How an alarm monitoring system works


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Ever wonder what happens when an alarm monitoring system’s alarm goes off? What if it doesn’t deter the intruders when it’s supposed to? Who’s going to save the day?

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How an alarm monitoring system works

  1. 1. How an Alarm Monitoring System Works andother Stuff You Need to Know
  2. 2. Ever wonder what happens when an alarm monitoringsystem’s alarm goes off? What if it doesn’t deter theintruders when it’s supposed to? Who’s going to save theday?
  3. 3. First, the alarm.• Setting up an alarm monitoring in Sydney has grownsignificantly in number in many homes and business.That’s because it has been proven effective indeterring burglars. An alarm system utilizes variousways to thwart unlawful entry.• When an electronic contact on doors or windows aretripped, it triggers the alarm to go off. In some moresophisticated devices, lasers are used as a triggeringmechanism, much like those that you saw on severalMission Impossible movies. Others are triggered bymovements that are detected by motion sensors.
  4. 4. Alerting the authorities• For a monthly fee, when the alarm monitoring system istriggered, it doesn’t only alarm loud enough to send theintruder panicking; it also sends an electronic transmission toa central monitoring station, which in turn sends an alert to thelocal police station in your area.• But what if it was just a false alarm?• A call will be sent to the owner’s home or office where thealarm went off to verify the situation. If the call isunanswered, or if the call is answered in distress, the policeare notified immediately and dispatched to the area.
  5. 5. What happens to the alarm monitoringsystem when power is out?• Usually, a home or office alarm or security system ispowered by an AC current. But when power goesout, the security system uses its own back-up powerwhich only lasts for several hours. This is especiallyhelpful for when the intruder decided to cut the powerlines in your home. Once power is back, the securitysystem reverts back to the AC current while rechargingits own back-up power supply.
  6. 6. What if the alarm system was justaccidently triggered?• There will be instances when the alarm has beenaccidentally triggered by anyone living in the home orworking in the office. The central monitoring station willfirst place a call to check whether the alarm waslegitimate. They will do proper identity check by askingfor your secret password. No police will be dispatched toyour property if the alarm was proven to be triggeredaccidentally.
  7. 7. Costs involved in setting up amonitored alarm• It goes without saying that monitored alarms costsignificantly more than regular alarm security systems.That’s because the response and added security aremore sophisticated. You get the peace of mind fromtighter security measures and more sophisticatedsecurity devices.• Also, keep in mind that there could be added costs tothe owner for excessive alarms. That’s why whendeciding on alarm monitoring systems for your Sydneyproperty, be sure to talk to your security systemprovider for anything related to costs so you won’t beblind-sided once the devices have been set-up withinyour property.
  8. 8. For more information on setting up an alarm monitoring system in yourhome or business, call 1300 133 343 or visit us today!