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  • 1. Technology Literacy
  • 2. Opening an EmailInboxDouble Click Message to Open
  • 3. Opening an EmailIt will open in a new window
  • 4. Opening an EmailClick Reply
  • 5. Opening an EmailThe Reply Message will open in a new windowClick to Maximize the window
  • 6. Opening an EmailType your responseNote the initial email is below your response
  • 7. Opening an EmailClick Send
  • 8. Opening an EmailYou have replied
  • 9. Opening an AttachmentDouble Click the Attachment
  • 10. Opening an AttachmentThe file will open
  • 11. Opening an AttachmentAdd the information requested
  • 12. Opening an AttachmentClick File, Click Save As…
  • 13. Opening an AttachmentEnter FirstName_LastName as file nameClick Save
  • 14. Opening an AttachmentClose Notepad Document
  • 15. Attaching a FileClick New
  • 16. Attaching a FileEnter To… field and Subject:Click Attach File
  • 17. Attaching a FileScroll down to find FirstName_LastName file,click on file, click Insert
  • 18. Attaching a FileFile will appearType the body of the email
  • 19. Inserting a PictureClick Insert Tab
  • 20. Inserting a PictureClick Picture
  • 21. Inserting a PictureDouble Click Sample Pictures to open
  • 22. Inserting a PictureClick Koala, Click Insert
  • 23. Inserting a PictureThe Koala picture is inserted
  • 24. Inserting a PictureRe-size the picture by dragging the corner in
  • 25. Inserting a PictureClick Send
  • 26. Creating a New Distribution GroupClick File, Point to New, Click to DistributionList
  • 27. Creating a New Distribution GroupUntitled – Distribution List will open in a newwindow
  • 28. Creating a New Distribution GroupIn the Name field, enter a nameClick Select Members
  • 29. Creating a New Distribution GroupSearch for classmates by First NameDouble Click their name to put them in Members ->
  • 30. Creating a New Distribution GroupContinue searching and adding all classmatesin this manner
  • 31. Creating a New Distribution GroupWhen all members are added, click OK
  • 32. Creating a New Distribution GroupDouble check all names are includedClick Save and Close
  • 33. Emailing a Distribution GroupClick New
  • 34. Emailing a Distribution GroupClick Address Book
  • 35. Emailing a Distribution GroupSelect Contacts from Address Book drop downlist
  • 36. Emailing a Distribution GroupDouble Click Group to put in To -> fieldClick OK
  • 37. Emailing a Distribution GroupACR is in the To -> fieldType Subject and Body of EmailCC: Natasha Humar Click Send
  • 38. Creating a New ContactClick File, Point to New, Click Contact
  • 39. Creating a New ContactThe New contact Form appears in a newwindow
  • 40. Creating a New ContactEnter the information you wish to store for thiscontact
  • 41. Creating a New ContactClick Contacts
  • 42. Creating a New ContactHere are your groups and individual contacts
  • 43. Using the CalendarClick Calendar
  • 44. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowDay
  • 45. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowWeek
  • 46. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowMonth
  • 47. Using the CalendarTo create an entry, right click a day and clickNew Appointment
  • 48. Using the CalendarThe New Appointment Window will open
  • 49. Using the CalendarEnter information about the appointment likesubject, location, start and end time, notes, etc.
  • 50. Using the CalendarAppointment will appear on the calendar
  • 51. Using the CalendarInvite others to a meetingRight Click Date, click New Meeting Request
  • 52. Using the CalendarClick To…
  • 53. Using the CalendarAddress Book will openClick Contacts from drop down list
  • 54. Using the CalendarDouble click contacts to enter themClick OK
  • 55. Using the CalendarEnter Subject, Location, Start and End Timeand any notes/information. Click Send
  • 56. Using the CalendarMeeting will appear on your calendar and hasbeen sent to your invitees. Click Mail
  • 57. Using the CalendarMeeting Request in InboxResponse is requested. Add to your Calendar