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  1. 1. Technology Literacy
  2. 2. Opening an EmailInboxDouble Click Message to Open
  3. 3. Opening an EmailIt will open in a new window
  4. 4. Opening an EmailClick Reply
  5. 5. Opening an EmailThe Reply Message will open in a new windowClick to Maximize the window
  6. 6. Opening an EmailType your responseNote the initial email is below your response
  7. 7. Opening an EmailClick Send
  8. 8. Opening an EmailYou have replied
  9. 9. Opening an AttachmentDouble Click the Attachment
  10. 10. Opening an AttachmentThe file will open
  11. 11. Opening an AttachmentAdd the information requested
  12. 12. Opening an AttachmentClick File, Click Save As…
  13. 13. Opening an AttachmentEnter FirstName_LastName as file nameClick Save
  14. 14. Opening an AttachmentClose Notepad Document
  15. 15. Attaching a FileClick New
  16. 16. Attaching a FileEnter To… field and Subject:Click Attach File
  17. 17. Attaching a FileScroll down to find FirstName_LastName file,click on file, click Insert
  18. 18. Attaching a FileFile will appearType the body of the email
  19. 19. Inserting a PictureClick Insert Tab
  20. 20. Inserting a PictureClick Picture
  21. 21. Inserting a PictureDouble Click Sample Pictures to open
  22. 22. Inserting a PictureClick Koala, Click Insert
  23. 23. Inserting a PictureThe Koala picture is inserted
  24. 24. Inserting a PictureRe-size the picture by dragging the corner in
  25. 25. Inserting a PictureClick Send
  26. 26. Creating a New Distribution GroupClick File, Point to New, Click to DistributionList
  27. 27. Creating a New Distribution GroupUntitled – Distribution List will open in a newwindow
  28. 28. Creating a New Distribution GroupIn the Name field, enter a nameClick Select Members
  29. 29. Creating a New Distribution GroupSearch for classmates by First NameDouble Click their name to put them in Members ->
  30. 30. Creating a New Distribution GroupContinue searching and adding all classmatesin this manner
  31. 31. Creating a New Distribution GroupWhen all members are added, click OK
  32. 32. Creating a New Distribution GroupDouble check all names are includedClick Save and Close
  33. 33. Emailing a Distribution GroupClick New
  34. 34. Emailing a Distribution GroupClick Address Book
  35. 35. Emailing a Distribution GroupSelect Contacts from Address Book drop downlist
  36. 36. Emailing a Distribution GroupDouble Click Group to put in To -> fieldClick OK
  37. 37. Emailing a Distribution GroupACR is in the To -> fieldType Subject and Body of EmailCC: Natasha Humar Click Send
  38. 38. Creating a New ContactClick File, Point to New, Click Contact
  39. 39. Creating a New ContactThe New contact Form appears in a newwindow
  40. 40. Creating a New ContactEnter the information you wish to store for thiscontact
  41. 41. Creating a New ContactClick Contacts
  42. 42. Creating a New ContactHere are your groups and individual contacts
  43. 43. Using the CalendarClick Calendar
  44. 44. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowDay
  45. 45. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowWeek
  46. 46. Using the CalendarThe Calendar WindowMonth
  47. 47. Using the CalendarTo create an entry, right click a day and clickNew Appointment
  48. 48. Using the CalendarThe New Appointment Window will open
  49. 49. Using the CalendarEnter information about the appointment likesubject, location, start and end time, notes, etc.
  50. 50. Using the CalendarAppointment will appear on the calendar
  51. 51. Using the CalendarInvite others to a meetingRight Click Date, click New Meeting Request
  52. 52. Using the CalendarClick To…
  53. 53. Using the CalendarAddress Book will openClick Contacts from drop down list
  54. 54. Using the CalendarDouble click contacts to enter themClick OK
  55. 55. Using the CalendarEnter Subject, Location, Start and End Timeand any notes/information. Click Send
  56. 56. Using the CalendarMeeting will appear on your calendar and hasbeen sent to your invitees. Click Mail
  57. 57. Using the CalendarMeeting Request in InboxResponse is requested. Add to your Calendar