in Quang Ninh province
  8. 8. HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT AND ACHIEVEMENTS DEALER NETWORK 1995: Toyota Motor Vietnam was established 1. Toyota - TC Hanoi Car Service Corporation (TTHC) 1996: Ground-breaking ceremony to build the main factory in Phuc Thang, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc 103 Lang Ha Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi - Tel: (04) 3 856 2141- Fax: (04) 3 856 1694 Introduce Hiace 2. Toyota Hoan Kiem Ha Noi Company (THKC) 1997: Open Trainning Center at the factory No.5, Le Thanh Tong Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi Open Ho Chi Minh City branch Tel: (04) 3 825 0914 - Fax: (04) 3 825 6889 Introduce Corolla Altis 3. Toyota Giai Phong Company (TGP) Open Spare parts warehouse at the factory 807 Giai Phong, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City 1998: Open Hanoi Branch Tel: (04) 3 664 0124/26 - Fax: (04) 3 664 0127 Introduce Camry 4. Toyota Thang Long Joint Stock Company (TTL) 1999: Receive ISO 14001 Certificate for Environment Management Systems No.316 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi HA NOI Introduce Zace Tel: (04) 3 833 8888 - Fax: (04) 3 833 1111 HAI PHONG 2000: Expand Trainning Center at the factory 5. Toyota My Dinh Joint Stock Company (TMD) 15 Pham Hung, My Dinh Commune, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi Introduce Land Cruiser 100 Tel: (04) 3 768 6666 - Fax: (04) 3 768 5773 2001: Introduce new Corolla Altis 6. Toyota Ha Dong Co., Ltd (THD) 2002: Introduce new Camry Do Lo, Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi 2003: Officially launch the Stamping shop Tel: (04) 3 353 5858 - Fax: (04) 3 353 5859 VINH Introduce Vios 7. Toyota Hai Phong Company (THP) 2004: Open Toyota Spare parts Export Center 274 Lach Tray, Lach Tray Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City Introduce first-ever Express Maintaince service in Vietnam Tel: (031) 3 641 785 - Fax: (031) 3 641 272 2005: Establish Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF) 8. Toyota Vinh Joint Stock Corporation (TVC) 19 Quang Trung, Vinh City, Nghe An Province - Tel: (038) 3 586 644 - Fax: (038) 3 586 645 Line-up the 50,000th vehicle Introduce new Hiace 9. Toyota Da Nang Company (TDN) 151-153 Le Dinh Ly, Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City 2006: Introduce Innova Tel: (0511) 3 614 011 - Fax: (0511) 3 614 344 Introduce the all new Camry DA NANG Toyota Da Nang Company – Quy Nhon Branch (TDN-QN) 2007: Introduce the all new Vios 178A Nguyen Thi Dinh, Nguyen Van Cu Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province 2008: Introduce the all new Corolla Altis Tel: (056) 3 946 714 - Fax: (056) 3 946 715 Introduce new Innova 10. Toyota Buon Ma Thuot Co., Ltd (TBMT) Putting the first-ever Frame Production Line into operation 29 Truong Chinh, Buon Me Thuot City, Dac Lac Province - Tel: (0500) 3 953 344 - Fax: (0500) 3 955 242 2009: Introduce new Fortuner 11. ASTA Motors Joint Stock Company (ASTA) BINH DINH Introduce new Corolla Altis 2.0 606 Tran Hung Dao, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City Open Toyota South Centre Tel: (08) 3 923 0860 - Fax: (08) 3 836 3587 Introduce new Innova GSR and new Camry 12. Toyota Ben Thanh Motor Enterprise (TBTC) 262 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City BUON MA THUOT 1999: ISO 14001 Certificate for Environment Management System Tel: (08) 3 920 1878 - Fax: (08) 3 837 1772 The Award for contribution to the cultural – society development of Vietnam from 1996 to 1999 13. Toyota East Saigon Joint Stock Company (TESC)14 2000: The Award of the Prime Minister – Phan Van Khai for the contributions in the growth of Vietnam automobile 15 507 Hanoi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City industry and cultural development for 5 years operation Tel: (08) 3 898 9261 - Fax: (08) 3 898 9243 BINH DUONG 2002: The Golden Dragon Prize 2001 Go Vap Branch (TESC-GV) DONG NAI The Award of the Prime Minister – Phan Van Khai for the achievements in the perform the Customs law from 2000 18 Phan Van Tri, Ward 7, Go Vap Dist., Ho Chi Minh City to 2002, contributing to the socialism and nation defend HO CHI MINH Tel: (08) 3 989 6636 - Fax: (08) 3 989 6637 2003: The Golden Dragon Prize 2002 14. Toyota Tsusho Saigon Motor Service Co., Ltd (TTSAMCO) CAN THO 2004: The Golden Dragon Prize 2003 26 Kinh Duong Vuong, Ward 13, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City Receive the Medal “For Vietnam automobile industry development ” Tel: (08) 3 876 3880 - Fax: (08) 3 750 8783 2005: Receive the 3rd level Labor Medal 15. Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet Company (TLTK) The “Excellent Exporter 2004” Award 151A Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 6, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City The Golden Dragon Prize 2004 Tel: (08) 3 971 3838 - Fax: (08) 3 971 3209 2006: The “Excellent Exporter 2005” Award 16. Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang HT Co., Ltd (THTC) The Golden Dragon Prize 2005 220 Dien Bien Phu Bis, Ward 22, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City 2007: The Merit “For the Education and Training” (first time) Tel: (08) 3 512 3939 - Fax: (08) 3 512 6969 The Golden Dragon Prize 2006 17. Toyota Phu My Hung Co., Ltd (TPMH) The “Excellent Exporter 2006” Award 806 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City 2008: The Merit for the active contribution to the promotion and development of the classical music in Vietnam Note Tel: (08) 5 410 2626 - Fax: (08) 5 410 2525 The Award “For Environment Development” 18. Toyota Bien Hoa Private Enterprise (TBH) DEALER The Golden Dragon Prize 2007 01 Hanoi Highway, An Binh Ward, Dong Nai - Tel: (061) 3 831669 - Fax: (061) 3 833 419 DEALER’S BRANCH The “Excellent Exporter 2007” Award Binh Duong Branch (TBH-BD) The Quality Vehicle Award 2007 7/30C Highway 13, Thuan An, Binh Duong - Tel: (0650) 3 786 786 - Fax: (0650) 3 768 500 2009: The Golden Dragon Prize 2008 19. Toyota Can Tho Co., Ltd (TCTC) The “Exellent Exporter 2008” Award No.20, Phu An Resident, Phu Thu Ward, Cai Rang Dist., Can Tho City The Quality Vehicle Award 2008 Tel: (0710) 3 919 919- Fax: (0710) 3 918 899 The “Vietnam Golden FDI 2009” Award 20. Toyota An Suong Co., Ltd 2010: The Golden Dragon Prize 2009 382 Highway 22, Trung My Tay Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City The Merit “For the Education and Training” (second time) Tel: (08) 37199999 - Fax: (08) 37177777